08:30 Registration and refreshments
09:30 Chair’s opening remarks

Danny Rogers , Editor-in-chief, PRWeek

09:40 Opening keynote panel: Riding the wave - harnessing economic trends to grow your business in 2022
  • How to advance within new industry parameters: exploring wider industry growth and the resurgence of trading
  • Examining the rising volume of mergers and acquisitions and the potential impact internal and external investors could have on your industry
  • Dealing with staff shortages: how you can manage the war for talent alongside keeping your budget sustainable
10:25 Session switch-over

10:30 Quick fire case study: Achieving sustainability in a seemingly antithetical industry - how DP World are doing it right
  • The challenge of going green in end-to-end logistics: finding where you can make small changes to make big differences
  • Sustainability reporting and how you can use it to actually push your brand forward
  • How to communicate pride in your brand’s ESG efforts alongside a consistent promise to keep building back better
10:40 Session switch-over
10:45 Panel discussion: Creating a sustainable and purpose-led PR business - considering the impact of COP26 and how best to address ESG as both a business and a planet
  • The impact of COP26: why you urgently need to leverage both creativity and credibility for truly effective climate communications
  • ESG really has become PR’s purpose: how a truly authentic environmental strategy needs to go beyond the corporate affairs function
  • A question of ethics: why ‘greenwashing’ now represents the most serious reputational threat to some of PR's biggest players and how to avoid poorly placed partnership

Collette Bird , Head of UK External Relations, Just Eat Takeaway
Shaden Abdellatif , Director of Communications, Middle East & Europe, Uber
Kerry Thorpe , Head of Communications, Europe, Ben & Jerrys

11:30 Session switch-over
11:35 Panel discussion: Building back a better business - what you need to know about the future of the office, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement
  • The future of the office: examining the re-prioritisation of good relationships, staff culture, and flexible working, and the impact this will continue to have on your business
  • How you can inspire culture change: being 'intentional' as the key to encouraging broader representation in your organisation
  • Wellbeing has taken centre stage: lessons learned from the pandemic’s impact on internal communications and why more inclusive working practice policies are critical to your organisation’s success
12:20 Chair’s closing comments
12:30 End of conference