Gloves Off

Gloves Off: Should firms publish their diversity data?

Two industry leaders take sides on the question of whether agencies should make their gender and ethnic diversity data public.

Should brands get snarky with competitors and customers?

Well, it depends...

Gloves Off: Was Twitter's rise to 280 characters wise?

Gloves off: Should health and wellness brands work with celebrity influencers?

Have the Kardashians and Fyre Festival ruined the marriage of convenience between healthcare products and celebrity endorsers?

Gloves Off: Is it finally time to say goodbye to the term 'media impressions?'

"Media impressions" is a long-outdated term. Or is it?

Gloves Off: Is the hashtag still relevant for brands?

As Twitter's hashtag celebrates its 10th anniversary, PRWeek reporters spar over whether it's still necessary for brands.

Gloves Off: Is relevance really more important than trust for brands?

Two top agency executives take sides.

Gloves Off: Time to cut the daily White House briefing?

Has the daily White House press briefing outlived its usefulness in the age of Trump, fake news, and alternative facts?

Are in-house firms doomed after the Pepsi-Kendall Jenner ad?

Marketing and communications veterans Marian Salzman and Peter Land take sides on whether Pepsi's ill-considered ad starring reality-show star Kendall Jenner spells doom for in-house agencies.

Are unpaid agency internships still a viable option in 2017?

Rubenstein Public Relations' Gerry Casanova and Hotwire's Barbara Bates face off over whether interns should be paid.

Is VR ready for prime-time marketing?

Flash in the pan? Or a mass-marketing technology in its infancy? Two experts square off over whether VR is ready for marketing prime time.

Gloves Off: Is Vine worth missing?

Monster's Patrick Gillooly and Levick's Kathryn DeVito debate whether marketers will miss Vine

Are client-mandated benchmarks the best way to drive agency diversity?

Or should diversity be driven by the agencies themselves?

Does Apple even need a Twitter account?

Cision communications director Stacey Miller and Heath Fradkoff, the principal and founder of Ward 6 Marketing, square off over whether the world's biggest technology company needs a Twitter account.

Are top-tier celebrity influencers worth it for brands?

Dom Smales of Gleam Futures and Linqia cofounder and president Maria Sipka take sides on whether linking up with top-tier influencers is always a good look for brands.

Does every agency need a chief creative officer?

Do PR firms need chief creative officers as a general rule? Or should creativity be so ingrained in the culture it's not necessary?

Should brands go dark on social media after a tragedy strikes?

Keep it business as usual? Or better safe than sorry? Two marketing experts argue what's the best social media strategy after a tragedy.

Do brands still need 'war rooms' for major events?

Experts from Persistent Systems and M Booth argue the value of operating event-related communication command centers.

Is the #hashtag dead for marketers?

Social media leaders from Text100 and PadillaCRT take differing views on what the octothorp has to offer.

Has South by Southwest Interactive jumped the shark?

Pros from Powerhouse Factories and Finsbury lay out arguments for and against x-ing SXSW Interactive off your pay-attention-to list.