World Cup 2014

A global guide to the marketing and communications of the World Cup

How World Cup sponsors plan to keep the soccer buzz going

How World Cup sponsors plan to keep the soccer buzz going

World Cup sponsors such as Hyundai, Coca-Cola, and Emirates tell PRWeek how they are keeping the ball rolling on soccer sponsorships after the tournament's end.

The real legacy of the World Cup in Brazil

Why popular misconceptions about Brazil were not realized in the recent World Cup, what its implications are for the country's upcoming presidential elections, and how "Brazil will be just fine."

Who real-timed it best -- Adidas or Lufthansa?

German companies celebrate their team winning the World Cup for the fourth time.

World Cup scores big on Twitter and Facebook, and seven other things to know on Monday

Twitter, Facebook interactions high as Germany defeats Argentina; Apple responds to Chinese state media; Obama to push for highway funding; Major tech earnings reports on deck; AbbVie close to deal for Shire; Samsung halts work with Chinese supplier; Reports question practices at VA, CDC.

Adidas comms: World Cup final already a 'win-win' for brand

Who is Adidas rooting for in the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina? No one, says senior PR manager Michael Ehrlich, who calls the match a "win-win" for the brand that makes both teams' jerseys.

Mark Borkowski: founder of

FIFA's resilience shows the media's diminishing impact

It is almost impossible to grab attention through all the noise. The truth has become invisible.

Paddy Power: posted image of Brazil star Neymar with 7-Up can

Brands make the most of Germany's dramatic victory over Brazil

Tesco, Paddy Power, Adidas and PornHub are among the brands to have made the most of Germany's 7-1 thrashing of the hosts, Brazil, in the first World Cup semi-final last night, Campaign's Maisie McCabe reports.

Who real-timed it best - Audi or Volkswagen?

German automobile brands enjoy their country's 7-1 romp over Brazil in the World Cup.

Neymar: Brazil's talisman was sorely missed last night (Credit: The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images)

Approaching the final whistle: The World Cup PR winners and losers so far

As with so many major sporting events, the period immediately beforehand sees naysayers making a last ditch play for column centimetres.

How US Soccer is keeping fan enthusiasm high after the US' exit from the World Cup

The US Soccer Federation's message to fans: there's more to the US men's national team than just the World Cup.

Brand America is real World Cup winner

Steve Barrett reflects on two weeks in Brazil and the impact on Brand America of the US population's enthusiastic embrace of the football World Cup.

Who real-timed US-Belgium best - Waffle House, Coors Light, or Chobani?

Brands supported Team USA by making fun of waffles - what else? - before its Tuesday match with Belgium.

Waffle House Belgian boycott earns restaurant media mentions

Waffle House launched a war on Belgian waffles on Monday in support of the US men's national soccer team. A number of major media outlets took notice, giving the brand an earned-media goal.

World Cup: 300 million tweets sent

World Cup 2014 spawns twice as many tweets as London Olympics

New figures show 300 million tweets have been published about the World Cup, compared to 150 million about the Olympics during London 2012.

US loses to Germany, but wins Twitter with Klinsmann absentee letter

The team's best move on social media took place Wednesday night, when it tweeted a signed letter from coach J├╝rgen Klinsmann excusing fans from work on Thursday for the big game against Germany.

Luis Suarez

Who real-timed it best - Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Snickers?

Brands create bite-sized responses to Suarez incident at World Cup

The US men's national soccer team's Jozy Altidore in a campaign for Adidas

Despite US draw, brands use World Cup tie-ins as winning social strategy

With US consumer interest in soccer at an all-time high, brands tied themselves to the US men's national soccer team and its players on Sunday night to continue building buzz on social media for campaigns they launched for the World Cup.

McDonald's launches #ViveTuJuego World Cup campaign to engage Hispanic Millennials

The initiative, which translates to "Live Your Game" in English, was developed in partnership with the fast-food giant's Hispanic AOR, Boden PR.

How five brands took advantage of the US World Cup opener

Here's how five brands tried to take advantage of World Cup fever during the US team's opener against Ghana on Monday night.

The 20th World Cup: Social media strategies and brand war rooms

Brands are going full throttle on their online channels for this footy frenzy but could the 20th World Cup be the high watermark for social media?

Brands get set for Greatest Show on Earth

As fans around the globe get ready for the World Cup in Brazil, brands and businesses can play a part in pushing their agendas beyond pure marketing considerations.

