Sex is big business with myriad opportunities to arouse PR pros

PRWeek Editor-in-chief Steve Barrett on the September sex issue.

Inside the Museum of Sex - and the comms challenges it faces

Daniel Gluck, Museum of Sex executive director and founder, talks to Diana Bradley about elevating discussions around sex and having a boob bouncy house.

Too much free porn is bad for business

For today's porn industry, a glut of free content means that, contrary to belief, sometimes sex doesn't sell.

The future of sex is social, unvarnished, and human founder and CEO Cindy Gallop delves into the future of sex as we know it.

Experts: Sprout needs to show Addyi is not Viagra for women

Contrary to popular belief, Addyi is not the female Viagra. That's the message drug-maker Sprout must get across to doctors and patients in the coming weeks.

Love in a digital age: Staying relevant as a dating app

To carve out - and keep - your niche in the super-saturated world of dating apps, you've got to get creative.

Pop culture and technology cause good vibrations for sex toy industry

Did you know you can buy adult toys at convenience and grocery stores? That's how big the industry is, and it's expected to reach $52 billion by 2020.

Sex toy-maker Lelo's CMO talks taboos of consumer marketing

Steve Thomson, global marketing director, Lelo, tells Lindsay Stein how the company is focusing on engagement to overcome the taboo around sex toys

Infographic: Internet it really that big?

Still think the world of online porn is too taboo? Sex toy company Carvaka is out to prove how prevalent, profitable, and influential it really is. The company released an infographic detailing the impact Internet porn has had the world over, who's using it, and how often.

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