Pride Month merchandise displayed at Target

Pride in PR: Genuine allyship is required more than ever

The LGBTQ+ community is under fire like never before and brands must be prepared to play the long game and demonstrate authentic values if they are serious about being supportive.

Disinformation is the new pandemic

Pfizer’s comms chief Sally Susman addressed the Project Veritas sting and other big issues for PR professionals as part of PRWeek’s first live podcast, in conversation with Richard Edelman.

PRWeek US editorial director Steve Barrett at the PRWeek Global Awards

Global Awards winners reflect increasing industry impact

As the milestone of a decade of PRWeek Global Awards winners is reached, the quality of work honored bodes well for an industry at the top of its game across the whole world.

Agency Business Report 2023: Editor's letter

Agency Business Report 2023: Editor's letter

Another year of double-digit growth proves PR is being taken seriously at the highest echelons of organizational management.

David Wells memorial

Remembering a top one percenter in financial communications

This week’s tribute event for David Wells highlighted his contribution to the closely knit tribe of PR professionals operating in the finance space.

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9 trends to look out for in the Agency Business Report

PRWeek’s annual deep dive into the PR agency sector is almost finished and will once again be the ultimate bellwether of the industry — here is a preview of some big trends emerging from conversations with 46 agencies.

Protester holding picture of BlackRock's Larry Fink

How to balance red-blooded capitalism with purposeful business

As emotions run high amid layoffs and economic uncertainty, business leaders are moderating their messaging around ESG and sustainability while staying true to their missions.

Headshots of Susan Nelson, Maria Poveromo and Arielle Patrick

Common themes define PRWeek’s Women of Distinction

Women bring so many strengths to the table in leading a profession that has never been more crucial to the future of business, brands and organizations.

Steve Barrett at the PRWeek Awards

Celebrations of excellence and impact

From the Nasdaq stock exchange in Times Square down to Cipriani on Wall Street, PRWeek this week toasted a profession at the top of its game in high-profile fashion.

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Gender pay gap closing, but not fast enough

PRWeek’s latest research shines a bright light on all aspects of salaries in the PR industry, but especially progress on closing one of the most egregious elements of pay.

Two employees working in office with one remote employee on computer screen

Why PR leads on hybrid creativity

Creativity in advertising has declined in the aftermath of COVID-19, which many put down to a lack of in-person collaboration — but PR is faring better due to its agile heritage.

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2022 agency numbers were good but headwinds loom on horizon

PR continued its growth as a pivotal business function across several discipline areas but it’s not immune to the wider economic trends playing out in 2023.

Madeline Chadwick headshot

Papa Johns promotes Madeline Chadwick to chief corporate affairs officer

Chadwick has worked at the pizza chain since 2018, most recently as SVP of comms and corporate affairs.

Alan Murray, Hernando de Soto, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Lawrence Summers on stage

How CEO comms is shaping Capitalism 2.0

The leaders of the biggest companies in the world have realized communication is vital to plotting the next phase of capitalism and explaining to often skeptical audiences that profit needn’t be separated from purpose.

fast twitch

Quaker, Doritos and Fast Twitch get interactive on TikTok ahead of Super Bowl. Who did it best?

All three brands are running contests around the big game to engage Gen Z consumers.

Pfizer building

Pfizer: Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

The pharma giant’s run-in with Project Veritas demonstrates why every brand needs a plan to contend with social media crises.

Screen shot from Ex Machina trailer

We’ll all be replaced by robots eventually. But not yet.

Everybody’s getting excited about ChatGPT and the potential for the AI chatbot to accomplish extraordinary things, but it’s not yet time for the human race to hand over to the robots entirely.

Stamp reading 25 years

PRWeek US starts its 25th year covering the PR industry

Through thick and thin PRWeek has tracked the fortunes of a profession that has evolved incredibly in two and a half decades.

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Is your company speaking out less on contentious issues?

Are you seeing a trend of more caution and less grandstanding?

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9 things for the PR agenda in 2023

After a busy and effective year for a PR industry on top of its game, there’s sure to be no slowdown in 2023 given the massive and multiple challenges ahead.