Femme Forward

PRWeek’s Femme Forward series showcases a diverse group of women in PR who describe the challenges of dealing with COVID-19, home schooling, working from home, domestic chores and the racial reckoning of 2020.

Femme Forward: Back to the future in Hawaii

The founder & CEO of a certified woman- and minority-owned consultancy explains why Pacific Island values are what the whole world needs right now.

Femme Forward: Odds are stacked against Asian-Americans in PR

Senior executives should reframe how they define leadership traits to encourage more diversity in the industry, says Asian-American PR pro Moon Vitiello.

Femme Forward: Coping when everything goes wrong

Agency founder Stacia Nelson describes the challenges of running a business in Minneapolis during COVID-19 with two small children and a spouse who works in the ER.

Femme Forward: What my kids taught me during the pandemic

The optimism of her two boys in the face of an unprecedented health crisis sustained Randi Liodice and provided hope in navigating uncharted waters at home, which doubled as a remote workplace.

Femme Forward: Survive and advance one day at a time

As she prepares to give birth to her second child, Trisha Larocchia passes on some advice to PR moms about balancing career and parenthood.

Femme Forward: Recovery is about how well you rest

Agency founder Beth Andrix Monaghan underlines the importance of taking care of mental and physical health having kept her business afloat while enduring a year of COVID-19 recession and battling cancer.

Femme Forward: I am enough

Mother, model and self-care advocate Iskra Lawrence trusts her gut to navigate the highest highs and lowest lows of a pandemic year in which she became a mom while battling to maintain her career and ambitions.

Femme Forward: A lifetime in a whirlwind year

The largest telecoms deal in history, bringing two disparate employee groups together in a remote environment and a new CEO challenged Janice Kapner and her comms team in 2020 — but they responded with resilience and grew as a unit.

Femme Forward: The power of PR relationships

The strength of Rachel Huff’s key industry relationships morphed a lockdown dominated by caring for two young children into the launch of a brand new agency consultancy.

Femme Forward: Pets strengthen family bonds at Bradley Zoo

Like many working mothers, PRWeek’s Diana Bradley has taken on numerous extra responsibilities since the COVID-19 lockdown, as well as starting a project that expanded the household.

Femme Forward: The search for equilibrium

Deanna Bratter reflects on the challenges of being a badass businesswoman while staying on top of parent-teacher conference sign-ups and keeping the kids off Minecraft during home schooling hours.

Femme Forward: Tired of being sick and tired

In this week’s Femme Forward, Helen Shelton emphasizes the importance of amplifying the voices of women in the workplace and acting now to drive change in trying times.

Femme Forward: An unwanted journey that strengthened our family

In this week’s Femme Forward, Beth Garcia looks back on a year of working from home in the same space as her three daughters that required grit and resilience alongside several practical coping mechanisms.

Femme Forward: Lessons in patience, perseverance and gratitude

In this week’s Femme Forward, single mom Angel Renee describes how the demands of lockdown took her by surprise, surviving with three kids in a crowded apartment, balancing life and reevaluating priorities — all with the help of a wobbly cat.

Femme Forward: How to achieve post-traumatic growth

In PRWeek’s latest Femme Forward blog, Jordana Strosberg describes being spooked by the pandemic, making the leap to a new job in lockdown and trying to manage the multiple stresses of coronavirus with calm confidence.

Femme Forward: Speaking the truth as a biracial woman of color

Current’s Brittney Thomas continues PRWeek’s series of perspectives from women in PR facing the professional and personal challenges of surviving the pandemic.

Femme Forward: The wheels on the bus are off

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, Zeno’s EVP, deputy head of NY consumer Jackie Cox Battles kicks off PRWeek’s series of perspectives from women in PR facing the professional and personal challenges of surviving the pandemic.