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CEO of Helio PR talks marketing in the digital age

Helio PR's CEO shares insight into what makes a great publicist while transitioning from print media to the digital age

Headshot of Don Spetner

The separation of work and home is imploding

Industry vet Don Spetner ponders the new normal of hybrid work.

Image of the definition of anti-Semitism in the dictionary.

Shining a light on the ugliness of anti-Semitism

And what organizations can do — beyond emojis and hashtags — to improve acceptance, by Beth Balsam and Gary Goldhammer.

Headshot of Michael Kaye

The future of storytelling is grounded in data

There’s one common thread across markets: The press’s interest in ownable, localized data, says OkCupid’s Michael Kaye.

(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Disney)

Agency bosses – don’t try to be a superhero CEO (lessons from Disney’s Bob Iger)

Are you a superhero CEO, swooping in to save the day when campaign problems need solving, HR issues need resolving, tricky clients need winning over and new business targets need to be met?

combined image of Nancy Pelosi and Brendan Daly

Lessons from a legendary leader: How Nancy Pelosi helped shape public sentiment

Brendan Daly looks back on working for the outgoing Democratic leader in the House.

Headshot of Marina Filippelli

Brands can be better Latiné allies by embracing what matters to us

In their efforts to avoid controversy, brands are ignoring issues that Latinés care about.

Image of one of the World Cup Stadiums in Qatar

Avoiding an own goal at this year’s World Cup. Is it even possible?

The moral dilemma for participating nations is real, but there are lessons to be learned from one sports brand.

Image of Elon Musk and the Twitter screen

3 ways Elon Musk fumbled Twitter’s takeover comms

From bungling internal comms to mucking up media relations, Musk’s PR strategy has left much to be desired, says Water & Wall’s Jesse Chen.

Image of someone doing journalism,

12 ways journalists p*ss off PR people

A few grievances from the PR side of the table, relayed by Qurate Retail’s Ian Bailey.

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