CMO Focus

Stoli Vodka bottle and Stoli's Cocktails for Ukraine drink

Tim Szonyi steers Stoli’s rapid rebrand

Global vodka category leader and global innovation leader Szonyi quickly stepped in after consumers tied the brand’s name into a Russian boycott, despite it having no direct ties to the country.

Headshot of Marjorie McCarthy

Unispace CMO Marjorie McCarthy says the office isn’t dead, it’s more important than ever

McCarthy talks about creating the physical work space to optimize the realities of hybrid work, staff support and inclusion.

Zynga President of Publishing Bernard Kim

How Words With Friends spelled Bernard Kim’s rise to Zynga top marketing role

Zynga’s president of publishing dives into data and innovates to keep users returning to its mobile games — but hits the pause button on plunging into the metaverse.

Moderna’s Kate Cronin and her team embrace ‘Gumby’ mentality

The chief brand officer was brought on board and tasked with marketing the company’s highly effective COVID-19 vaccine.

Subway CMO Carrie Walsh unwraps the company's recent changes

She discusses the main ingredients in the fast-food chain’s transformational, make-or-break refresh.

Discover Puerto Rico CMO Leah Chandler talks tourism during a pandemic

Chandler talks about promoting safe travels and reinvigorating the island's tourism industry post-pandemic.

Conagra's DeLu Jackson uses data to deliver

The VP of precision marketing favors data-driven tools and strategy in the recipe to targeted messaging.

Love in the time of COVID: The Knot's CMO on weddings during the pandemic

Dhanusha Sivajee on untangling the new intricacies of celebrating "I do."

Danone NA’s Sonika Patel on marketing with your gut

The company’s VP of marketing looks to add value to people’s lives as the pandemic makes consumers reassess their health and wellness.

Dole CMO Rupen Desai on the intersection of personal and company purpose

Desai never dreamed of going into marketing, but after a more than 20-year career he’s found the perfect fit at Dole Packaged Foods.

PepsiCo Foodservice CMO: 'Bold moves required to end racial injustice'

Scott Finlow demonstrates how active listening to Pepsi employees created a clear path to meaningful action.

‘We know the immense responsibility we have’: Zoom CMO Janine Pelosi

Zoom’s CMO on marketing -- and securing -- lockdown’s breakout brand.

Ready for a close-'pup': The exec making your pet Insta-friendly

Mars Pet Nutrition CMO Jane Wakely explains how her company’s app is basically Snapchat for dogs and other ways it’s making life better for all pets.

After the 'corntroversy': An interview with Michelle St. Jacques

Molson Coors CMO St. Jacques readies for Super Bowl LIV amid rebranding effort.

Courage under fire: an interview with GSK CMO Amardeep Kahlon

GSK brands lean into risk and seize cultural moments to stay on top of their game.

Haters gonna hate: Crocs shakes off criticism and re-embraces uniqueness

SVP and CMO Terence Reilly uses the power of digital and social to lead a Crocs resurgence.

TikTok relies on positivity, AI to create a 'happier place' for users

How the platform is beating the social media clock through quick content creation and universal relatability.

Impossible Foods' CCO on making meatless meat burgers mainstream

Impossible Foods' CCO Rachel Konrad (pictured below) is determined to show carnivores that a plant-based burger can be just as tasty -- and also reduce their carbon footprint.

Burger King's global CMO: 'We love ideas that are different'

When it comes to competing in the fast-food industry, Burger King's Fernando Machado believes creativity is a dollar multiplier that differentiates the brand and boosts its 'talkability factor.'

Reinventing MTV to resonate with Gen Z

Jacqueline Parkes is focused on fueling fans' passion with original content, as well as taking a stand on issues important to the network's consumers.