Key topics for 2020

ABPI digital guidance - examining the latest advice

Presenting their new guidance for 2020, the ABPI will be providing clarity on compliance in digital communications. It will be an opportunity to hear first-hand from the ABPI on how to make the most of the huge potential that the online space has without falling foul of the regulations.

Informing and equipping employees to become brand ambassadors

Ensuring that staff recognise your brand values is key for how your brand is represented. Hear from a pharmaceutical brand that has succeeded in engaging their employees with brand purpose, and led their staff to become some of the most effective brand advocates in the industry.

Patient group partnerships - what should pharma’s relationship with patient groups look like?

Our panel of experts will discuss the importance of the relationship between pharma companies and patient groups for the development of new medicines, transparency and brand purpose, as well as debating what that relationship should look like for the best interests of both parties.

Learnings from the EFPIA and ABPI campaigns for the industry

The EFPIA and the ABPI will present insights from the #WeWontRest and the #ValuingMedicines campaigns, discussing their approach to developing PR campaigns based on industry purpose, as well as the public engagement with the campaigns and how this was measured.

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