Headshot of Maria Poveromo

Cisco's Maria Poveromo knows how to make the office a magnet, not a mandate

The CCO explains how the tech conglomerate incentivizes in-person attendance without shortchanging remote workers or enforcing a return to the office.

Headshot of Jennifer Smoter

UnitedHealth Group’s CCO Jennifer Smoter insists on measurement to hold comms accountable

A focus on effective strategy, directly tied to business goals, has cemented Smoter as a vital cog in the healthcare titan’s operations.

Headshot of Tara Smith

Intel’s CCO Tara Smith on creating a ‘super charge’ program

The CHIPS Act has Smith explaining the challenging world of semiconductors, but it’s all part of the company’s journey to take it to a new level in challenging times.

Headshot of Corey duBrowa

Google’s Corey duBrowa revitalizes internal comms at tech behemoth

The in-house investment has been instrumental in helping Google navigate each complexity born out of the pandemic, including returning to the office.

Scott Dobroski, VP of corporate communications, Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s Scott Dobroski seeks out for greater transparency in the job market

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and Great Resignation, Dobroski depends on data-driven storytelling to guide users to Glassdoor — and the right job for them. communications head Brielle Villablanca

Twitch’s comms head Brielle Villablanca breaks down the game plan behind the surge of livestreaming

The streaming service platform has widened its appeal beyond gaming, with content creators in categories ranging from music to animals.

Merck comms lead Cristal Downing talks revitalizing trust in big pharma

How the EVP, chief communications and public affairs officer wants to reframe the company’s direction and strengthen its reputation.

GM comms lead Craig Buchholz on the road less traveled

After a series of recalls and a diversity hiccup, Buchholz expounds on the automotive company’s need to address inequality and safety if it wants a smooth ride to going green.

Josh Earnest has United Airlines back on solid ground

The airline's CCO on how the carrier has mobilized and emerged from the industry’s extreme turbulence since the pandemic.

How to bridge the Biden/Trump divide on vaccine comms

What happens to a controversial $250 million vaccine awareness campaign when a new administration takes over? PRWeek speaks to HHS veteran Mark Weber for the inside story and historical context.

Kroger's Kristal Howard runs a comms marathon

The director and head of communications talks shop amid an ongoing pandemic and racial injustice.

SVP and CCO Kym White faces baptism by fire at CVS Health

White started at the Fortune 5 company in April, but that is not holding her back from spearheading its handling of the pandemic.

Ben & Jerry’s grand poobah of PR Sean Greenwood dishes on ice cream activism

Greenwood discusses the tricky task of steering communications for the purposeful ice cream company amid accusations of virtue signaling and hypocrisy.

No monkey business here: How Chase CCO Trish Wexler builds trust

It’s Wexler’s job to help the company remain a reliable institution for millions of Americans, even if it means wrangling local stories about escaped monkeys.

VSCO: Finally a 'safe space' on social

Julie Inouye heads up comms for the photo editing mobile app during a time of incredible growth.

No more 'hot dog procurement': centralizing systems at Kaiser Permanente

Kathryn Beiser, SVP and CCO at Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's largest nonprofit health systems, discusses the ongoing changes in the communications department.

Brie Carere guides FedEx amid trade wars, competition from Amazon

Chief marketing and comms officer Brie Carere's international team guides FedEx as it faces trade wars and speculation about tech giant competition.

Impossible Foods' CCO on making meatless meat burgers mainstream

Impossible Foods' CCO Rachel Konrad (pictured below) is determined to show carnivores that a plant-based burger can be just as tasty -- and also reduce their carbon footprint.

Inside the campaign to save the parks

After the federal government shut down in January, the National Park Foundation was thrust into the spotlight, guided by chief of external affairs Robert Mathias.

Mount Sinai's Klissas turns employees into reporters

VP of marcomms taps into her network news experience to tell and promote the hospital system's stories.