Brands' World Cup challenge: Sustaining interest for a month

As tournament organizers struggle with infrastructure and a Brazilian public souring on hosting the World Cup, brands are pondering how to sustain consumers' attention throughout the month-long event.

Ramiro Prudencio

Prudencio: Latin Americans want fair play, but not just on the playing field

Respect and fair play are what an emerging, empowered, and digitally connected Latin American middle class is demanding across the region.

Prudencio: What's happening outside the stadiums is the real story in Brazil

The underlying currents that led to Brazil's historic protests had been building for some time.

Prudencio: New, digitally empowered consumers in Latin America

As World Cup fans descend on Brazil in the coming weeks, many will board domestic flights operated by Azul, an airline whose brief history tells us a lot about the trends reshaping Latin America.

Nike challenges viewers to #RiskEverything on Vine

Nike Football kicks off the World Cup as Marketing, with the help of social video experts Unruly, rounds up this week's must-watch branded Vines.

Comms teams must tackle the ugly side of World Cup craziness

To improve public order during the World Cup, communicators need to change people's perspective and then their behaviour.

FIFA targets social World Cup fans with Global Stadium digital hub

FIFA is encouraging soccer fans to congregate at its Global Stadium digital hub during the summer's World Cup matches, where they will receive "minute-by-minute" updates on events in Brazil.

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo stars in a World Cup-themed ad for Nike.

Infographic: Nike, Samsung lead World Cup of video shares

Soccer content from brands not affiliated with the World Cup has driven more than half of online video shares as the tournament approaches.

Adidas promises to exclude consumers unless they go #AllIn to World Cup campaign

Adidas is demanding viewers opt "all in" with its World Cup marketing campaign, the largest in its history, or else it will cease communications with them for the duration of the tournament.

Katy Kelley

FIFA's World Cup: a marketer's GOOOAAAL

With the World Cup less than a month away, it's hard not to get caught up in the fervor of it all, especially for marketers. It's easy to see why when you consider the data.

Outsider brands will trump sponsor engagement at World Cup

World Cup 2014 is drawing closer, and nonaffiliated brands stand to gain the most, writes Trevor Cairns, chief executive of Love and a former Nike and Umbro CMO.

Samsung gives England World Cup squad Galaxy phones as it seeks to emulate Oscars selfie

Samsung has partnered with the English Football Association (FA) to provide the entire England soccer team with mobile devices as the company's UK division seeks to emulate Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscars selfie, which was taken with a Samsung phone.

Sony's One Stadium Live social network

Sony launches social network for football fans to spearhead World Cup sponsorship

Sony is launching a bespoke social network for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil that will form the centrepiece of its multi-million-pound sponsorship of the tournament.

Hit or Miss? Nike responds to backlash over England World Cup football kits

The cost of the new England World Cup football shirts provoked ire against sports clothing giant Nike this week.

Coke: Brands must commit to real-time marketing for World Cup

Brands must commit to a real-time marketing ethos if they are to win over consumers during the upcoming World Cup, said a senior Coca-Cola marketer at Advertising Week Europe 2014 in London.

Coke kicks off 'big year' with healthy living World Cup message

Coca-Cola is planning to use its sponsorship of the World Cup to push its global sustainability campaign, encouraging consumers to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

Sponsors connect World Cup with US soccer growth

Global sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil have launched integrated marketing efforts in the host country and extended them to the US, where the popularity of soccer has grown in recent years.

Key facts

Location: Brazil

Organizing body: FIFA

Timeframe: June 12 - July 13, 2014

FIFA partners:
Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai, Sony, Visa

FIFA sponsors:
Budweiser, Castrol, Continental, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, Moy Park, Oi, Yingli Solar

Television networks:
ESPN, ABC, Univision

Match schedule

World Cup mascots

  • Brazil 2014: Fuleco

  • South Africa 2010: Zakumi

  • Germany 2006: Goleo IV & Pille

  • Korea/Japan 2002: Spheriks

  • France 1998: Footix

  • US 1994: Striker

  • Italy 1990: Ciao

  • Mexico 1986: Pique

  • Spain 1982: Naranjito

  • Argentina 1978: Gauchito

  • Germany 1974: Tip and Tap

  • Mexico 1970: Juanito

  • England 1966: Willie