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CEO of Helio PR talks marketing in the digital age

Helio PR's CEO shares insight into what makes a great publicist while transitioning from print media to the digital age

Tennessee Watt headshot

Rules for working with Black speakers during Black History Month. No.1: Pay them

Leaders should use events next month to positively impact their Black customers and employees. This starts with being considerate when reaching out to the Black speakers.

Jonathan Adashek, CCO and SVP, marketing and communications, IBM

The way we work has changed, and its future is intentional

While the full effects of the pandemic won’t be known for a long time, it’s clear that our way of working will never be the same.

PRWeek editorial director Steve Barrett.

PR pros, get ready for the metaverse

Communication professionals should understand the possibilities of emerging tech environments, writes PRWeek editorial director Steve Barrett.

Don Spetner headshot

Spetner: Ruminating on a mistake only compounds the problem

All PR professionals make mistakes, but moving on and not beating yourself up over them are crucial lessons we must learn.

an illustration of a a cartoon avocado doing yoga.

How brands can tap into the wellness economy

Wellness is a growth opportunity for brands to leverage or stretch into but they must act with credibility and authenticity.

Roblox app title screen

Roblox users should look for Paul Revere because 'the brands are coming!'

Brands have launched digital products throughout Roblox, and it makes a lot of sense.

Pascale's Jessica Griffith headshot

Data-driven PR campaigns, not puff pieces, reach clients’ goals

Social media hits the messaging high points, but that’s just the introduction. PR delivers the fully fledged, detail-rich conversation that’s beyond the capacity of social media to convey, says Pascale’s Jessica Griffith.

 Niki Hunter Ekin

Has Unilever ‘lost the plot’ or is it future-proofing its business?

A fund manager stating that Unilever has ‘lost the plot’ by focusing on brand purpose really got my back up.

headshot of Colleen O'Hara

3 tips to strengthen Instagram influencer campaigns

Instead of analyzing a campaign’s impact after it ends, how can we make a brand’s marketing dollars work harder from the start? The answer lies in using historical data, says Zeno’s Colleen O’Hara.

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