Crisis Corner

Apollo for Reddit app on AppStore displayed on a phone screen

Timeline of a crisis: Moderators revolt against Reddit after hefty API changes

How the Ask Me Anything community site reacted to pushback over its pre-IPO plans to become more grown up.

People line up outside of a Silicon Valley Bank office

Timeline of a crisis: Depositors flee en masse after Silicon Valley Bank stumbles on messaging

Financial jargon and a plea to “stay calm” helped fuel the second-largest failure of a financial institution in American history when SVB collapsed in early March.

Balenciaga office

Timeline of a crisis: Balenciaga stumbles as it walks back questionable campaign images

The fashion house's multiple apologies for controversial imagery used in its recent campaigns have come with empty pledges and little substantive follow-through by the fashion brand.

Kyrie Irving speaks during an ESPN interview

Timeline of a crisis: Brooklyn Nets discipline star Kyrie Irving

The NBA franchise condemns point guard Kyrie Irving’s anti-semitism with vigor.

Bed Bath & Beyond storefront

Timeline of a Crisis: Bed Bath & Beyond fumbles inflated stock price and leadership shuffle

After a top-five shareholder reshuffled Bed Bath & Beyond’s leadership deck before cashing out, the home goods retailer’s stock prices soared before crashing, with a class action lawsuit and a death as collateral damage.

Crowded airport terminal

Timeline of a Crisis: Delta Air Lines navigates perfect storm of summer travel woes

Operational obstacles amid a boom in flight bookings threw Delta’s service up in the air.

Video screen shot of Elon Musk talking about Starlink

Timeline of a crisis: Elon Musk and Starlink step up to the plate for Ukraine

The SpaceX CEO made an altruistic decision to quickly provide Ukraine with internet after a tweet from a high-ranking official.

CDC website showing COVID-19 virus concept art

Timeline of a Crisis: The CDC muddles the messaging

The health organization caused confusion and irritation with inconsistent policy change and muddled messaging with the onset of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Timeline of a Crisis: Meta tries to save face during a defining PR crisis

Denying wrongdoing and responsibility, Meta’s rebranding fails to address serious problems, corrosive to democracy and a civilized society.

Timeline of a Crisis: OnlyFans backpedals on porn ban but fails to move forward

Although OnlyFans is thriving financially, it failed to transform its business, reputation or investor relations, where it seemingly had made some progress.