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3.29.22 Critical Mention


Managing the Entire PR Lifecycle: Tactics, Tips and Tools

Getting earned media coverage for brands is more competitive than ever before. Conceiving campaigns with new and exciting angles is difficult and journalists receive more pitches than they can read.

Furthermore, tracking coverage across all media types ? from TV, to social media to podcasts and more ? is crucial, and measuring the impact of coverage is also paramount. In this webinar, sponsored by Critical Mention, attendees will hear from PR experts about the strategies and tools that they are using to find success in the crowded world of PR and communications.

Critical Mention is the fastest, most reliable all-in-one PR and earned media platform featuring global media monitoring, a media contact database and robust analytics. Critical Mention’s industry-leading Earned Media Suite provides users with real-time TV, radio, online news, social media, podcast and licensed content monitoring, as well as an extensive Media Contact Database.

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3.24.22 NewsWhip


Reimagining Crisis and Reputation Management

Crisis and reputation management continue to be an integral part of the communications function – and among its most important tasks in the eyes of the C-suite. While so much has changed about the communications discipline in recent years, the expectations of the industry have expanded quite rapidly.

The directive to monitor for opportunities and respond to crises is essentially the same, but the platform knowledge, the skills, and the tactics needed to optimally succeed are different in 2022 than they have ever been. Traditional playbooks are at best outdated, while the consequences of getting it wrong are severe, with every key stakeholder watching with unprecedented scrutiny.

NewsWhip, in partnership with PRWeek, will also discuss the results from their recently completed 2022 crisis and reputation study – approximately 200 senior-level communications professionals were surveyed on the triumphs and tribulations of the collective discipline. To help us interpret the meaning behind the findings, some of the most well-versed leaders in the industry will share their valuable counsel and join us in exploring the most pressing needs.

During these 60 minutes, you’ll learn about:

-How to best use real-time data to identify a crisis, including the warning signs of an escalating situation.

-The various types of misinformation, the threats they pose, and how to best combat them.

-How to predict the stories and topics that will have the biggest impact on your brand’s reputation more quickly and accurately than ever.

-Supercharging your media monitoring capabilities, including pinpointing the media members who are driving interactions with your content.

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On-Demand Webcasts

Squid Game PR: The Technology Tug of War


When it comes to storytelling, technology brands are being pulled in two directions. Should you talk tech and prioritize PR focused on products and speeds and feeds to capture audience mindshare and drive sales? Or do you take a page from consumer brand successes and lean heavily into a brand-first approach, focusing PR around a company’s values, mission and authenticity to connect with customers and partners? Learn more here.

Global Comms 2021: The Right Impression

December 2, 2021

Join us for Global Comms 2021: The Right Impression as we share exclusive survey results from the 2021 Global Comms Report, what they mean for you and how you can apply them to your own strategy – both immediately and long-term.

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PRWeek Convene: Healthcare

November 30, 2021

Healthcare has permeated every aspect and sector of the comms function, industry and business. For those who work in the proper healthcare/pharma space, business has been booming as of late, presenting an amazing opportunity, responsibility and challenge, with more attention on the industry – and more competitors fighting for that attention – than ever before. Because both physical and mental health have become so prominent in every creative, tactical and organizational decision made, every campaign has to factor healthcare in its design and execution, with every PR pro working in healthcare now to some degree. This virtual event will help all attendees learn how to make sense of (and eventually thrive) in this new industry landscape.

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PRWeek Convene: Talent

November 3, 2021

Employees. The success of your organization and your brand depends on them, perhaps more than any other factor and perhaps more now than ever. In turn, decisions made about recruitment and retention, management and motivation are among the most important. This virtual event will take a 360-degree view of talent – to the benefit of employers and staffers alike and at all levels. How do you ensure you attract the best and brightest young talent? What skills will your mid-level pros need to master today to ensure they progress for tomorrow? What are the unique talents necessary to thrive at the senior-most levels of your organization? And how can you spot those who possess them? All of these questions and many more will be answered at PRWeek Talent: Convene.

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The New Age of PR Data: A Look Ahead To 2022

October 7, 2021

On October 7, Notified, in partnership with PRWeek, will bring together an exclusive, LIVE panel of PR leaders to discuss what’s next for PR data - its increasing importance in driving PR’s value and how it can be leveraged to create relevant, impactful communications. Learn more here.

