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PRWeek U.S. Awards News

PRWeek UK Newcomer, Over 30: Kate Conway, Woburn Partners

We hear from Kate Conway (49), director, Woburn Partners

PRWeek UK Newcomer, Over 30: Brenda Juliet Nabanja

We hear from Brenda Juliet Nabanja (30), director/head of publicity, Myblaqbook.

Meet the 2022 PRWeek UK 30 Under 30

PRWeek's annual glimpse of PR's future leaders is here. We profile 30 talented 20-somethings (and more) and quiz them on key issues.

PRWeek 30 under 30: Will Mitchell, MatchFit

We hear from Will Mitchell (29), founding partner, MatchFit.

PRWeek UK Newcomer, Over 30: Tom Permaul-Baker, Hunt & Gather

We hear from Tom Permaul-Baker (32), account manager at Hunt & Gather.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Adam Isaacs, DGA Interel UK

We hear from Adam Isaacs (27), associate director at DGA Interel UK.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Astrid Dickinson, Aspectus

We hear from Astrid Dickinson (28), head of energy and industrials, Aspectus.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Anthony Ou, BCW

We hear from Anthony Ou (29), account director, healthcare, BCW (Burson Cohn & Wolfe).

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Amelia Clark, Capture Communications

We hear from Amelia Clark (29), co-founder, Capture Communications.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Cherrelle Jefferson, Pangolin

We hear from Cherrelle Jefferson (29), account director at Pangolin.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Carrie Rose, Rise at Seven

We hear from Carrie Rose (29), chief executive, Rise at Seven.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Danielle Eddington, Transport for London

We hear from Danielle Eddington (29), senior press officer at Transport for London.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: David Parke, Marks & Spencer

We hear from David Parke (29), PR manager, Marks & Spencer.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Claire Simpson, Hard Numbers

Claire Simpson (26), senior communications consultant at Hard Numbers.

PRWeek 30 Under 30: Emily Gosen, Ketchum

We hear from Emily Gosen (27), senior creative at Ketchum.

PRWeek 30 under 30: Hattie D'Souza, East Village.

We hear from Hattie D'Souza (28), account director at East Village.