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If the BBC had advertising...

We take a look at the brands and products that viewers have taken to heart - and how they could be advertised on BBC shows...

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What does the future hold for wearables?

The wearables market has grown significantly in the last three years but brands need to make sure they're innovating in the right direction to acquire new customers.

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Ten tips for surveying children

With children playing an important part in the consumer environment, many marketers want to gain a greater understanding of their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours

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Why you need to test your concepts

As various recent brand backlashes show, it's vital to thoroughly test your ideas before launching them to the public.

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Our fresh election methodology can benefit your organisation

As the dust of the general election settles, many commentators are still stating they didn't see it coming. But we did.

Authentic? Consumers’ mixed reactions to current brand comms

COVID-fatigue: How some brands might be getting it wrong

Why understanding your audiences is crucial in getting your message and tone right during COVID-19

The consumer landscape has changed dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a challenging time for many people as their home and work situations have been completely transformed.

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Understanding changing behaviours in a rapidly evolving consumer landscape

If that landscape is shifting, so must your comms strategy – and fast. Here's some guidance on how to stay on top of the twists and turns…

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One in five consumers have boycotted a brand

Tax avoidance and evasion is the number one reason for consumer boycotts of brands, a YouGov study reveals

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Cut portion size by the ounce, lose customers by the pound

Consumers aren't fooled by smaller portion sizes, according to data from YouGov

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Getting the most out of fast-turnaround research: what you need to know

Ben Glanville, head of YouGov's Omnibus research team, explains the importance of planning and communication when commissioning fast-turnaround research

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Six things you've missed if you haven't updated your segmentation

Finance brands that fail to update their segmentation could find themselves behind the times, neglecting their needs - and those of their customers

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Four things every audience segmentation needs

Brands need to know how consumers are changing as they are changing - which means keeping audience segments updated on a rolling basis

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Toblerone, Walkers and Samsung: dealing with the unexpected

For brands, big movements in popular perception happen regularly - from unexpected crises to planned product changes. Find out how these things impact on customer attitudes - and how you need to respond.

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Five ways millennials are banking differently

Millennials came of age during the 2008 recession - so their approach to banking is very different from that of their elders

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Annoying ads aren't the only reason people use ad blockers

Research shows that 55 per cent of users employ an ad blocker to protect themselves from malware and viruses

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Multi-screeners are more attentive than you think

Forget the myth of the distracted multi-screener - they're observant of ads and in search of buying advice

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Putting a new lens on the programmatic telescope

Ad targeting needs to be based on outside connected data sets to bring consumers into sharp focus

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Why online focus groups offer the most honest opinions

Online focus groups are often overlooked - but they can deliver invaluable insights

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Small businesses struggle to promote employees' mental well being

One in six businesses don't place importance on employees' work-life balance - and small companies lag behind bigger employers on employees' mental well being

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What businesses expect from crisis communications

We speak to figures in the corporate world to find out how organisations should respond when things go wrong

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Four things your research agency needs to do for you

For most organisations, committing to do research is a major undertaking. Find out how to make the most of it with these tips

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Business confidence rebounds after post-Brexit slump

The dust is settling on the EU vote and businesses are showing signs of resilience, for now at least