Drug Stories

How Adapt Pharma tackled the opioid crisis head on

The firm's Narcan product is more than just a lifesaving treatment for opioid overdose. It's a brilliant, salient campaign, as well.

Excedrin's survival guide for a headache at work

The campaign builds off of last year's Excedrin Migraine Experience, where the friends and family of migraine sufferers could experience their migraine symptoms

Pfizer campaign keeps Boomers healthy

Company enlists Patti LaBelle to increase awareness for the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine

How Allergan is easing the conversation about birth control

The campaign features Bayer and OB/GYN Dr. Jessica Shepherd in a series of educational and entertaining videos that tackle common questions about birth control pills

Walgreens urges annual flu shot

The pharmacy and convince chain is spreading the message about flu shots.

Companies turn to legal cannabis

Standing out in crowded cancer market

Opdivo's marketing campaigns need to both market to and educate consumers about the new immuno-therapy cancer treatment.

Claritin wants you to Be an Outsider this allergy season

Claritin is fighting the "indoor epidemic" with its Be an Outsider campaign.

The 'i's have it for eye-care brand Xiidra

The Xiidra marketing team attempted to move away from the standard drug commercial to shine in a new market and challenge legacy techniques.

Merck shows how shingles are 'Lurking Inside'

The drugmaker used the campaign showing the effects of shingles to promote Zostavax.