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PRWeek US Power List 2020

The definitive guide to the 50 most powerful players in the communications industry is topped by a Black PR pro for the first time.

PRWeek U.S. Power List 2019

PRWeek's definitive guide to the top 50 power players in the communications industry

PRWeek U.S. Power List 2018

PRWeek ranks the most powerful communicators in the industry who are tackling PR's toughest challenges

PRWeek U.S. Power List 2017

As the most powerful figures in the communications industry, the following people face the toughest challenges PR has to offer. PRWeek brought together colleagues, friends, and mentors to see what allows them to thrive in such an environment.

PRWeek US Power List 2016

Power List 2015: The Power 50

In an era of transparency, real-time content, and myriad opportunities and challenges, these 50 game changers are redefining the role of comms and marketing and elevating their brands and agencies to the highest levels on a global scale. PRWeek enlisted peers, colleagues, friends, and mentors to explain what makes these people so powerful.

Power List 2014: Power principals

In an evolving comms landscape, these 50 power players have the blueprint for effective global strategies as companies expand into new markets to increase growth and agencies promote their integrated business models. PRWeek enlisted mentors, colleagues, and friends to best describe what puts these influential PR pros in a class by themselves.

Power List 2013: Game changers

Communications pros entered a brave new world in the past 12 months as they met the challenges of transparency, integrated marcomms units, content creation, and breaking out from silos head on. These 50 power players steered a steady course through every crisis and triumph, creating a PR playbook for the entire industry.

Power List 2012: The 50 most powerful people in PR

With a seat at the top table firmly established, leading communicators today don't only wield influence on reputation, they are changing the way major organizations are doing business. On these pages, PRWeek highlights individuals who are propelling PR to unprecedented heights.

Power List 2011: Industry elite

Today's communicators have more clout than ever and increasingly influence the top table. Here are 50 individuals who lead that charge.

Power List 2010: Power principals

PRWeek's senior editors analyze the attributes of the 25 communications big hitters ranked on the Power List 2010.

PR Power List 2009

During this challenging time, PRWeek's senior editors weigh the different criteria to help determine this year's ranking of 25 industry leaders.

Power List 2008: Power positions

PRWeek's senior editors look across a range of criteria and industries to devise this year's ranking of 25 industry leaders.

Power List 2007: Portraits of power

Today's PR business is being driven by a number of individuals at agencies and corporations who are powerful for very different reasons. For the first time, PRWeek ranks the 25 most dominant players in the industry.