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Campaign Case Studies

Bride and groom outside Aldi

More than 500 apply to win wedding at an Aldi store

Aldi USA’s comms director Kate Kirkpatrick shares the inside story of the Happily Ever Aldi campaign.

The Hidden Genius Project wordmark

Why Smartsheet gave its F1 advertising space to nonprofits

The Sponsor X campaign helped the brand raise awareness for causes it cares about.

Image credit: Harvest Hosts

Over 1,000 apply to paid gig to design the best beer journey across the US

The job was posted by RV membership program Harvest Hosts.

National Abortion Federation PSA

Inside the National Abortion Federation’s #ItsYourCall campaign

The organization partnered with celebrities and creative agencies to reach abortion seekers.

Nish Godfrey

How a food influencer’s chicken salad recipe helped WeightWatchers create its most popular TikTok video

A viral video of Nish Godfrey eating the meal led the weight loss brand to partner with the influencer.

Two Arby's burgers next to bottle of smoked bourbon

Arby's Smoked Bourbon leads to 24% increase in rewards program sign ups

The bourbon sold out in less than two minutes.

We Don't Serve Teens

How one organization is tackling underage drinking is targeting individuals and businesses that might illegally supply minors with alcohol.

Phone on bed of lettuce leaves

Little Leaf Farms customer ‘tastemonials’ lead to 10% sales increase

Emails and voicemails from fans served as the centerpiece for the lettuce producer’s latest campaign.

Dortmund fans display banners demanding a boycott of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar during the German first division Bundesliga football match (Ina Fassbender/Getty Images)

Boycott Qatar 'blackout' protest kicks off

A global social media campaign has launched to boycott the World Cup's quarter-final, which coincides with International Human Rights Day.

Woman standing on a beach in Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico shares what it truly means to ‘Live Boricua’

The campaign’s “people-centric themes” are drawing consumers, says CMO Leah Chandler.

Two ceramic coffee mugs with abstract illustrations of women of color

How Nespresso is supporting worthy causes nominated by employees

The company has helped provide shelter to homeless LGBTQ+ youth and aided underrepresented students with their college journey.

blood donation lottie london

Makeup brand inspires fans to donate blood

Inside Lottie London’s Blood for Beauty campaign.

Roblox character in invisalign branded virtual environment

Invisalign uses Roblox to highlight advantages of aligners over braces

The brand is using the metaverse to 'demystify’ the orthodontist’s office.

Canadian wilderness

How Canada lured American tourists back after it ended COVID-19 rules

The number of U.S. visitors to Canada dropped from 15 million in 2019 to 1.9 million in 2020, an 87% decrease.

Hand holding 1 ounce gold bar

20,000 fans attempt to win real gold from Rold Gold

The pretzel brand sent consumers on a scavenger hunt to celebrate its 106th anniversary and new packaging.

Woman pulling travel bag with words "Take What's Yours" superimposed over her

How Samsonite inspired people to use paid vacation days

The campaign aims to get people to rethink the always-on mentality around the work and hustle culture.

Woman running with Degree logo and words "Not Done Yet Marathon" in upper left corner

Degree helps marathon runners with physical conditions to cross the finish line

The runners, who previously didn’t finish a race, were given a second chance to achieve their dreams.

Man standing on lawn

Why a Swedish island is celebrating one resident’s ‘really lousy lawn’

Gotland essentially ran a “competition for lazy people” to help solve an important issue.

Social media viral star "corn kid" Tariq holds a trophy while standing next to a costumed corn mascot

How one kid’s ‘pure love of corn’ led him to become South Dakota’s ‘corn-bassador’

South Dakota Department of Tourism’s Katlyn Svendsen shares how the state capitalized on the “Corn Kid” phenomenon.


Inside Sherri Shepherd’s cross-country move with Hertz and ‘Oprah-esque’ giveaways

Shepherd moved from Los Angeles to New York to host new show Sherri.

Crisis Corner

Balenciaga office

Timeline of a crisis: Balenciaga stumbles as it walks back questionable campaign images

The fashion house's multiple apologies for controversial imagery used in its recent campaigns have come with empty pledges and little substantive follow-through by the fashion brand.

Kyrie Irving speaks during an ESPN interview

Timeline of a crisis: Brooklyn Nets discipline star Kyrie Irving

The NBA franchise condemns point guard Kyrie Irving’s anti-semitism with vigor.

Bed Bath & Beyond storefront

Timeline of a Crisis: Bed Bath & Beyond fumbles inflated stock price and leadership shuffle

After a top-five shareholder reshuffled Bed Bath & Beyond’s leadership deck before cashing out, the home goods retailer’s stock prices soared before crashing, with a class action lawsuit and a death as collateral damage.

Crowded airport terminal

Timeline of a Crisis: Delta Air Lines navigates perfect storm of summer travel woes

Operational obstacles amid a boom in flight bookings threw Delta’s service up in the air.

Video screen shot of Elon Musk talking about Starlink

Timeline of a crisis: Elon Musk and Starlink step up to the plate for Ukraine

The SpaceX CEO made an altruistic decision to quickly provide Ukraine with internet after a tweet from a high-ranking official.

CDC website showing COVID-19 virus concept art

Timeline of a Crisis: The CDC muddles the messaging

The health organization caused confusion and irritation with inconsistent policy change and muddled messaging with the onset of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Timeline of a Crisis: Meta tries to save face during a defining PR crisis

Denying wrongdoing and responsibility, Meta’s rebranding fails to address serious problems, corrosive to democracy and a civilized society.

Timeline of a Crisis: OnlyFans backpedals on porn ban but fails to move forward

Although OnlyFans is thriving financially, it failed to transform its business, reputation or investor relations, where it seemingly had made some progress.

Timeline of a Crisis: ExxonMobil CEO’s attempt to clean up lobbyists’ spill

Video leaked of lobbyists saying the company was undermining Biden's climate push.

Timeline of a crisis: Burger King gets burned

The fast food giant was under fire after campaign suggests ‘women belong in the kitchen.’

Timeline of a crisis: Cyberpunk 2077

The video game took 7 years to hit the shelves, but it still left fans dissatisfied.

Timeline of a crisis: Wells Fargo CEO’s victim-blaming gets torn apart online

Wells Fargo’s Charles Scharf was criticized heavily after victim-blaming Black people in regards to talent recruitment.

Timeline of a crisis: Lack of transparency fuels unrest over Kenosha shooting

The escalation of turmoil in Kenosha is the latest instance of social unrest triggered by law enforcement.

Timeline of a crisis: Facebook fails in response to ad boycott

Civic groups 'disappointed' after meeting with CEO Marc Zuckerberg as more than 300 companies take part in boycott.

Timeline of a Crisis: The British royal family had another annus horribilis

Scandal after scandal has left the Royal Family scrambling this past year.

Timeline of a crisis: The We Company's IPO-plosion leaves reputation in tatters

It's very likely no amount of good PR could've saved the co-working startup.

Timeline of a crisis: Walmart takes aim at gun violence in America

What the retailer did right in its response to shootings at stores.

Timeline of a crisis: Fatal crashes spread panic among airlines and consumers alike

Boeing chairman, CEO and president Dennis Muilenburg came under fire after a second Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed in March.

Timeline of a crisis: The #MeToo movement comes to Google

Google was hit with one of its worst crises yet after revelations about former exec Andy Rubin

Timeline of a crisis: Tesla and the most expensive tweet ever

Social media outbursts from Tesla CEO Elon Musk have cost the company in terms of fines, market value, and executive Twitter privileges.