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Why executives flame out

"Self-awareness is the most critical element of success not just in business, but in all our life relationships," says industry vet Don Spetner.

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We found a hybrid work solution. Don’t do what we did

Every agency must follow its own path to determine how to restart in-person work, says Seven Letter’s Erik Smith.

Jacinda Ardern announces her resignation on 19 January (Photo: Kerry Marshall/Getty Images)

Jacinda Ardern’s comms and leadership masterclass

Jacinda Ardern’s tenure as New Zealand Prime Minister spanned five years that rarely saw calm.

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Enter the robots: What does ChatGPT mean for professional communicators?

The writing robots aren’t coming; they’re here. The question is whether AI-generated language can achieve excellence without human intervention, says Pluralytics AI’s Rick Byrne.

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PR is at the center of the future of work

From employee engagement to wellness to hybrid work to the office of the future, the comms function is instrumental in tackling the biggest challenges of modern business.

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Hybrid work isn’t all sunshine and roses

Employers are continuing to struggle with the new flexible work arrangements, but staffers seem to be thriving.

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Building a more inclusive world in the metaverse starts with creators

Brands can drive the creation of a meaningful metaverse by reimagining collaboration with a new wave of creators.

Image of Barbara Walters with Fidel Castro.

Marina Maher on what made Barbara Walters special for all communicators

Walters showed others the importance of finding a niche and becoming great at it. She wasn’t immune to obstacles; she just shut out the noise and forged ahead, says MMC founder Marina Maher.

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Titi Me Preguntó: What are the multicultural marketing takeaways from Benito for 2023?

Here are four lessons from the Year of Benito to create successful Hispanic engagement in 2023 from Andy Checo.

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The financial impact of well-being and the employee experience

Replacing employees can be costly for companies, meaning there are clear benefits to keeping staffers’ career, emotional, financial, mental and physical well-being in mind, says Chasing the Sun’s Mark Mohammadpour.

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The future is friendly: 6 trends for 2023

An end to doomerism, AI getting fly, millenipause and intersectional ESG shift the vibe from savage to civil.

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Why Elon Musk will fail without a PR team

There’s no denying that Elon Musk is in a precarious position. Just days ago, Twitter users voted for him to step down as head of the social media site in a shock poll. What’s even more shocking is that Musk created the poll, which is definitely not something a PR expert would have advised.

Argentina’s players celebrating their win in the World Cup final (Richard Sellers/Contributor/Getty Images)

World Cup 2022: Who were the tops and flops?

After a nail-biting final, Argentina emerged victorious in the world’s biggest sporting tournament last night. But how was its reputation, and that of many of the other big hitters, affected?

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Humanity will save us in tumultuous times for tech

The pace of change the industry has seen in just the past month underscores the importance of consistent, open and honest communications delivered by executives who lead with vision, commitment, humility and care, notes AxiCom CEO Matt Lackie.

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Why silence is the most overlooked communication tool

Disconnecting can have a startling effect on the ability to be present, notes Mission North’s Tyler Perry.

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The dangerous dance between data and creativity

Find the sweet spot to build your bottom line.

A vintage typewriter spells out 'Web 3.0'

Web3’s second wave

Web3 is far from a busted flush, writes David Pemsel, who explains what the second wave of its evolution will bring for brands.

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3 signs it’s time to break up with your client

Here are three big client red flags to watch out for, tips on how to get ahead of potential challenges and how to know when it’s time to part ways from BAM’s Lauren Grassetti.

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7 PR predictions for 2023: A rebalancing

Here’s what the senior team at Inkhouse sees as we look ahead, from CEO Beth Andrix Monaghan.

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Health comms is an unstoppable force

Despite economic headwinds, the health communications sector shows no signs of slowing down.

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Crisis managers should embrace human-centered design

Three ways you can apply HCD in issues management from Dentons’ Sarah Mann.

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The separation of work and home is imploding

Industry vet Don Spetner ponders the new normal of hybrid work.

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The future of storytelling is grounded in data

There’s one common thread across markets: The press’s interest in ownable, localized data, says OkCupid’s Michael Kaye.

Image of the definition of anti-Semitism in the dictionary.

Shining a light on the ugliness of anti-Semitism

And what organizations can do — beyond emojis and hashtags — to improve acceptance, by Beth Balsam and Gary Goldhammer.

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Agency bosses – don’t try to be a superhero CEO (lessons from Disney’s Bob Iger)

Are you a superhero CEO, swooping in to save the day when campaign problems need solving, HR issues need resolving, tricky clients need winning over and new business targets need to be met?