Campaign Case Studies

Hormel Black Label Bacon ad

Hormel Black Label Bacon campaign reveals that consumers want their gifts to smell like bacon

The campaign was based on the premise that “everything is better wrapped in bacon.”

Amazon Apocalypse Holiday Choir

Amazon Apocalypse Holiday Choir stunt leads to increased sales for independent bookseller

If you can’t beat them, troll them.

Juan Hungrybox Debiedma stars in Denny's Matrix ad campaign

Matrix-themed Twitch stunt leads to 110,000 sign-ups to Denny’s rewards program

Gamer Hungrybox let consumers know how they could get special offers through a “glitch.”

Cotton Candy colored Maine Lobster

Get Maine Lobster strikes ‘seafood gold’ with rare crustacean

How the seafood company reacted when it found a cotton candy-colored lobster.


How the Xbox Series X mini fridge went from a joke to reality

“It’s been quite the gift that’s kept on giving for us,” said Aaron Greenberg, GM of Xbox games marketing.

How NYC & Company commemorated the restart of foreign travel

The organization celebrated in partnership with British Airways, the Empire State Building and Blake Lively.

Banfield Pet Hospital president Brian Garish and Kenan Thompson

The world needs more veterinarians. Banfield Pet Hospital and SNL’s Kenan Thompson are trying to fix that

SVP of corporate affairs Anthony Guerrieri on why Banfield is targeting high school students.

Diwali: a candle burns in the foreground, while bokeh circles of green, purple and red light dance in the background

How is it still a White Christmas?

Why did Diwali get picked as the launch day for Christmas ads? The average 90%-white ethnic composition of the agency teams behind this year’s work is your answer, according to Engine Creative's Alpesh Patel.

Screenshot from Dear White Parents PSA showing white family talking around the dinner table.

How IPG Dxtra is helping to raise an anti-racist generation

An inside look at the Dear White Parents campaign.

Inside the New York Public Library’s decision to eliminate fines

For a lot of users and families, the fines were prohibitive.