Career Guide 2014

Office pride: global edition

After focusing on US workspaces last year, PRWeek searched the globe for agency offices that inspire staffers, foster collaboration, and showcase the market.

Marks of excellence: Career Guide 2014

In a continually evolving discipline, the skills today's PR professional must master are as plentiful as they are broad. Industry leaders share their views on the most crucial traits to the modern practitioner's success.

A decade of change: Career Guide 2014

PRWeek asked 13 industry leaders to recall 2004, then focus on 2014, and offer their immediate thoughts on how they would differentiate the two years in terms of a PR pro's most coveted abilities.

Staying power: Career Guide 2014

While it is exciting to move, these industry leaders prove you can thrive by staying at the same organization for more than a decade.

Extra credit: Career Guide 2014

Despite holding positions that redefine "full time," numerous PR industry leaders embrace extracurricular activities for career-enhancing and energizing benefits.

Sources of inspiration: Career Guide 2014

Lessons in how to best communicate can sometimes come from those outside the sector. Ten industry leaders highlight individuals who provide motivation for PR professionals.

Educated decision: Career Guide 2014

Three decorated 2014 graduates share firsthand perspectives on how university programs uniquely prepared them to enter the PR workforce.

Unusual road to the corner office: Career Guide 2014

Some of the best lessons for young PR pros come from industry leaders. And none have a background quite like Golin CEO Fred Cook, who shares 10 unique career tips that have helped propel his long, distinguished career.

Starting early: Career Guide 2014

DePaul University associate editor Kelsey Rotwein highlights a Chicago program that is introducing PR to a heretofore unaware group of high school students who have quickly developed a serious interest in the profession.

All in the family: Career Guide 2014

When parents and children ply the same trade, benefits and challenges come with the territory. Sarah Shearman profiles a trio of pairs who bring out the best in one another as they navigate some tricky terrain.