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‘Massive cringe alert for me’ – Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

‘Massive cringe alert for me’ – Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Nia Evans, vice president and general manager of PAN Communications UK, casts her critical eye over creative offerings from the past seven days.

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Mita Dhullipala

Think Brexit means EU healthcare policy experts aren’t needed? Think again

As Brexit becomes a reality, with a government in disarray and a Conservative leadership contest that has seen prime ministerial candidates battling it out over immigration, climate change and the cost-of-living crisis – EU healthcare policy hardly seems relevant in the UK anymore.

Simon Richards

COVID-19 Public Inquiry: a challenge and an opportunity for comms

At the risk of making an understatement: there’s been a fair amount of political upheaval over recent years. Take me back to the time when Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich gripped us political types for days…

‘Love it or hate it, it’s got people talking’ – Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Phoebe Russell, brand director at Rise at Seven, casts her critical eye over creative offerings from the past seven days.

 Kunal Mehta headshot

Will rising prices shelve sustainability messaging for retailers?

With rising prices and increasing economic pressures across the board, achieving cut-through with sustainability messages has never been so challenging.

PRWeek Beyond the Noise podcast: British Airways' comms and sustainability challenges, plus Top & Flop

Following the hottest temperatures in UK history, we hear from the British Airways director of sustainability and we also find out who is the most recent 'Top' and 'Flop'.

 Sean Allen-Moy headshot

'Coverage for cash' scandal shows media relations must modernise

Shut the doors, turn the lights off and let’s all go home. PR has been completed, the secret sauce has been found, the code’s been cracked.

(SOPA Images/Getty Images) A phone and Twitter page

Twitter v. Musk - You can’t handle the truth!

Twitter’s decision to force a $44bn buyout in court runs high risks for both parties — a public courtroom spat won’t benefit Musk or Twitter’s reputation.

'Ah, the joys of legal' - Creative Q&A, Ketchum's Emily Gosen

PRWeek grills creative comms figures on how they got where they are, their career highlight, solving creative writer's block, and more. Today we speak to Emily Gosen, senior creative at Ketchum.

'Quick-off-the-mark reactive genius' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Grayling creative Alice McRoe casts her critical eye over creative offerings from the past seven days.

Samantha Losey

Is there still a place for the useful arsehole in PR?

So I am just going to say it... we all have one, or at least we certainly all did have one.

A phone with the Uber logo on it (SAMUEL CORUM/Getty Images)

Can Uber recover from another PR crash?

Away from the Conservative Party crisis this week, we were treated to the latest episode in the long-running soap opera that is Uber Inc, following the breathless launch of the ‘Uber Files’. Can it rebuild its reputation?

 Jim Houghton

Struggling to recruit talent? There is another way...

Post-pandemic, the industry’s talent shortage has got a whole lot worse. Agency heads are looking at every kind of workaround. But there’s an approach to talent acquisition that’s growing in popularity.

PRWeek 5 Campaigns We Liked logo

Five Campaigns We Liked in June: your winner revealed

With almost 500 votes cast, find out the winner from PRWeek’s selection of the best PR and comms campaigns in June.

Race for PM - who has the best PR?

The contest for leadership of the Conservative Party is on, and the field is unusually crowded. So how are their campaigns going?

(fotograzia/Getty Images)

Is ‘brand journalism’ the future as firms exploit Google News?

Google News turned 20 on 22 June. In its celebratory blog post charting its history, it revealed that each month people click through from Google Search and Google News to publishers’ websites more than 24 billion times every month.

Clare Bates

Women's healthcare needs a hard comms reset

When Dame Lesley Regan was named England’s first women’s health ambassador with the aim of closing the gender health gap, it was a not-so-tacit acknowledgement that women’s health outcomes are worse than men’s.

Zharina Arnaldo

How to cook up a perfect pitch for a news hungry journalist

As a journalist for 10 years I’ve read some brilliant pitches, but often I rarely made it past the opening line. The difference between fine media dining and a PR dog’s dinner can be subtle, so these tips should help to ensure our story soufflés always rise to the top of a journalist's news list.

Lipe Faria

Creative Q&A, Ketchum’s Lipe Faria

PRWeek grills creative comms figures on how they got where they are, their career highlight, solving creative writer’s block, and more. Today we speak to Ketchum creative director Lipe Faria.

Elisabetta Moroni

Time to humanise scientific research

Two-and-a-half years ago, everyone experienced lockdown, a dimension of suspended life.

Five Campaigns We Liked in June: vote for your favourite

From ‘helmet hair' to World Cup qualifying, PRWeek rounds up its five favourite campaigns from June 2022. Vote below for your favourite – the poll closes at 9am on 13 July.

'Some outstandingly funny copywriting' - Creative Hits of the Week

Grayling creative director Andy Garner picks out the campaigns that caught his eye over the past seven days.

Nicola Green

Scared to speak up on ESG topics? Here’s how

It’s more tempting than ever for brands to keep their heads below the parapet. In an era when every tweet, post and article is immortalised online, many brands have decided to uphold their reputations simply by staying silent on critical ESG issues.

Emily Luscombe

Scratching my bald head (part 2): kindness can be PR’s secret weapon

Following my cancer diagnosis, everyone said: ‘Be kind to yourself.’ It’s a strange concept – as if you need a chronic condition before having permission to look after yourself.

Samantha Losey

PR needs a serious rebrand – and we deserve one

There is a rampant identity crisis running riot in our industry at the moment, and not only are we letting it happen, we are complicit.

Tal Donahue

What is ‘thought leadership’ in 2022?

Ask 100 people what thought leadership is and you’ll probably get 100 definitions.

Paul Lucas

Cannes PR ever win in its ‘own’ Lions?

As the last glug of overpriced rosé is drained and the marquees are packed away, the PR industry is once again left licking its wounds as it departs virtually lionless from its ‘own’ category.

'Thought-provoking, unforgettable' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Laura Oliphant, founder and MD of Stand, casts her critical eye over creative offerings from the past seven days.

Rob Mindell

For purpose’s sake, PR and legal must work closer together

Since the start of the pandemic, PR professionals have found their seat at the top table firmly cemented.

Niki Goddard

PRs need to get comfortable with a lack of control

Under pressure and often swamped with work, PR pros do make mistakes, just like any other humans. Unfortunately, in a digital age those mistakes can be made very public, especially if the mishap is to have a run-in with a journalist.

Emily Austen

Why I won’t be pitching any more ‘female founders’ to the media

It's no longer a novelty or a reason to feature a company because a woman is in charge.