ESG: The time to report is now


The webcast, intended for companies in various stages of their reporting journeys, will also cover broader ESG issues among the investor community. Among those are calls for increased transparency and disclosure as a result of events such as the recent cyber-attacks, as well as the rising power of a new kind of investor such as Engine No. 1. Learn more here.

Convene Crossover: Taking Control of the Cookie Crisis

Sept. 22, 2021

This event will help you digest the implications of a cookieless future and get you ready to take action. We will bring together experts and thought leaders from across advertising, marketing, ad tech and mar tech to equip you with the knowledge to successfully navigate the death of third-party trackers and adapt to a more privacy-centric future — while maintaining performance Learn more here.

Crisis Playbook: Before, During and After


This conversation, presented by NetBase Quid in partnership with PRWeek, will help you start planning now. It will do so by highlighting high-level strategies on approaching crises before, during and after with various analytical tips, best practices and operational recommendations. Learn more here.

DE&I Communications: Driving Change


Join us for this special virtual event sponsored by FleishmanHillard and True MOSAIC, its global DE&I practice comprised of counselors with diverse professional expertise and lived experience. From staffing to storytelling, leaders across industries will drill deep and take a 360-degree view of the key role every PR pro can play in advancing DE&I — within their organizations and beyond. Learn more here.

The marketing power of disability

June 1, 2021 12pm EST

In this very special event brought to you by Easterseals, which for more than 100 years has been an indispensable resource for individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors and their families, we drill deeply into how the communications industry – and all the brands it counsels – can more effectively include this extensive population through content and campaigns, but also tap into this incredible pool of talent to bolster corporate DE&I efforts.

Leadership Through Communications: Establishing Brand Tone

April 29, 2021 2pm EST

With so much change happening around brands today, defining a clear tone for your brand is more important than ever before. A clear, easily identifiable communications style and set of core values is critical to brand building, especially in a world with so much social and economic upheaval. Please join two organizational founders and communications leaders for this discussion on how to establish a strong, recognizable brand tone in an ever-changing world.

Building your brand with the 4R’s: Reputation, Responsibility, Recruitment and Reach

May 13, 2021, 2pm EST

During these 60 minutes, 2021 PRWeek Award winners and Hall of Femme inductees will cite real-world examples and their unique perspectives to help you not only fully understand the 4R’s, but why they matter and how they are helping the communicator’s role evolve. Findings from Investis Digital’s 2021 Connect.IQ Global 100 Report will also be shared to further inspire, educate, and provide tactical counsel you can implement immediately.

Earning trust: Learn from the leaders

May 18, 2021 , 2pm EST

Morning Consult has just released its proprietary “The Most Trusted Brands” study. This webcast will inspire and educate you by featuring comms leaders from some of these brands – the leaders at the forefront that have helped those entities earn that trust.

How to Combat Consumers’ Friction Fatigue

May 24, 2021, 2pm EST

"In brands’ never-ending pursuit to stand out from the crowd, disruption has long been a popular tack to gain attention and, ultimately, patronage. This webcast, presented in partnership with Lippe Taylor, PRWeek’s 2021 Outstanding Midsize Agency, will provide key counsel and inspiration toward that objective."

Internet trends: When to – and not to – respond

May 19, 2021 2pm EST

"The right decision can lead to increased loyalty and new devoted customers. The wrong decision can damage brand trust, shareholder value, and possibly lead to an expensive crisis...especially as consumers get more of their “news” from the social web. One decision that is absolutely right is attending this webcast. During these 60 minutes, industry leaders from top brands will discuss the evolution in how they choose to navigate these kinds of scenarios and make decisions on whether to engage or not. " Register here.

PRWeek Convene: A new story to tell

April 28, 2021, 12-2 pm EST

The tumult of 2020 remains in 2021 – and it has brought about new challenges for all brands seeking to best connect with consumers. The impact storytelling has in such engagements has long been recognized, as has PR’s ability to do so effectively. However, with a broader consumer base that is inundated with information (and, yes, misinformation) from so many sources, brands must get even more creative and innovative not only in the stories they tell, but where they tell them, how they tell them, when they tell them and to whom they tell them. This virtual event will offer tactical and inspirational counsel on both the art and science of storytelling in an age when consumers are increasingly uncertain, overwhelmed with information and in search of entities to trust.

