10:30 Chair’s Opening remarks

John Harrington, Editor, PRWeek

10:40 Examining the role of holistic, complementary and alternative medicines on the future of healthcare

  • As patients become more empowered and informed, will pharma companies be increasingly expected to illustrate an openness to hybrid treatments and alternative medicines, and if so how can this be effectively communicated?
  • What are the regulatory challenges that are presented when addressing these types of treatments?
  • Where does the trend towards preventative medicine fit within this demand for CAMs and where how can comms professionals join the conversation in a meaningful and responsible way?
11:00 Session break
11:10 HFFS and other stories

  • What is the final word on government legislation of high fat, salt and sugar content in food, and how has the public responded to this?
  • How can pharma companies engage with the government and the public to support steps to improve public health without overstepping their boundaries?
11:30 Session break
11:45 Attracting top talent : Why the pharmacomms industry needs new blood to bring the profession into the future

  • Why diversity remains a key challenge in the phamacomms profession and what is being done to tackle it
  • How to ensure that your comms strategy is helping to enhance your company’s reputation and foster a sense of openness
  • Why attracting the best talent is the key to innovation
12:00 Networking lunch
13:30 Panel discussion: Regulations and restrictions: Is there no room for creativity in pharmacomms?
  • Hear from in-house pharma professionals as they reveal the secret to building the principles of creativity and story-telling into your pharma messaging
13:50 Session break
14:00 The power of pricing and procurement in pharma post COVID

  • Why the pandemic brought issues around drug pricing and procurement to the fore
  • Examining the role that pharmacomms professionals must play in addressing drug inequalities and the high prices of new drugs on the market
  • As the after effects of the pandemic are still being felt, what can the pharma industry do to ensure 2
14:30 Chair’s closing remarks

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