Campaign Case Studies

Bride and groom outside Aldi

More than 500 apply to win wedding at an Aldi store

Aldi USA’s comms director Kate Kirkpatrick shares the inside story of the Happily Ever Aldi campaign.

The Hidden Genius Project wordmark

Why Smartsheet gave its F1 advertising space to nonprofits

The Sponsor X campaign helped the brand raise awareness for causes it cares about.

Image credit: Harvest Hosts

Over 1,000 apply to paid gig to design the best beer journey across the US

The job was posted by RV membership program Harvest Hosts.

Jane Hunt

Agency gives staff day off on Blue Monday

Manchester PR agency JBH is giving its workforce the day off today to coincide with ‘Blue Monday’. It comes as other agencies offer schemes to help staff on what is billed as the ‘most miserable day of the year’.

National Abortion Federation PSA

Inside the National Abortion Federation’s #ItsYourCall campaign

The organization partnered with celebrities and creative agencies to reach abortion seekers.

Nish Godfrey

How a food influencer’s chicken salad recipe helped WeightWatchers create its most popular TikTok video

A viral video of Nish Godfrey eating the meal led the weight loss brand to partner with the influencer.

Two Arby's burgers next to bottle of smoked bourbon

Arby's Smoked Bourbon leads to 24% increase in rewards program sign ups

The bourbon sold out in less than two minutes.

We Don't Serve Teens

How one organization is tackling underage drinking is targeting individuals and businesses that might illegally supply minors with alcohol.

Phone on bed of lettuce leaves

Little Leaf Farms customer ‘tastemonials’ lead to 10% sales increase

Emails and voicemails from fans served as the centerpiece for the lettuce producer’s latest campaign.

Dortmund fans display banners demanding a boycott of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar during the German first division Bundesliga football match (Ina Fassbender/Getty Images)

Boycott Qatar 'blackout' protest kicks off

A global social media campaign has launched to boycott the World Cup's quarter-final, which coincides with International Human Rights Day.