Rethinking the Purpose and Meaning of Leadership

April 21, 2021, 1-2pm EST

This WE-hosted webinar will help inform and inspire marketing and communications leaders on how introspection and determination can unlock new ways for leaders to communicate. Hear insights from recent executive communications research on dynamic ways to think, act and lead.

The First 24: Navigating the Initial Moments of a Brand Crisis

April 14, 2021, 12 noon EST

This conversation, presented by NetBase Quid in partnership with PRWeek, discusses the specifics of how immediate reactions and thoughtful responses can mitigate a PR crisis, or put a company on the right path to recovery, using real-world examples to illustrate the need for preparation and a quick response to keep brands intact.

PRWeek Connect

April 13, 2021, 12 noon EST

Don't miss PRWeek Connect, a global virtual conference that features sessions focused on the most important topics in comms. Leaders such as WPP's Mark Read and from companies such as Mattel, Google, J&J and more will be featured.

PRWeek Convene: Employee Engagement

March 31, 2021, 12–2 p.m. EST

A brand can only be strong on the outside if it’s strong on the inside. There is no better path to that than ensuring a motivated and efficient workforce. Comms has always played an integral role in that through open and transparent employee engagement, but the importance of such efforts has become magnified in the current COVID-19 work-from-home reality. These are just some of the factors PRWeek will tackle during a virtual event that will provide a playbook for communicators at all levels to do their part in helping ensure their teams can be equally productive and proud of the organizations they represent.

Content + Publishing: Beyond Creative

Thursday, March 25, 2021, 2 p.m. EST

If your goal is to provide content that meets and exceeds your audience’s needs and expectations, the decisions you make regarding the publishing of that content are just as important as the ones you make regarding the creation of that content. And oftentimes, those latter strategies prove even more elusive to master.

The answers and counsel you seek will be provided in this webcast presented by Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Reshaping the future… in an ever-changing present

Tuesday, March 9th, 2021, 2 p.m. EST

As the second-largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. and a major player in the health, wellness and retail, Walgreens felt the impact of COVID-19 profoundly. Similarly, as a leading medical device company, Medtronic’s mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life was tested like never before by COVID-19.

Preparing Your Communications Team to Take on Today’s Unpredictable Internet

Monday, February 22nd, 2021, 2–3 p.m. EST

Join us to learn how modern comms teams are using social intelligence to know what’s coming day-to-day and make strategic decisions that mitigate risk and keep comms in control of the brand's story.

PRWeek Convene: Trust in Technology

Thursday, February 25th, 2021, 12–2 p.m. EST

Much as it does in your personal life, technology plays a huge, consistent, and irreplaceable role in your job as a communicator. And while comms benefits greatly, there are still many uncertainties. Data is in seemingly endless supply, but can you identify the most relevant intelligence? And know what to do with it if you can?

This PRWeek virtual event will drill deep into the many ways technology and communications intersect – from the capabilities tech brings to the discipline to the developing reputational challenges some in the tech industry face.

PRWeek Convene: A Time to Transition

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

A year of unprecedented uncertainty. That’s how 2020 will be remembered. And much of that can be attributed to goings-on in our nation’s capital, as well as state and local governments.

This PRWeek virtual event focuses on the myriad new responsibilities, opportunities and challenges PR pros face in 2021 and beyond. The trio of sessions will provide education, tools and practical inspiration to help communicators do their jobs effectively in 2021.

COVID-19 Communication Tremors: A Planning Roadmap

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

COVID-19 remains the dominant health news story, and its effect on public health, government and commerce continues to spread. What’s ahead for health communicators? What are the trend-setting priorities? Hear from three communicators from innovative health companies as they discuss the top five trends for 2021.

A Roadmap for Brands: Staying Prepared and Flexible in an Uncertain 2021

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

From a pandemic that nobody saw coming to a historic election and more, 2020 was a year full of dynamic change. Now, with vaccines and the possibility of a growth economy on the horizon, brands must prepare for a 2021 that is uncertain yet potentially full of opportunity. PR, communications and marketing professionals will have to come into next year with a plan, but also remain agile to succeed. Join Critical Mention and two communications experts who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to discuss what lies ahead this year.

