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Why executives flame out

"Self-awareness is the most critical element of success not just in business, but in all our life relationships," says industry vet Don Spetner.

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The separation of work and home is imploding

Industry vet Don Spetner ponders the new normal of hybrid work.

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What communicators can learn from Japanese root-binding

Don Spetner believes we can all use a little more humility, respect and “nemawashi” these days.

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Buckle up: Post-pandemic life is going to get weird

The pandemic has — and will continue — to disrupt our lives, but the human story will persevere as its always done.

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Spetner: When it comes to purpose, you're damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Today’s volatile environment means the days of easy decisions in the communications industry are long gone.

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Spetner: Ruminating on a mistake only compounds the problem

All PR professionals make mistakes, but moving on and not beating yourself up over them are crucial lessons we must learn.

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The power of being kind, over the power of being right

Anger and indignation can be dead ends in the professional world, writes Don Spetner.

Spetner: How the pandemic gave comms a seat at the table

The function of comms, and its professionals, have been irrevocably altered, writes Don Spetner.

First-Day Jitters

It can take up to a year before you actually master a new job — and maybe as long before you stop waking up with a pit in your stomach, writes Don Spetner.

Spetner: Stepping aside with grace

PRWeek columnist Don Spetner explains why having the wisdom and foresight to transition to a younger generation is a key trait for a leader.