John Casey headshot

How being gay became an advantage for a PR vet

Through an eclectic career, an evolving sexual identity treated as a scandal — denial, then drip, drip, drip — to becoming a voice for the LGBTQ+ community. From The Advocate's John Casey.

PRWeek Gen Zeitgeist workmark

Embracing Web3 for successful campaigns

Millennials and Gen-Z’s push for co-creation will lead the next phase of the internet.

PRWeek Gen Zeitgeist by Alma Pres

From writing about bathrooms to building social strategies

How to use an untraditional path to elevate your career.

Image of Jim de Zoete

Stay weird to outrun AI text generators

By the time you’ve read this, the tech will have moved on and these gems of wisdom will be obsolete. Probably by the time it's written in fact.

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PR pros, you’re consuming too much media, and your clients are paying the price

Here’s an unconventional tip: Consume less media, says Rosen Group’s Jacob Streiter.

Woman working remotely with child on lap

PR has a burnout problem among mothers: Here’s how to fix it on an agency-wide level

The pandemic conversation has moved on, leaving moms without solutions, says JBC’s Jennifer Bett Meyer.


How Asia Pacific has become a Web3 hotbed

With Southeast Asia adopting blockchain wallets in higher numbers and markets like Korea leading web3 gaming, brands need to embrace decentralisation and communities built around digital experiences.

Jar of mustard labeled Bijan Mustardson with picture of Bijan Robinson

How to create an NIL deal that’s good for athletes and businesses

We need to do better by creating deals that serve athletes long after their stars fade.

Brenda Hu headshot

How I found my voice as an Asian-American advocate and activist

Finn Partners’ Brenda Hu on how the power of storytelling can help more people from AAPI backgrounds realize they aren’t alone.

Sandpipers strategy director

Generative AI, creativity and the morality of it all

Inside the debate swirling around the all-pervasive generative AI, Rob van Alphen shines a light on the dilemma faced by the creative industries right now.

Headshot of Micaela VanderMost

Pride starts now for brands that mean it

The stakes are higher than ever in 2023, says Newfangled Studios' Macaela VanderMost.

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AI will disrupt PR, but will it help or hinder?

On one hand, AI is an efficiency tool that will make products better, faster and cheaper. On the other, it’s terrifying to contemplate how many jobs might be lost, says Dan Perry.

MJ Widomska

Why the PR industry should switch to Twitch

With renewed TikTok controversies leading to a potential US ban, Twitter under the erratic rule of an alt-right sympathising billionaire and Instagram grappling with declining engagement, it seems like we have nowhere to turn.

Image of the verification process on Twittter

Musk’s toxic brand is why Twitter is doomed

The optics of helping Musk’s social network thrive are so bad that being busted for paying for the mark is humiliating for Twitter’s power users, and that’s not changing, says Andrew Graham in this opinion piece.

Twitter blue checkmark badge with face with X eyes

The rise and fall of the blue checkmark

The recognition and respect that comes with good marketing or PR is earned.

Person holding smart phone

It’s medical conference season and Twitter is still…Twitter

Twitter may not be the immediate answer, that doesn’t diminish the need to be present at medical congresses, says BCW’s Alec Piliafas.

Workers having a meeting in a hybrid working space

Busting the myth that remote work doesn't work for creatives

How to tackle the biggest lie we tell ourselves in a post-office world.

Georgia Branch

The ignored giant: Facebook’s untapped potential for earned media

Facebook is ‘pay to play’, right? Wrong. Organic reach isn’t dead.

Bud Light, Nike, and why PR shouldn’t be frightened by inclusion

The strength of a brand’s mettle isn’t when it tries something new under the auspices of inclusion, but when those choices are challenged, and how it responds.

Young woman with colored hair is shopping online with a credit card

When ‘best value’ and ‘personal values’ clash: The Gen Z dilemma

If your brand’s core value proposition hinges on being cheap and fast, eventually you’ll lose out to someone doing the same thing cheaper and faster.

head and shoulders shot of Whitney Dailey

ESG isn’t changing, but how we talk about it will

How communications leaders can avoid the anti-ESG distraction and stay focused on impactful brand building, by Allison+Partners’ Whitney Dailey.

Headshot of Diana Bradley

Social media manager: A job harder than it looks

Brands are starting to humanize their social media managers, which is a very wise move.

Stoc art of a diverse range of indivudfals

Cultural fluidity continues to gain traction among multicultural consumers. This is what it means for brands

Research shows that millennials have a desire for brands to adopt more accurate views of cultural diversity, notes The Axis Agency's Armando Azarloza.

Headshot of Don Spetner

Don Spetner: Buddha was right

In his bimonthly column, Spetner explains why Buddhism’s first noble truth extends into the corporate world.

Image of a cannabis plant

Why brands should get into the weeds on cannabis disinformation

When social media platforms boot legitimate cannabis companies, it leaves more room for other sources of information, not all of which are reliable, says NuggMD’s Alex Milligan.