Abortion rights supporters holding signs

A devastating development for women’s rights

Every company will need to engage employees on the new rules surrounding abortion given the fundamental link between healthcare and employment in the U.S.

old navy

Who did it best? Macy’s and Old Navy double down on NFTs for Independence Day

Macy’s NFTs celebrate its 4th of July Fireworks and Old Navy’s NFTs feature its iconic flag t-shirt.

The Breakaway: The First eCycling Team for Prisoners

PR is the next trend at Cannes

PR agencies may once again have struck out in their own Lions category but earned media was an intrinsic part of every successful activation at the first in-person Festival of Creativity in three years.

moonpie sunscreen

MoonPie creates sunscreen. What brand should avoid following suit?

This is definitely not a trend that works for all brands.

Carmella Glover speaking on stage

Continued energy required to defeat diversity complacency

As the second annual official federal Juneteenth holiday approaches, there is still a vast amount of work to do to combat inequality in the PR industry.


What is your favorite Father’s Day 2022 campaign?

Campaign themes include beer, dog poop bags, vasectomies and the metaverse.

PRWeek Women of Distinction 2022 trophies

Women of Distinction inspire excellence

PRWeek’s annual salute to female PR leaders and the generation coming up behind them never fails to disappoint.


Would you wear Velveeta’s cheese-scented nail polish?

Too cheesy or yes, please-y?

mona lisa

Which brand reaction to the Mona Lisa cake-smearing incident was your favorite?

Philadelphia Cream Cheese and OLW quickly responded on social.


What is your favorite Pride Month 2022 campaign?

Absolut Vodka, Zynga and Harry’s and Flamingo are all set for Pride Month.

Damon Jones on stage at the PRWeek Global Awards 2022

5 takeaways from the PRWeek Global Awards

Plus, a gallery of images from the first in-person PRWeek Global Awards in three years.


Would you stop using Grubhub if ‘free lunch’ promo left you hangry?

Customers this week were frustrated with delayed deliveries when the app’s promo went haywire.

Photo credit: Getty Images

Are PR pros returning to jobs they left over the past year?

Many workers reportedly wish they had not jumped ship.

Smart phone displaying Twitter story on Elon Musk buying Twitter

The digital town square is about to get a new owner

Mercurial entrepreneur Elon Musk’s bid to acquire the social network where brands, corporations and politicians hang out will revolutionize public discourse one way or another.

elon musk

Will brands stay on Twitter after Elon Musk buyout?

Musk wants to bolster free speech on the social media platform.


Should public transportation mask mandates stay in place?

Will you continue to wear a mask while commuting?

cracker jill

Which brands need to follow Cracker Jill’s example and introduce female mascots?

Do you want to see a Ms. Clean, Tanya the Tiger, Pillsbury Doughgirl or Kool-Aid Woman?


Maggie, Bunny, Harley or Chainsaw and Michelin: Which Pets in PR story won your heart?

A search-and-rescue dog and ‘the kindest horse on earth’ were among the pets featured this month.

A woman stands in a smashed window inside a residential building damaged as a result of shelling by Russian troops in Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Role of CCO crucial as geopolitics changes everything

From ground-level descriptions of PR pros fleeing the invasion to the layered and complicated knock-on effects of economic sanctions, the conflict in Ukraine is having a massive impact.