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Humanity will save us in tumultuous times for tech

The pace of change the industry has seen in just the past month underscores the importance of consistent, open and honest communications delivered by executives who lead with vision, commitment, humility and care, notes AxiCom CEO Matt Lackie.

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Why silence is the most overlooked communication tool

Disconnecting can have a startling effect on the ability to be present, notes Mission North’s Tyler Perry.

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The dangerous dance between data and creativity

Find the sweet spot to build your bottom line.

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Web3’s second wave

Web3 is far from a busted flush, writes David Pemsel, who explains what the second wave of its evolution will bring for brands.

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3 signs it’s time to break up with your client

Here are three big client red flags to watch out for, tips on how to get ahead of potential challenges and how to know when it’s time to part ways from BAM’s Lauren Grassetti.

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7 PR predictions for 2023: A rebalancing

Here’s what the senior team at Inkhouse sees as we look ahead, from CEO Beth Andrix Monaghan.

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Health comms is an unstoppable force

Despite economic headwinds, the health communications sector shows no signs of slowing down.

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Crisis managers should embrace human-centered design

Three ways you can apply HCD in issues management from Dentons’ Sarah Mann.

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The separation of work and home is imploding

Industry vet Don Spetner ponders the new normal of hybrid work.

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Shining a light on the ugliness of anti-Semitism

And what organizations can do — beyond emojis and hashtags — to improve acceptance, by Beth Balsam and Gary Goldhammer.

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The future of storytelling is grounded in data

There’s one common thread across markets: The press’s interest in ownable, localized data, says OkCupid’s Michael Kaye.

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Agency bosses – don’t try to be a superhero CEO (lessons from Disney’s Bob Iger)

Are you a superhero CEO, swooping in to save the day when campaign problems need solving, HR issues need resolving, tricky clients need winning over and new business targets need to be met?

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Lessons from a legendary leader: How Nancy Pelosi helped shape public sentiment

Brendan Daly looks back on working for the outgoing Democratic leader in the House.

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Brands can be better Latiné allies by embracing what matters to us

In their efforts to avoid controversy, brands are ignoring issues that Latinés care about.

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Avoiding an own goal at this year’s World Cup. Is it even possible?

The moral dilemma for participating nations is real, but there are lessons to be learned from one sports brand.

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3 ways Elon Musk fumbled Twitter’s takeover comms

From bungling internal comms to mucking up media relations, Musk’s PR strategy has left much to be desired, says Water & Wall’s Jesse Chen.

Edelman Hong Kong's By Antoine Calendrier

From crisis responders to resilience builders: the changing role of the Hong Kong crisis leaders

Effective crisis leaders are now called on to engage in an endeavour that is much bigger than the usual crisis preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

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12 ways journalists p*ss off PR people

A few grievances from the PR side of the table, relayed by Qurate Retail’s Ian Bailey.

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Communicating in a divided nation: Lessons from the midterm elections

As communicators we can play a role in addressing our current national divide, says BCW's Jeff Joseph.

Gamefluencers (L to R): Pablodragqueen, Janellyace, Touchpadwarrior

How 'gamefluencers' are transforming the world of gaming

With constant live-streaming and live-chatting, their connections with their followers can run deeper, turning virtual spaces into social hubs connecting tight-knit communities.

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What PRSA-NY learned about mental health in PR by talking to pros

Understatement: The PR industry is facing a massive mental-health crisis, says Aaron Kwittken.

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Should brands jump from Twitter to Mastodon?

Twitter users love to chat about how much Twitter frustrates them. Elon Musk’s recent takeover of the social network has added fuel to the fire for the twittering masses.

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Musk’s Twitter takeover is a real-time case study on the future of social media

Twitter has a unique opportunity to reimagine its role in the future.

Image of Elon Musk on a device in front of a Twitter background.

It's time for advertisers to take flight from Twitter

Marketers are already dealing with challenges like inflation, recession fears, political uncertainty and a global pandemic. We don’t want any more unknowns, says TripleLift's Jordan Bitterman.

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How Musk can get brand comms pros excited about Twitter again

Elon Musk has finally bought Twitter, the de facto global town square. What does this mean for brand comms professionals, and what innovations could Musk introduce?