Visitors walk past the TikTok booth during the press day at the 2022 Gamescom gaming trade fair

Brands should embrace TikTok

The platform’s power has played out during major news events this year, with no end in sight

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Onwards and upwards: Navigating a turbulent market with purpose

Now is the time to go on the offense and focus on how you allocate capital to build long-term value, and best communicate that to the financial community, says MacDougall’s Sara Michelmore.

Headshot of Don Spetner

What communicators can learn from Japanese root-binding

Don Spetner believes we can all use a little more humility, respect and “nemawashi” these days.

Scrabble pieces spelling out "Mental Health Matters"

Advertisers must do more to address the mental health crisis

Brands have a long history of changing perceptions on key societal topics through marketing.

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Great expectations in public relations

The fifth edition of PRWeek and Boston University's Communications Bellwether Survey shows the PR profession is being asked to deliver on ever-increasing expectations during unprecedented times.

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There’s a special place…

Think again if you think you know how this sentence will end, says Jacobstahl’s Sandra Stahl.

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Why culture comms is the new crisis comms

Our responsibility is not to play it safe, but to do right by our brand partners and the consumers looking to those brands for representation and belonging, says Jennifer Bett Meyer.

Tony Langham

Could a Bell Pottinger situation happen again?

Five years ago this week, Bell Pottinger collapsed into administration following an avalanche of resignations by clients who were no longer prepared to be associated with the firm.

Queen Elizabeth II in profile in front of black background

God Save the Branding Queen: A tribute by Robin Wight

The queen showed she was 'an instinctive manager of the Royal Family brand,' according to the founder of the Ideas Foundation and WCRS, who lived through all of her reign.

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‘The Queen: an extraordinary communicator, an extraordinary monarch’

The words written around the world over the coming days and weeks will be a combination of respect and affection for the Queen, who has died at the age of 96.

Stock art of the BeReal app

Can brands BeReal?

To get the most out of social, brands need to listen as much as they speak.

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Cultural sensitivity: Why every PR pro needs it and how to gain it

Cultural sensitivity is critical to being a successful PR professional, yet it's often highly underrated, says Dina Mostovaya.

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What I learned as Mikhail Gorbachev’s press officer

Thinking back to that time, it strikes me just how important it is, as a young PR, to be confident to push yourself forward for the jobs you think you’re too junior for.

Ed Staples

Winter World Cup: what brands really need to know

We’ve never had the juggernaut of the FIFA World Cup plough through the run-up to Christmas before.

President Joe Biden signs the IRA into law

What the most impactful climate bill in history means for marketers

The next few years will hold many more opportunities for companies to engage in communication for climate programs, notes rbb’s Sandra Ericson.

Person wearing VR headset

The metaverse is more than just a playground

Brands must start seeing virtual worlds as a tool to fix real-world problems.

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Why we need more inclusive business writing

It’s not “dumbing things down.” Rather, business communicators should speak and write with language that will be understood by the most people within an audience, argues Wentwell CEO Sean Carney.

Two employees talking in a modern multilevel office

The convergence of communications and workforce strategy

The communications function had been viewed as a means to drive brand awareness and share static internal updates, and that’s about it. But that has quickly changed, says PwC’s J.C. Lapierre.

Telehealth stock art

What does the metaverse have in store for the healthcare industry?

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Why we should get more forensic with our clients

Ever wanted to be an investigative journalist? It’s a skillset that has its benefits for PR work, too, says Bob Brody.

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It’s time for companies to demonstrate care

Supporting employees’ well-being has taken on added meaning during the pandemic.

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Buckle up: Post-pandemic life is going to get weird

The pandemic has — and will continue — to disrupt our lives, but the human story will persevere as its always done.

(SOPA Images/Getty Images) A phone and Twitter page

Twitter v. Musk - You can’t handle the truth!

Twitter’s decision to force a $44bn buyout in court runs high risks for both parties — a public courtroom spat won’t benefit Musk or Twitter’s reputation.

Headshot of Matt Neale

The case for caution in the metaverse

There is much to admire in the ambition of web3, but there are also big questions that need to be addressed, says Golin CEO Matt Neale.

Headshots of Dan Bartlett, Corey duBrowa, Kathryn Metcalfe and Karine Jean-Pierre

An industry at the top of its game

PR is a people business and this year’s PRWeek Power Listers comprise those individuals blazing a trail in vitally important functions.