Tuesday 22 November 2022

09:00 Registration

09:30 Chair’s opening remarks

John Harrington, Editor, PRWeek UK


09:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: We’ve proved our worth; what’s next?: Transitioning internal comms towards a long term, strategic role in the business

  • Reinforcing the power of internal communications for influencing your organisational culture and building belonging and community over time
  • Pinpointing a role for internal communicators amidst long-term economic pressure
  • I’m an internal communicator, an employee and a human: Balancing your feelings with business needs when working on highly emotive topics
  • Carving out a route to a seat on the board, as a trusted advisor
  • Changing perceptions: What do your colleagues think of internal comms?

Keith Coles, Head of Internal Communications, Brunel University

Sophie Timms, Corporate Affairs Director, Kier Group

Nicola Lally, Communications Partner, BDO UK LLP

10:20 CASE STUDY: Reinvigorating perceptions of the leadership team through strategic internal communications

  • Building trust and creating a sense of direction for employees
  • Driving profitability through sustainable growth and disseminating key employee objectives and goals
  • Engaging the whole business on a shoestring: Upskilling people managers to help communicate the vision

Jo Sparks, Head of Internal Communication, ATS Euromaster & Tructyre

11:00 Morning coffee break


11:25 Information is giving out; communication is getting through: Measuring the impact of your internal communications on your employees

  • Knowing how much, how often employees engage with communications - if they ignored your call-to-action, did they even read it?
  • Determining what success looks like in your business, moving from outputs to outcomes
  • Understanding the different tools and technologies that are available to support your campaign measurement
  • Proving the ROI of your communications to the business - is it possible?
  • Continuous learning: Incorporating employee insight and measurement data into your future communications

Vicki Davies, Director of Internal Communications, National Highways


11:50 WORKSHOP: ‘Europeans are checked out at work’: creating internal communications that engage employees during a period of disengagement

  • Identifying the principle factors in engagement in today’s context, during The Great Resignation
  • Bringing in external inspirational speakers and thought leaders for motivation and stimulation
  • Understanding the different approaches required to engage the five different generational groups in the workplace

Beatrice Ngalula Kabutakapua, Business Storytelling Coach and host of podcast ‘thank god it’s monday’

12:20 Networking lunch break

13:30 Making employee experience meaningful to develop a sense of purpose that will engage and enrich your people

  • Using employee voice to deliver your internal communications strategy conversation – ensuring your employer brand reflects the lived experience of your colleagues
  • Leading by example: Engaging employee content driven by leaders who ‘walk the talk’ on sustainable vision and values of the business
  • Ensuring your employer brand and talent offer is reflecting the lived experience of your organisation
  • Understanding the relationship between employee experience and measurement

James Kenny, Head of Internal and Change Communications, LKQ Europe

13:55 CASE STUDY: Building a community with purpose in a distributed, multi-national organisation

  • Facilitating community and belonging and a sense of common purpose
  • Amplifying the good things that are happening in your workplace whilst combating resistance to change
  • Acting as a catalyst for positive culture change and as a conduit to the wider market
  • Taking a grass roots approach and finding the community opportunities

Armand David, Corporate Affairs Director, Digital and Vicky Crouch, Head of Internal Communications, Digital, BT Group


14:20 WORKSHOP: Belonging means membership not ownership (the antidote to employer brand)

  • How can companies move beyond old-style ‘employer brand’ - to a sense of belonging as membership not ownership ?
  • How can comms leaders’ - invariably ahead of directors in awareness of employees’ expectations - guide their boards?

With a mix of presentation and interaction, we’ll look at

  • A maturity model for belonging and purpose - and why 'membership' not 'ownership' is so critical to our times
  • How comms leaders can best support progress through phases to support belonging and unify purpose
  • How our hybrid and unpredictable times require invitation more than instruction
  • How to balance the ‘plumbing’ and ‘poetry’ of comms to meet this multi-layered challenge

Isabel Collins, is a leading specialist in culture and belonging. She has pioneered original approaches over the last 25 years and is now helping leaders reframe belonging for our times.

15:00 Afternoon coffee break

15:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Embedding diversity and inclusion into your communications, and your organisation, to foster belonging

  • Moving diversity out of silos and committees so that it becomes part of everyone’s role
  • Creating representative communications - both in terms of language and imagery
  • More than a tick box exercise: Tackling inappropriate or non-inclusive behaviours through communications that positively influence your culture
  • Responding appropriately as call-out culture advances
  • Celebrating your positive societal impacts

Marghaid Howie, Global Head of Social Media and Continuity Communications, Thoughtworks

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar, Communications Manager, AutoProtect Group

Keith Riley, Communications Manager, DWF Law LLP

Sharon Woma, Inclusion Co-ordinator, Integrated Care Board (ICB)

16:00 Connecting people with their passion and matching the frequency of their purpose so that they want to belong to your organisation

  • Understanding who your people are and NOT what their millennial / zenial labels are
  • Busting the myth that people don’t read our communications because they are ‘busy’
  • Encouraging belonging by understanding people’s different drivers for being at work; empowering them with knowledge

Keith Riley, Communications Manager, DWF Law LLP


16:20 DOUBLE FIRESIDE CHAT, COST OF LIVING FOCUS: Supporting your employees through the significant impact of the cost of living crisis to safeguard their wellbeing at work

  • Checking in: gauging how the cost of living crisis is impacting different groups of employees and understanding their lived experience
  • Putting yourself in their shoes - empathising with the experience of lower paid and casual staff and those on zero hours contracts
  • Mediating effectively between the leadership team and your employees
  • Ethically communicating your financial results during the cost of living crisis
  • As an employer you can’t completely relieve the impact but what financial benefits / mental health services could you communicate?

Annique Simpson, Internal Communications Manager, Taylor Wessing

Nafisa Ali Shafiq, Communications and Engagement Manager, University of Leeds

16:40 Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of Day One

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