Blockchain in corporate communications: A new avenue to transparency and trust

Tuesday, December 15th

On this webcast, presented by Verizon, we will discuss how innovative technology can help brands improve the transparency of communications to their audiences and stakeholders through blockchain. While it is often associated with cryptocurrency, blockchain’s power can also help PR pros formulate specific strategies to deliver to their audiences increased transparency in news releases. Register here.

Racial Equity Summit 2020

Thursday, December 10th

PRWeek’s Racial Equity Virtual Summit will shed light on these topics and discuss how brands should respond in an authentic manner, the danger of opportunistic behavior and the toll this continued injustice places on BIPOC employees in their work and personal lives.

Connecting comms to the bottom line

In this special virtual event, presented by Cision and PRWeek, industry leaders will share invaluable counsel that will both educate you on how to make this important case to the corner office — and instill in you the confidence to do so.

PRWeek Convene — Prognosis: Healthcare

In highlighting the innovative philosophies, comms strategies and tactics of this industry’s leaders, this PRWeek virtual event will provide education and insight to PR and marcomms professionals in all sectors.

Election Insights for Today's Communicator

This webcast, presented by Peppercomm and featuring top industry leaders, provides that guidance and inspiration. And it does so with proprietary insights gleaned from both the 2016 and 2020 election cycles.

The evolution of PR measurement: The numbers and beyond

In today’s current environment of unprecedented uncertainty, brands are facing more pressure and challenges than, perhaps, ever before. In turn, communicators are having to continually adjust their priorities and practices – not only in the matters they focus upon, but on the “how” and “what” of their reporting to various stakeholders.

The Anti-Debate: How the PR/Marketing Partnership Should Evolve in 2021

In the spirit of election season, we’re holding PRWeek’s first-ever anti-debate. In this exclusive discussion, PR and marketing leaders will come to the virtual stage to discuss how each can learn from one another and improve in the following areas:

Embracing data and analytics

Creating concise, compelling messaging

Building meaningful, actionable dashboards

Proving value and ROI to the C-suite.

PRWeek Convene — Talking Shop: the future of retail

This PRWeek virtual event explores what retail brands must do to renew confidence among consumers and ensure the long-term prosperity of a $3.8 trillion sector that supports 1 in 4 American jobs and remains the backbone of the economy.

Diversity, equity and inclusion: From talk to transformation

This webcast, presented by FleishmanHillard, will not only highlight the issues with such thinking, it will underscore the communicator’s unique position and ability to be a catalyst for real change. And this transformation can occur not only within the PR industry, but in all the businesses PR pros counsel. Register now! Click here to register.

Inside Voices: Purpose-Driven Employee Engagement as a Catalyst for Change

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change – some of it devastating, some of it long overdue. The impacts of the global pandemic and our current reckoning with systemic racism will be felt for decades. People have united to demand justice, safety, dignity, economic security, and a complete re-imagining of the institutions and practices that shape our lives. This WE-hosted discussion will help inform and inspire marketing and communication leaders on how to re-imagine employee engagement by building and connecting to a more powerful sense of purpose within their organizations. Click here to register.

The Six Stages of Leadership During an Unprecedented Crisis

Disruption comes with the territory when you’re in business. Smart organizations and their executives understand the importance of crisis preparedness and have plans ready when the situation arises. In this webcast, sponsored by Allison+Partners, industry leaders help redefine what it means to support a brand or client – today and in the near future. Counsel will be provided on the best ways to maintain business continuity – a necessary focus – during this period. Click here to register.

PR Pros and the Media in the Era of Rapid Change

The fracturing of media. The ever-increasing quantity of news and content. Both were already taking place before the COVID-19 outbreak. The same can be said of the significant changes PR and communications are undergoing. And in all cases, the pandemic and other major societal touchstones have turbo-charged this evolution.

"What's next?" is a question atop every communicator's mind right now, in particular when it comes to the media-PR relationship. Rightfully so. Another key query: "What do I do next?" Click here to register.

Beyond the Buzzword: Building Lasting Connections Today and Tomorrow

The move to digital-first was already underway before Covid-19. The global pandemic has accelerated the shift, widening the gap between those who are able to pivot their communications approach and those who aren’t. Those who walk the walk and those at odds with what their customers, employees, and stakeholders want and need.

In an increasingly crowded digital world, how can you build and maintain productive connections with the people who matter to your business? And in our new normal, do your audiences even want them? Click here to register.

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