Empower yourself and utilize these 4 Steps to getting your boss to say "yes" to attending the PRWeek Conference 2014: Good business, better business


Gaining the knowledge and experience equivalent to the one-day super event that is the PRWeek Conference 2014 is nearly impossible. The information you will acquire and expert advice this year's speakers are prepared to arm you with could take months to compile on your own.


Interactivity and interaction are the keywords. We want you to make the most of the conference and own the experience. Our program is crowdsourced and community-built. If at any point you're not interested in the session, it's OK to leave the room and go to another session or another part of the event. Our conference room has been designated the networking room, and there are two networking breaks, a networking lunch, and a cocktail reception.   

Compare and evaluate competitors, share concepts and ideas with mid- to senior-level PR executives, and explore opportunities for your company or agency. Contacts are there to be built, made, and sustained.

Make sure your boss knows you are going to spend time at the conference learning, networking and meeting people. Your success as a public relations professional will depend highly on the amount of contacts you have as you grow into your in-house team or agency.


Take time to plan your day. Look through the agenda and show your boss the sessions you are going to attend and what you will learn.

Build an agenda that will incorporate attending sessions, networking, and visiting sponsor booths. Be sure to write out which sponsors you're planning on visiting and how visiting them will positively affect not only yourself, but also your company. Bosses will appreciate that you present them with a specific plan rather than a vague idea, as it will save them time.

Make sure you know the location, date, and cost (including travel and hotel, if needed), and summarize what you'll learn. Better yet, bring your boss a printout with all the relevant details. This also shows you've thought your plan through, and that you care enough about attending to put time into it.


Not only does your boss want to know that you've fully thought out and researched the conference, but he or she will also want to know how much it will cost.

Let your boss know that you are able to attend the full conference for only $850. This includes breakfast, lunch, and an open bar cocktail reception, so they won't have to dish out petty spending cash.

Try to attach a dollar amount to the value of what you will learn—this helps your boss see that they may actually be saving money in the long run.

We hope these ideas will be effective for you in getting your boss to say "yes" to the 2014 PRWeek Conference. See you in New York on September 16!