2016 Workshop

Storytelling, content and leadership engagement

09:30-12:30, Wednesday 23 November

Hannah Moffatt, Creative Director, The Writer

Storytelling can be one of your most powerful tools when it comes to convincing, connecting and inspiring your workforce. This deep-dive workshop will look at the principles behind storytelling, how to create successful narratives, and how leaders can use stories to build trust and bring values to life - especially in times of change.

Why do stories work, and how do leaders use them? We'll run through a bit of the science behind storytelling to show that a good story doesn’t just sound nice, it’s more memorable, too. And we look at a few specific examples from JFK, Warren Buffett Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Tim Cook getting it right.

The TED talk killer structure: how can you win over your audience? Good internal comms writers know how to inspire and motivate teams. They don’t have to be standing on stage to do it. We'll take a detailed look at a structure that works for just about anything.

Do your values tell your story? Your words are the voice of your company. If you want colleagues to believe in and follow your corporate values, you’ve got to show them what they really mean. So, rather than plastering value words up in your reception, turn those words into stories to bring them to life.

Hannah Moffatt, Creative Director, The Writer