Crisis Corner

Video screen shot of Elon Musk talking about Starlink

Timeline of a crisis: Elon Musk and Starlink step up to the plate for Ukraine

The SpaceX CEO made an altruistic decision to quickly provide Ukraine with internet after a tweet from a high-ranking official.

CDC website showing COVID-19 virus concept art

Timeline of a Crisis: The CDC muddles the messaging

The health organization caused confusion and irritation with inconsistent policy change and muddled messaging with the onset of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Timeline of a Crisis: Meta tries to save face during a defining PR crisis

Denying wrongdoing and responsibility, Meta’s rebranding fails to address serious problems, corrosive to democracy and a civilized society.

Timeline of a Crisis: OnlyFans backpedals on porn ban but fails to move forward

Although OnlyFans is thriving financially, it failed to transform its business, reputation or investor relations, where it seemingly had made some progress.

Timeline of a Crisis: ExxonMobil CEO’s attempt to clean up lobbyists’ spill

Video leaked of lobbyists saying the company was undermining Biden's climate push.

Timeline of a crisis: Burger King gets burned

The fast food giant was under fire after campaign suggests ‘women belong in the kitchen.’

Timeline of a crisis: Cyberpunk 2077

The video game took 7 years to hit the shelves, but it still left fans dissatisfied.

Timeline of a crisis: Wells Fargo CEO’s victim-blaming gets torn apart online

Wells Fargo’s Charles Scharf was criticized heavily after victim-blaming Black people in regards to talent recruitment.

Timeline of a crisis: Lack of transparency fuels unrest over Kenosha shooting

The escalation of turmoil in Kenosha is the latest instance of social unrest triggered by law enforcement.

Timeline of a crisis: Facebook fails in response to ad boycott

Civic groups 'disappointed' after meeting with CEO Marc Zuckerberg as more than 300 companies take part in boycott.