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The agency model: From pyramid to hourglass?

Great talent emerges quickly in a career. But what is that age for our industry?

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Why haven't virtual experiences topped Travis Scott in Fortnite?

We are stuck referencing something that happened two years ago.

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Making social media more welcoming for trans and nonbinary people

Join me in a commitment to flood our newsfeeds with powerful, positive and truthful representations of trans and queer joy.

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Can Apple and Meta play nice in the metaverse?

As AR kits become ubiquitous, the battle to sell metaverse hardware will be of secondary importance to the battle for ownership of what the hardware produces, says Hylink's US general manager.

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Back to the office or work from anywhere? The future of PR in the age of remote work

The future of work in PR and other industries lies in a hybrid model, argues Dina Mostovaya.

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Examining brand purpose over six years of Cannes Lions winners

When looking at Cannes as a database of creativity, purpose-driven marketing rises to the top.

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Juneteenth: Why communicators should be more than just a megaphone

With Juneteenth, communications professionals have an obligation to go deeper before coordinating events, pushing out stories, press releases and images.

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Metaverse insurance: Ushering in a new class of assets

In an environment where significant investment is taking place with virtually no consumer protection initiatives, the next volume of the metaverse saga will be insurance, says Hylink's US managing director.

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Arthur Sadoun: If you're not transforming, you will be left behind

Creatives must embrace new ways of thinking, not just about the work, but processes, purpose and leadership, Publicis Groupe’s chairman and CEO writes, as part of our series by global agency chiefs ahead of Cannes Lions.

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Snap-ocalypse through a different lens: Why it's not quite as bad as everyone thinks

The recession is likely to cause consumers to spend less, therefore advertising budgets may lessen. Caution is important, but panic is never helpful.

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Companies must prepare for the age of online disinformation

Twitter, TikTok and other social media channels have become a fertile breeding ground for disseminating disinformation at a time when Americans are increasingly relying on these platforms for news, says Marathon Strategies' Phil Singer.

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Pride is not just for the month of June

Amid a febrile and fractured environment that is increasingly frightening for marginalized members of society, the pride movement will only grow and flourish if it extends year round.

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Creating a more AAPI-friendly workplace

Finding ways to help employees forge connections helps to cultivate a sense of belonging and connectivity, needed more than ever as we continue to adapt to hybrid work, says RPA's Laura Small.

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LA and London: A tale of two cynics?

For a comms professional, cynicism is rife in the two pop cultural capitals. But not how you might think, notes FleishmanHillard’s Kev O’Sullivan.

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Elon Musk, master of his own PR, puts Twitter deal on hold

The billionaire has pressed pause on the $43bn deal – and the talented self-publicist is trending (again)

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Healthcare is big business for PR firms

Revenue from healthcare and pharma clients now makes up around a third of PR agency revenues and the scope of this expertise was reflected in PRWeek’s first summit and awards devoted entirely to the area.

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Depp vs Heard is a PR fiasco

Sacking PR teams mid-trial, complex and disturbing testimony, waves of negative press and the influential role of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter… the Depp vs Heard trial is an extraordinary mess.

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PR pros no longer have to choose between family and career

Public relations work is all about contingency and adaptability. If you can’t work around this issue, is your organization as agile as it should be?

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The Musk effect: what Twitter's new ownership could mean for brands

So Elon is about to buy Twitter. What happens now?

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#TwitterWorries: I still adore Twitter and I’m afraid Elon Musk is going to kill it

For communications professionals, strong communities are gold, and knowing how to find them is even more valuable. If some new version of Twitter loses those obscure corners of the platform, that will be a loss for our profession and for Twitter in general.

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Streaming isn’t dying; consumers just know what they want

In today’s news landscape, landing a story placement on any large network streaming platform should be considered a top-tier placement.

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Don’t be afraid to say PR

PR firms are thriving in a world that is increasingly reliant on the high-level services they offer — but agencies are strangely reluctant to use the traditional nomenclature when they go to market.

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Why corporate communications executives should focus on intangible assets

Corporate communications executives can use intangible assets as a lens to carefully review and sharpen their communications programs, particularly those targeted to investors.

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Wimbledon bans Russian players to avoid ‘promoting the Russian regime’

The prestigious tennis tournament has barred players from Russia and Belarus, including world number two Daniil Medvedev.

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Booming PR industry is based on a finite resource: People

The communications industry is flourishing and demand for services has never been higher, but that has led to a squeeze on the human capital that is the essential raw material of the business.