Ask Renee...

Ask Renee - How can I develop mutually beneficial relationships with procurement departments?

In pitching and winning business, agencies work with criteria set by clients. How can firms demonstrate that they are 'bringing home the bacon?

Ask Renee... How has the rapid pace of change affected client-agency relationships?

Evolution, revolution, fleeting relationships, transparency, humanity, personal contact, and frank conversations characterize the modern world of client service.

Ask Renee...What skills do I need for a successful career in PR?

Wannabe PR pros need a whole new range of expertise to prosper in the modern world, allied with legacy skills that never go out of fashion.

Ask Renee: How can CCOs build trusting relationships with their agencies?

Wilson dishes on the "golden rules" of good client-agency partnerships.

Ask Renee: How can comms pros make sure their companies do business by the rules?

CCOs can play a pivotal role in building ethically motivated employees and business cultures

Ask Renee: How can the CCO help the C-suite foster values-based behavior across the enterprise?

CCOs must ensure their companies transparently illustrate values-based conduct that demonstrates the highest standards of legal and ethical behavior and impact.

Ask Renee...How can I help my company prepare for a cyberattack?

Cyberattacks have been a major headache for companies including WPP. Communications executives should be running the rapid response teams.

Ask Renee...How can my company navigate the Trump presidency?

"How can I navigate my company's reputation and comms in an environment where the Trump Administration is actively engaging with business as never before?"

Ask Renee...What's the best way to improve diversity?

In the first installment of Ask Renee, she answers the question, "What are the most effective ways to increase diversity in the C-suite and build inclusive companywide cultures?"

How can I speak truth to power without getting fired?

"How can I push back on the CEO or C-suite and tell them some home truths about an issue, decision, or proposed strategy without losing my job?"