CEO Focus

LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath

LiquidSpace CEO Mark Gilbreath on the hybrid work debate

Gilbreath describes the value of hybrid work and how companies can embrace it for a better future.

rec room avatars

How Rec Room CEO Nick Fajt runs the digital room where it happens

Fajt powers the platform designed for virtual reality socializing to forge connections in real life.

Aflac CEO Dan Amos on the value of creating a vision and sticking to it

The supplemental insurance company’s out-and-about duck mascot speaks to its brand and to philanthropy — with one voice.

Just Capital CEO Martin Whittaker believes good things will happen

Whittaker describes how business can turn idealism into purposeful reality.

Marx Realty CEO Craig Deitelzweig on remaking the workplace

Deitelzweig explains why the new office is essential to the renewal of cities but has to provide more than lobbies with expanses of white marble to attract tenants.

Pedro Pizarro helps keep the lights on for Edison International

The president and CEO leans on his comms team to stay connected to employees and customers.

PwC’s Tim Ryan steers the human side of business

The U.S. chairman helps the global giant maintain corporate purpose as its true north.

Northwell Health’s Michael Dowling is always willing to talk

The CEO and president leaned on communications to quickly and accurately describe how his hospitals were dealing with the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNCF CEO Michael Lomax on the college degree as an elevator for social mobility

COVID-19 and George Floyd’s death drove millions of dollars in donations to historically Black colleges, but United Negro College Fund CEO Michael Lomax says this is just the start.

How to build a reputation: An interview with Unilever's North American president Fabian Garcia

Having arrived at Unilever as an “outsider,” Garcia shares how purpose is leading the charge to action during the pandemic and toward fighting social injustice.

Ferrero CEO Paul Chibe dishes on great marketing, risk-taking and Star Trek

The marketing vet and Ferrero North America CEO discusses what he expects from his agencies and PR partners, as well as his company’s plans for U.S. growth.

Special Olympics CEO Mary Davis shares her goals for the organization

Davis wants to help people see the ability of her athletes.

Hims & Hers' CEO tackles stigma, shame and healthcare access

Since launching in 2017, the healthcare startup has been making waves with its innovative style and simple, impactful messaging

Avocados From Mexico CEO Alvaro Luque

Move over Millennials: Generation X is coming for your avocados

Avocados From Mexico targets older people in its new marketing.

CEO Monty Sharma on getting Jenny Craig back into shape

"We've focused squarely on being a leader in what we've always been: a leader in weight loss with the highest amount of support and delicious meals."

Columbia CEO spent $80k on WaPo ad because 'cavemen in D.C. don't use social media'

The retailer's chief Tim Boyle on why he is blasting the government shutdown.

A whole new ball game for Johnson Controls

CEO George Oliver dishes on the company's decision to take on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village.

Breaking the habit: Omada CEO uses integrated approach to improve customer care

Sean Duffy, CEO and cofounder of Omada Health, is striving to be the 'operational innovator' of healthcare.

How the American Red Cross is weathering its biggest storm: blood shortage

While the 137-year-old organization revamps logistically and financially, it battles another kind of disaster: a shortage in blood.

Entercom CEO: 'Radio is ripe for rediscovery' in era of disruption

Radio can't tailor playlists or play Fortnite. A safe, carefully curated environment may be its saving grace.