08:30 Morning refreshments and delegate registration
09:20 Chairperson’s opening remarks

Creativity and compliance - can they work in harmony?

09:30 From patients to partners - a new era of pharma communications

Keynote presentation and Q&A

  • Adapting to the power shift in pharma communications and creating value through data-driven communication
  • Defining and engaging audiences to support patients and stakeholders
  • Achieving authenticity and compliance with internal and external partners
  • Leverage platforms and analytics to identify the signal through the noise

Jessica Federer, Advisor & Digital Leader

10:00 Can pharma truly engage and inform on social, or is it a channel that poses too much risk?

Panel debate and Q&A

Benedikte Larsen, Associate Director, Head of Digital Communications, Novo Nordisk
Emma Lynn, Corporate Affairs Director, Pfizer
Dr Nick Broughton, Specialist Consultant, Makara Health
Alex Butler, Founder, Foundry 3
Mike Dixon, CEO, HCA

10:40 Morning refreshments break

Breakout Sessions
11:20 Using audience insights to drive behaviour change

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • Deconstructing the award-winning #SmallTalkSavesLives campaign
  • Employing behaviour change theory to build an integrated campaign
  • Using audience insights to tackle the sensitive subject of suicide prevention

Joe Marshall, Senior Strategist, Pegasus
Ian Ray, Head of Copy, Pegasus

11:20 Harnessing the power of your workforce

Interactive workshop

  • How to communicate to a varied workforce and tailoring your message so it lands
  • Finding and keeping internal advocates for your brand

Stephen Boyle, Head of Internal Communications, Bayer

Breakout Sessions
12:10 Breakthrough Payer Communications

Presentation and Q&A Session

  • Emerging outcomes based payer models
  • Payer interaction model: critical success factors to evolving your engagement & relationship with Payers

Sabina Syed, Founder and Managing Director, Visions4Health

12:10 Localising global internal and external communications for different markets

Presentation and Q&A session

  • Defining a global strategy and refining it to local audiences - understanding channel preferences
  • Collaborating with legal and regulatory teams to ensure campaigns are compliant with national laws and pharmaceutical marketing codes

Sophie Asker, Deputy Managing Director, Syneos Health

13:00 Networking lunch
14:10 Roundtables

Delegates will have the opportunity to sign up to two roundtable discussions which will be hosted and led by industry experts. A challenge will be posed to the table, participants will then have 30 minutes to work together to develop a plan of action that will solve the communications conundrums!

  • Roundtable 1: Employee engagement

Situation: You have been tasked with developing the new vision statement, core values and to create a plan on how to promote this to staff.
Problem: employees are disconnected with the company’s values. So how do you develop, launch and promote the new mission with an unengaged audience?

Helen Swift, Senior Director, Syneos Health Communications
Jim Baxter, Director of Global Communications, UCB Pharma

  • Roundtable 2: Employee advocacy

Situation: You have been tasked with developing an employee advocacy programme for all of your territories globally.
Problem: You have little knowledge of the staff based outside of the UK, so how can you develop an advocacy programme when you have little understanding of the office structures and culture?

Jessica Thilaganathan, Scientific Director medDigital

  • Roundtable 3: Social Media

Situation: You have been tasked with launching a corporate Twitter and Linkedin account and to develop a social media plan for these channels.
Problem: Your director and the CEO have provided their full support, unlike members in other teams. what do you do when you lack the support from the legal, medical and commercial teams?

Con Franklin, Managing Director- Healthcare, Ketchum

  • Roundtable 4: Key opinion leaders

Situation: You are a brand communicator in a rare disease area, you have been tasked with identifying and engaging with key opinion leaders.
Problem: This is a new rare disease area and there are no well known key opinion leaders in the area- so how do you begin to identify potential targets with very little history to go on?

Mike Dixon, CEO, Healthcare Communications Association

  • Roundtable 5: Social media investment

Situation: You work in brand PR for prescription only products, you are looking to create a number of unbranded social activities as part of a wider educational programme
Problem: You need budget to get your plans off the ground - so how do you convince brand marketers to invest their budget?

John Clare, CEO, LionsDen Communications

  • Roundtable 6: Measurement

Situation: You headed up the planning and delivery of a social media disease awareness campaign. The senior leadership team want to see a report on whether the campaign met its objectives.
Problem: You do not have the tools in place to identify clear indicators. How can you feedback on whether this campaign achieved its objectives of raising awareness?

Aileen Thompson, Director, Aileen Thompson Associates Limited

15:10 The PharmaComms Big Interview: Smart data, healthcare tech, patient centricity… fleeting trends or the future of PharmaComms?
  • What trends are shaping the delivery of healthcare and how will this impact on communications?
  • Improving patient experience through data enabling digital, but where do you draw the line with big data?
  • Exploring how payers are being innovative when it comes to creating new business models based around outcomes

Dr. Rajni Aneja, Head of Digital Strategy for Global Regulatory Affairs, Sanofi
Maxine Mawhinney, Journalist and Broadcaster

15:40 Chair's closing remarks

John Clare, CEO, LionsDen Communications LionsDen Communications

15:45 Close of conference
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