08:50 Chair’s opening remarks

Ruby Aryiku , Co-founder and Head of PR, We Are VAMP

09:00 Innovating to make a real impact on business value and performance

Panel discussion

  • As employees are considered the most valuable asset, how do you realign your communications strategy to support your company’s strategic vision?
  • How do you enable an employee experience that creates a true dialogue with your staff?
  • Technology as an enabler in creating seamless employee experience
  • The real challenge – how do we keep remote workers engaged with the wider organisation?

Patrik Edvardsson , Internal Communications Manager – Corporate Affairs, Linklaters
Jo Bleasdale , Director of Internal Communications, Entain

09:45 Providing a platform to energise and inspire during an unprecedented time of social distancing

Fireside chat

  • Keeping a global workforce engaged and connected while physically apart through new, creative digital programmes
  • Drawing on employees’ shared passions to create impactful internal communications programming that can be leveraged at any organisation
  • Equipping employees with content and resources to help navigate the new remote working reality 
  • Emphasising the importance of senior leader participation and engagement 
  • Always bring it back to the basics – building on a strong functional and cultural foundation

James Brown , CEO, WTV Global

10:10 Coffee break

10:40 Building a successful internal communications strategy in times of transformation and crisis


  • Top tips to setting the right aspirations for internal communications function within the business – the power of “Putting leadership at the heart of everything we do” approach
  • COVID-19 pandemic as a real game changer in raising the profile and elevating the role of internal communications from tactical function to strategic advisor
  • Designing a winning channel strategy mix, content planning and structuring your team for success – from design to implementation
  • Developing a new hybrid working model – lessons learned

Vicki Davies , Director of Internal Communication, National Highways

11:05 How can internal comms impact employee wellbeing and mental health?

Panel discussion

  • Exploring the growing role of internal communications department in supporting employee wellbeing
  • The link between employee wellbeing and diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Supporting the wellbeing activities  in our internal communications organisations and ensuring we take care of ourselves too

Becky Murch , Head of Internal Communications, Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group

Fiona Murton-Taylor , Internal Communications Manager, John Whitgift Foundation

Vicki Davies , Director of Internal Communication, National England

11:50 The role of internal communications in creating more diverse and inclusive organisations


  • Building a company culture where everybody feels included and valued - and how that drives towards organisational goals
  • The role of internal communications in celebrating diversity and inclusion - without losing authenticity
  • Best practice and tips for creating and executing an inclusive internal communications plan

Marghaid Howie , Global Head of Social Media & Continuity Communications, Thoughtworks

12:15 Networking Lunch

13:15 Proven ways to measure the strategic value of internal communications 

Case study

  • How do you quantify and measure the impact of internal comms?
  • Building the right mindset beyond the measurement of outputs and incomes - pushing for communication objectives that can be measured in terms of behaviour and actions
  • Debating the impact of new ways of working on measurement challenges

Noha Al Afifi , Director of Marketing Comms, Arthritis Action

13:40 Promoting company culture through internal communications - how to make communication a conversation?

Case study

  • Crafting authentic internal network by aligning communication channels and company culture
  • Engaging in dialogue in a crisis to stay connected to employees - how do you promote active communication behaviours?
  • Creating compelling personas to improve the success of your digital first internal communication strategy

Kirsty Walden , Head of Internal Communications, Virgin Media O2

14:10 Coffee break

14:30 Realising the true potential of internal communications – what does the future hold for the function?

Panel discussion

  • What role does internal communication play in helping to transform organisations?
  • How do you remain agile and innovative whilst communicating effectively to a changing workforce?
  • Discussing the need for upskilling and the internal communications talent challenge
  • Understanding people, cultures and new ways of working to achieve higher levels of employee engagement and productivity

Michelle Wade , Head Of Communications, Managed Services and Projects & Consulting, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Capgemini

Zoe Shaughnessy , Head of Internal Communications, British Heart Foundation

Noha Al Afifi , Director of Marketing Comms, Arthritis Action

Marghaid Howie , Global Head of Social Media & Continuity Communications, Thoughtworks

15:15 Chair’s closing remarks

15:30 Close of conference

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