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‘Simple artwork and a haunting film’ – Creative Hits of the Week

‘Simple artwork and a haunting film’ – Creative Hits of the Week

Nicole Green, co-founder at Catch, selects her favourite campaigns from the past seven days.

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From the UK editor: Beware a second ‘great resignation’

There’s a lot to be positive about in the comms industry, whose importance has surged in the era of permacrisis.

'So bad it’s good?' - Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Leigh Ireland, head of creative at Hanover and The Playbook, casts his critical eye over creative offerings from the past seven days.

PR pros must broaden their comms strategies to include trans+ identities

The Trans in the City Gala, held on Monday (14 November), marked the start of Transgender Awareness Week, ending with Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday 20th - a somber moment of reflection for those who have lost their lives because of their gender identity.

What on earth is going on at Twitter, and what can brands do about it?

What a roller coaster month, week, day and even few hours Twitter has had.

‘Such a massive fail’ – Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Danny Whatmough, managing director at Shiny and Red Consultancy, casts his critical eye over creative offerings from the past seven days.

Pro bono working – PR must ramp up its commitment

Law firms commit annually to offering advice on a pro bono basis to those in need. Why shouldn’t the PR industry adopt the same approach?

Need a degree to be in PR? Not necessarily, but education is key

You don’t need a degree to work in public relations, but we should recognise the need for professional development and the contribution of academics to the development of the business.

Shoplifting: do you have a crisis comms plan?

When was the last time you stole? I’m not talking about a luxury handbag heist, but the smaller (albeit no less illegal) incremental gains supposedly made while conducting one’s business on the high street.

ESG and reputational risk – lessons from the Dyson libel case

The pressure on organisations to implement change through ESG has gathered considerable momentum and imperative. Those businesses that are judged to fall short in demonstrating their ESG credentials will inevitably suffer reputationally.

How comms (might, possibly) save the worst World Cup ever

From a comms perspective, this FIFA World Cup is looking like the worst ever. Can it be saved?

Should brands jump from Twitter to Mastodon?

Twitter users love to chat about how much Twitter frustrates them. Elon Musk’s recent takeover of the social network has added fuel to the fire for the twittering masses.

Five Campaigns We Liked in October: your winner revealed

Find out the winner from PRWeek’s selection of the best PR and comms campaigns in October – with more than 2,600 votes submitted…

‘Oopsvertising’ – the next big trend in creative comms?

Stand down, ad vans: there might be a new tactic du jour in PR Town.

‘It’s a long time since I’ve cried at my desk’ – Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Tom Rouse, creative director at Pitch Marketing Group, casts his eye over creative releases from the past seven days.

Guto Harri: journalistic pedigree is paramount for Downing Street comms chief

Strategic comms advisor Guto Harri, who was director of communications at No. 10 from February until September this year, discusses the skills required for the top comms role in government – and why newcomer Amber de Botton’s CV ‘affords credibility and demands respect’.

Sainsbury’s teases Christmas ad with ‘countess’ Alison Hammond

Twelve-second teaser puts spotlight on Taste the Difference and indulgence.

Why brands are getting sustainability comms all wrong

Here we are. It’s 2022 and the climate crisis isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it continues to grow in urgency year on year alongside the rising global population.

How Musk can get brand comms pros excited about Twitter again

Elon Musk has finally bought Twitter, the de facto global town square. What does this mean for brand comms professionals, and what innovations could Musk introduce?

Five Campaigns We Liked in October: vote for your favourite

From a Craig David musical collaboration to a month-long holiday cheaper than the cost of living in the UK, PRWeek rounds up its five favourite campaigns from October 2022. Vote below for your favourite – the poll closes at 9am on 7 November.

‘A fright fest for all the wrong reasons’ – Creative Hits and Misses of the Week

Sebastian Underhill, co-founder and creative director of 33Seconds, casts his eye over creative releases from the past seven days.

‘I could drown in my cutting room floor’ – Creative Q&A, Manifest’s Daisy Phillips

PRWeek grills creative comms figures on how they got where they are, their career highlight, solving creative writer’s block, and more. Today we speak to Daisy Phillips, associate creative director at Manifest.

Scratching my bald head (part 6): Comms pros – consult the dictionary of life

‘You’re magnificent,’ my cousin texts. We’re all in professional communications on this side of the family, so hyperbole comes easily. Still, it floors me.

Halloween: should PR care about the scare?

Whether young or old, Halloween has become ubiquitous among UK consumers, largely thanks to our American counterparts bringing all manner of traditions our way via myriad media forms. What does it offer PR?

Greenwash to ‘greenhush’ – is increased scrutiny unintentionally slowing progress?

Many companies continue to be called out for greenwashing. NGOs and activists have applauded, said how good it was to have these terrible companies held responsible for trying to dupe the unwitting public with their claims of being green. That has to be all good, right?

44 days of chaos: Team Truss gave a lesson in how not to do comms

If financial markets were looking on in open-mouthed horror at Liz Truss’ brief stint as prime minister, the communications industry was probably giving them a run for their money.

COVID-19 Inquiry: advice on handling PR

The public inquiry into the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic looks set to be unprecedented in length, generating acres of media coverage.

'Feels a bit overbearing' - Creative Hits & Misses of the Week

Oli Bradley, client director at Words + Pixels, casts his eye over creative releases from the past seven days.

Is fast fashion still in vogue? Shein’s reputational issues affect the whole sector

Fast fashion brand Shein has hit the headlines in the wake of Channel 4 documentary Untold: Inside the Shein Machine, which indicated employee working conditions in some of its factories abroad were worryingly unsafe and ‘exploitative’.

Why comms is a vital part of the NHS

Far from being a drain on resources, as the likes of the TaxPayers’ Alliance claim, comms plays a vitally important role in many areas of the NHS.