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Top 150: Which agencies are missing?

Despite the average growth in fee income rising to 11.5 per cent, the combined fee income of the Top 150 consultancies dropped to £878m from £900m last year.

Top 150: Rallying markets

Top 150 agencies flourish in rallying market

Four in five agencies in the Top 150 saw growth in 2012 as the industry perked up.

Adam Parker: CEO of RealWire

Top 150 profit margins hold steady in 2012

An analysis of the Top 150 agency profit margins shows margins are holding steady despite huge disparity across the industry.

State of the industry: PRWeek's 2013 Top 150 Consultancies report

Top 150 PR agencies endure difficult market despite double-digit growth

PRWeek's Top 150 PR Consultancies report has found double-digit growth across the PR industry in 2012, but also suggests the grip of recession has yet to fully loosen.

Industry views

Top 150: Esther Carder's view

The PRWeek Top 150: Esther Carder's perspective

In 2012, the PR industry had its best year for fee income growth since 2007, achieving growth of 11.5 per cent (in 2007, fee income growth was 15.3 per cent). Considering the economic climate remains tough, this is quite an achievement.

Lord Bell: A profitable industry that deserves more recognition

The PRWeek Top 150: Lord Bell's perspective

I read recently that in 1943, MI6 paid a PR man named Richard Temple £500 per month to polish General de Gaulle's image among the British people - I assume so people would support the Free French and oppose the Vichy Government.

Top 150: Ingham's view

The PRWeek Top 150: Francis Ingham's perspective

Another year of growth for the PR industry. That is the fundamental fact about this year's report.

The top 150 PR agencies 2013

Ruth Wyatt on the Top 150 2013

So here it is - PRWeek's Top 150 PR Consultancies report, the most authoritative analysis of the British PR and comms industry.

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