Custom Events

PRWeek hosts custom events on a variety of subjects throughout the year. For each event, leading PR pros gather to discuss key issues affecting them and their peers.

For editorial inquiries regarding custom events, please contact Gideon Fidelzeid.
For custom events sponsorship opportunities, please contact Craig Roth.

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Recipe for a comeback

While the pandemic seriously challenged the food and beverage sector, valuable lessons were learned. Industry leaders shared many of them during this Lippe Taylor-hosted roundtable.

CommsTech roundtable: The unprecedented importance of information you can trust

In this three-roundtable series’ finale, industry leaders highlight how the combination of CommsTech and savvy PR pros is a brand’s best defense against the myriad dangers disinformation poses.

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The path to equity at your organization

Most want to achieve progress on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). The leaders who gathered at a recent Porter Novelli-hosted roundtable provided tactical counsel to do so.

Nine cases made for CommsTech

In this series’ second of three roundtables, a nonet of industry leaders highlighted myriad tactical possibilities technology has either availed or amplified for them – and can for you.

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The future of comms: Leading voices share their vision

Three roundtables. Three dozen industry leaders. One common goal: To discuss what PR can do today to ensure a strong tomorrow.

CommsTech: Unlocking PR’s potential

Top industry minds recently convened to discuss how technology is holistically changing the way the discipline is practiced and perceived.

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Comms measurement: Adding context to the conversation

As PR evolves, so must the way it is measured. New perspectives abound as industry leaders share their expertise on this Meltwater-hosted webcast.

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Journalists coach comms pros on how to pitch

PR’s relationship with the media is among its most important. This eBook, presented by News Direct, offers exclusive counsel – provided by the best source – on how to improve it.

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Purpose and your people: A powerful combination

Organizations are increasingly realizing the need to infuse purpose into all aspects of employee engagement. Tactics and inspiration toward that goal abounded during a recent WE-hosted virtual event.

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Affirmation that earned media is rising

During the Earned Media Rising Exchange events presented by Cision, comms pros gathered to discuss the power of data and analytics to better understand the value of earned content.

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PRWeek podcast: Purpose in the Great Reset

Purpose takes on even more meaning as the world deals with COVID-19. Comms’ crucial role takes center stage in this podcast, presented by Ruder Finn.

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Brandstormers: Featuring Bacardi's Lisa Jedan

In the first installment of this podcast series, brought to you by WE, hear the inside scoop from today’s brand movers and shakers.

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15 tips for a better workplace culture

A great atmosphere inspires great work. How do you create it? Answers were aplenty as industry leaders convened for this Cheer Partners-hosted roundtable.

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Comms' golden opportunity

As the World Economic Forum celebrated its 50th anniversary, PR's increasing influence across the business and on all stakeholders was highlighted as comms leaders convened for this roundtable, hosted by Edelman and Google.

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A passionate discussion on purpose

At a recent Porter Novelli-hosted event in New York, "Progress with a Purpose," industry leaders spoke of how various stakeholders are helping brands see how purpose helps them profit on multiple levels.

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Hungry for the right message

Consumers care about sustainability - and will support brands that do. The unique challenges and opportunities in telling that story were discussed by the food and beverage sector leaders who convened for this Allison+Partners-hosted roundtable.

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Preparation and progress

Crisis and reputation will always be key comms responsibilities. AI is becoming a permanent PR companion. Inspiration and insights on all three abounded from the quintet of leaders who convened at this Meltwater-hosted event in San Francisco.

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Investing in purpose, integrity and courage

Maggie FitzPatrick, chief corporate affairs officer at Exelon, highlights a new $20m initiative that amplifies the Fortune 100 energy company's long-standing commitment to doing good.

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Indispensable conversation: Comms becomes a vital business voice

The right message - for every audience - is crucial. The comms leaders at this PublicRelay-hosted roundtable shared strategies and philosophies to achieve this goal and become top C-suite counselors.

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Voice technology: The megaphone for marcomms

Brand leaders must embrace voice technology or risk being left behind. Examples and inspiration were provided at this Ruder Finn-hosted event in New York.

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Video: Create content that leads to purchase

This Group SJR-hosted event spotlights an innovative technology to help brands better understand what motivates consumers.

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At last, a true understanding of consumer motivation

Imagine you had the power to precisely measure your audience's reaction to content and to predict consumer activity spurred by that content. This eBook, brought to you by Group SJR, can help those aspirations become reality.

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The AI message: Facing the fear

Among many stakeholders, concern about artificial intelligence outpaces excitement. A new study by Omnicom Public Relations Group's AI Impact Group, as well as a recent roundtable it hosted, analyzes and counsels on the corporate-reputation ramifications.

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Davos 2019: A driving force

As the World Economic Forum convened for a 49th consecutive year, the agenda-shaping power of communications was more apparent than ever during an exclusive PRWeek roundtable hosted by eBay in partnership with Edelman.

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Powerful stories to tell: a Zignal Labs-hosted roundtable

Culminating a four-event tour, San Francisco played host as PR leaders shared unique perspectives on fake news, CSR, and other reputation-driving tactics