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Brands and agencies may have to make difficult decisions on Facebook

Employees may declare Facebook/Meta toxic to work with, just like Big Oil and Big Tobacco.

Brands should be sincere and strategic when saying sorry

Apologizing for public gaffes with self-effacing humor can work wonders

PR stunts prove comms pros can come up with big ideas

We can all use some fun from brands.

Campaign trail skills are a brand's best friend in the Trump era

Everything is political in 2017-and will be in 2018, too. Just ask Keurig.

Why executives should welcome their new Facebook overlords

A growing number of business and PR executives are embracing Facebook as a thought leadership platform. The question isn't so much "why?" but "why not?"

Brands have opinions on social issues. Get used to it

Companies aren't going to stop expressing their points of view on social issues. Nor should they. The latest case in point is in North Carolina.

Credit Uber with restraint, not always its strong suit, in wake of Michigan shootings

Faced with the biggest tragedy in its history, Uber passed the test.

Redefining PR as lobbying should be a nonstarter in New York

The state's Joint Ethics Commission passed a measure that would redefine PR pros as lobbyists this week. It might be well intentioned, but it's unrealistic and unenforceable.

Here's to the biggest star of Super Bowl 50 marketing: You

Super Bowl 50's campaigns are going to be more fun for the viewer than ever before - as long as they avoid another 'dead kid' ad.

Content is king - and not just for brands

Brands of all shapes have embraced content creation full throttle. But it's old hat for political campaigns.

Gawker's key to success in politics: Keep being Gawker

The gossip website said this week that it's turning its gaze to politics. It should stay true to its roots to make an impact.

Saturday's Democratic debate is a make or break moment for...Twitter

The second Democratic presidential debate on Saturday night is a great opportunity for the social platform to demonstrate how it will integrate itself into live events.

Will political native advertising work? That's up to BuzzFeed

The cat-friendly website is again setting a media trend, but this time with native advertising promoting political candidates.

Before and after the third GOP debate

A self-critique on the pre- and post-debate landscape in the still-crowded race for the Republican nomination.

The 3 candidates to watch in Wednesday's Republican debate

With so many candidates on stage, here's how to focus on what matters - especially if you're flipping back-and-forth between the debate and the World Series.

Hillary's great 10 days: Debate prep (and a dwindling field) put the Democratic frontrunner back on track

Bumbling congressional critics and campaign realities played a big role, but smart communications prep was critical in Hillary Clinton's campaign reestablishing control over the past two weeks.

Will he or won't he? Biden is the big post-debate question for the Democrats

Experts say Hillary Clinton's strong debate performance was a wet blanket for a potential Biden candidacy. One of his closest advisers says don't bet on it.

The 6 comms strategies to watch in the first Democratic debate

With two debates down for the Republican candidates, the Democrats finally take the stage on Tuesday.

Hillary's smart media-relations move: Sitting down with Lena Dunham

It wasn't the interview the media wanted, but the Democratic frontrunner's chat with the 'Girls' star has a definite purpose.

5 post-Republican-debate stats that matter

Trump led in terms of social media buzz generated, but early indicators say that's not a good thing.