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Are PR pros returning to jobs they left over the past year?

Many workers reportedly wish they had not jumped ship.

Smart phone displaying Twitter story on Elon Musk buying Twitter

The digital town square is about to get a new owner

Mercurial entrepreneur Elon Musk’s bid to acquire the social network where brands, corporations and politicians hang out will revolutionize public discourse one way or another.

elon musk

Will brands stay on Twitter after Elon Musk buyout?

Musk wants to bolster free speech on the social media platform.


Should public transportation mask mandates stay in place?

Will you continue to wear a mask while commuting?

cracker jill

Which brands need to follow Cracker Jill’s example and introduce female mascots?

Do you want to see a Ms. Clean, Tanya the Tiger, Pillsbury Doughgirl or Kool-Aid Woman?


Maggie, Bunny, Harley or Chainsaw and Michelin: Which Pets in PR story won your heart?

A search-and-rescue dog and ‘the kindest horse on earth’ were among the pets featured this month.

A woman stands in a smashed window inside a residential building damaged as a result of shelling by Russian troops in Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.

Role of CCO crucial as geopolitics changes everything

From ground-level descriptions of PR pros fleeing the invasion to the layered and complicated knock-on effects of economic sanctions, the conflict in Ukraine is having a massive impact.


Did Pepsi go too far with its maple syrup cola?

Do you prefer it to the brand’s other unique flavor innovations?


Experiential marketing at SXSW: Which streaming service did it best?

Paramount+, Peacock and Amazon Prime Video went all out this year.

GENYOUth staff and volunteers and PRWeek editorial director Steve Barrett

Darius Slayton, Jamie Dimon, Nasdaq and the Oscars of PR

A super-busy period for PRWeek spans a New York Giants’ wide receiver, JPMorgan’s CEO, ringing the Closing Bell at Nasdaq and the biggest night on the PR calendar.

international women's day

Should brands avoid celebrating International Women’s Day?

Many are quick to shine a light on brands’ hypocrisy if they participate, said Brandwatch comms head Kellan Terry.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks during a press conference in Kyiv

State of Union spreads to Ukraine

Business stepped into the fray as this week's address to the country by President Biden was dominated by messages to the world about the illegal invasion of President Zelensky's Ukraine by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.


Minnie, Pimm, Miles or Dusty: Which Pets in PR story won your heart?

Three dogs and a cat show the different ways pets have been the unsung heroes of the past two years.

Kamila Valieva devastated after her Olympic Games ordeal.

The Olympics: It’s complicated

Winter Olympics athletes in Beijing are striving to preserve the idealistic and purposeful values of the Games and protect “chivalry, honor and glory” despite the harsh realities of the modern world.


Metamates, Pinployees or Dropboxers: Which company has the cringiest employee nickname?

Meta’s revelation of the name ‘Metamates’ was met with mockery this week.

Richard Edelman at the We Are All Human VIP Gala Committee Reception.

Say hello to the first $1 billion PR agency

A strong rebound after a tough pandemic year is propelling the world’s largest PR firm toward a totemic financial milestone – and this rising tide reflects a lift for all boats.


Which emoji perfectly encapsulates your feelings over the past year?

Are you surprised that the “face with tears of joy” emoji is the most popular?

Joe Rogan wears an Onnit T-shirt.

Joe Rogan case mirrors the American conversation

Trust in an already embattled media was put to the test this week as three high-profile companies dealt with crises that threatened their reputations.


What does Spotify need to do next?

Should the audio streaming giant remove Joe Rogan’s podcast?