Campaign Case Studies

Man wearing an almond suit holding a bowl of almonds flanked by Thor's two hammers on plinths

Almond Board of California and Thor show how almonds can be ‘weapons in wellness’

The Almond Board's Becky Jeffers shares how the partnership came about.

Tropicana tweet displaying Tropicana Crunch cereal bowl with bottle of orange juice

‘It might not be for everyone but could be for you’: Tropicana’s CMO dishes on cereal meant to be mixed with orange juice

Not everyone was a fan of the idea, but Anup Shah was OK with that.

Auntie Anne Cash App ad showing $5 bill with a pretzel image

Auntie Anne’s uses National Auntie day to help fans who need extra cash

In total, 45,000 people entered to win money and the brand gave out $30,000.

Welly first aid ad

How first aid brand Welly is celebrating ‘happy accidents’

The brand asked consumers to share stories of accidents that made them happy.

Naked Juice ad with the words "Blender Breakup"

Why 4,800 people tweeted about ‘breaking up’ with their blender

One brand’s National Smoothie Day campaign leaned into the idea that blenders can be complicated.

BTS' J-Hope with yellow hair

BTS’ J-Hope names album Jack in the Box. Here’s how the restaurant brand responded

Of course, J-Hope’s favorite drink Sprite had to be involved.

Horse walking on large keyboard with words "Visit Iceland" on shift key

‘People needed a way to escape constant connectivity’: Inside Visit Iceland’s effort to get visitors to ‘outhorse’ work emails

The tourism organization found a creative solution to keep people from galloping towards their messages.

Jenny Slate eating Tillamook ice cream

How Tillamook and Jenny Slate are ‘ridding the world of air-filled ice cream’

The dairy cooperative specifically wanted to partner with the comedian since she has voiced her love for ice cream.

Diverse group of athletes running with words "A Fair Shot"

How H&R Block is helping to close the sponsorship equity gap for female college athletes

The tax preparation company partnered with star female basketball players who are strong on and off-court.

A screen shot from Megan Rapinoe's Instagram video for Schmidt's Naturals' campaign

Why a deodorant brand wants consumers to view quitting as a good thing

The campaign involves ‘professional quitter' Megan Rapinoe.