Career Guide 2015

What real success looks like for diversity in the PR sector: Career Guide 2015

Strides have been made, but the pursuit of a diverse and inclusive top-to-bottom workforce continues to challenge the PR sector. Industry leaders spoke with Rose Gordon Sala to paint a picture of what tangible success looks like.

10 tips to help you ace your next interview: Career Guide 2015

As the war for talent in the industry intensifies, putting your best foot forward has become increasingly important for today's interviewees. HR heads at communications firms and executive recruiters highlight key tips on how potential candidates can land their next role

Asking for a raise? Here's what you need to know and do: Career Guide 2015

Asking for a pay increase can be daunting for any PR pro. Industry leaders share best practices on how to navigate this hurdle and please both the staffer - and the company.

How to hold successful, productive meetings: Career Guide 2015

A quartet of industry leaders shared some tips with PRWeek as to how they ensure meetings are efficient, productive, and beneficial to everyone involved.

5 comms pros highlight the benefits of teaching: Career Guide 2015

Tanya Lewis profiles five professionals whose stories provide a master class on myriad ways adjunct professors are better for the experience.

Mentorships greatly benefit all parties involved: Career Guide 2015

Particularly with clearly set goals and programs organized to attain them.

Winning perspectives from diversity champions: Career Guide 2015

Philosophies and practical advice for building effective diversity drivers that can be adopted by anyone.

Successful students evaluate profiled professors: Career Guide 2015

Five students reflect on the senior-level professionals who helped set them on the path to success.