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CEO of Helio PR talks marketing in the digital age

Helio PR's CEO shares insight into what makes a great publicist while transitioning from print media to the digital age

Stock art illustrating the concept of risk management

5 questions every comms executive should ask when building a risk management plan

Answering these questions will give you the tools and confidence needed to make the best decisions for your company, says Gravity Research’s Luke Hartig.

PRWeek Gen Zeitgeist workmark on picture of two hands adding items to a calendar

How to plan a content calendar in the age of viral marketing

Primacy senior marketing strategist Kyrie McCormick outlines five strategies to navigate the ever changing social landscape and increase a client’s chances of going viral.

Headshot of Sherine Patrick

Why marketers should ditch multicultural marketing efforts

Why are we treating diversity as a niche interest?

Black History Month flag

How to make this Black History Month matter

Black History Month can be an opportunity for colleagues to communicate with each other across teams, levels and backgrounds.

Emily Quick

Onclusive cyber attack: do you have a cyber security comms plan?

Falling victim to a cyber attack is no longer a rarity, it’s become part of doing business.

March for our Lives rally

Parkland shooting survivor reflects on six years of change

Carol Cone On Purpose associate Casey Sherman recounts how she’s dedicated her life to social impact and reflects on her personal growth since February 14, 2018.

The Kansas City Chiefs celebrating their Super Bowl LVIII win

How advertisers scored big during the Super Bowl

Adams & Knight senior social media strategist Sophia Alfieri details how advertisers tapped celebrities and other big names to make a splash on Sunday night.

Stock art illustrating mindfulness

Mindful leadership creates better crisis responses

Mindful leaders can hold multiple truths, beliefs and experiences at once, says Inkhouse’s Beth Andrix Monaghan.

Headshot of Don Spetner

Spetner: Don’t equivocate when talking with senior leaders

The longtime communications pro details his interactions with a former billionaire boss.

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