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  • Inside Voices: Purpose-Driven Employee Engagement as a Catalyst for Change

  • We’re living in a time of unprecedented change – some of it devastating, some of it long overdue. The impacts of the global pandemic and our current reckoning with systemic racism will be felt for decades. People have united to demand justice, safety, dignity, economic security, and a complete re-imagining of the institutions and practices that shape our lives. This WE-hosted discussion will help inform and inspire marketing and communication leaders on how to re-imagine employee engagement by building and connecting to a more powerful sense of purpose within their organizations. Click here to register.
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  • The Six Stages of Leadership During an Unprecedented Crisis

  • Disruption comes with the territory when you’re in business. Smart organizations and their executives understand the importance of crisis preparedness and have plans ready when the situation arises. In this webcast, sponsored by Allison+Partners, industry leaders help redefine what it means to support a brand or client – today and in the near future. Counsel will be provided on the best ways to maintain business continuity – a necessary focus – during this period. Click here to register.
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  • PR Pros and the Media in the Era of Rapid Change

  • The fracturing of media. The ever-increasing quantity of news and content. Both were already taking place before the COVID-19 outbreak. The same can be said of the significant changes PR and communications are undergoing. And in all cases, the pandemic and other major societal touchstones have turbo-charged this evolution.
  • "What's next?" is a question atop every communicator's mind right now, in particular when it comes to the media-PR relationship. Rightfully so. Another key query: "What do I do next?" Click here to register.
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  • Beyond the Buzzword: Building Lasting Connections Today and Tomorrow

  • The move to digital-first was already underway before Covid-19. The global pandemic has accelerated the shift, widening the gap between those who are able to pivot their communications approach and those who aren’t. Those who walk the walk and those at odds with what their customers, employees, and stakeholders want and need.
  • In an increasingly crowded digital world, how can you build and maintain productive connections with the people who matter to your business? And in our new normal, do your audiences even want them? Click here to register.
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  • COVID-19: Health & Well-being

  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, all enterprises now view themselves as healthcare companies in some form or fashion. In terms of PR, all strategic communications planning will be carried out through a public health lens as a matter of course. Public health will especially be top of mind for employee engagement as businesses return to physical workplaces and cater to the mental well-being of their people. This PRWeek virtual event, hosted by VP, editorial director Steve Barrett, explores how health has become mainstream, why it’s the fastest-growing sector of PR and what it means for the well-being of people at every level of organizations. Click here to register.
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  • Entering the New Normal: Adapting Your Comms Strategy

  • As we transition into this new stage, brands find themselves in different phases of their communications journey. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, especially as we enter an age of unprecedented uncertainty. Now more than ever, it’s critical to know your audience, understand what messages are resonating and, most importantly, evaluate your data.
  • Join David Tovar, VP of Comms at McDonald’s and Rebecca Dersh, Head of PR at Cision as we discuss strategies to bolster your comms plan for the future. Click here to register.
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