09:30 Chair’s opening remarks
09:35 What has the recent collaboration between private, public and third sectors in this field taught pharma professionals about de siloing their teams?
10:05 Session break
10:15 How is pharma responding to the rising profile of mental health?

  • With the rising significance of mental health across the globe, how can healthcare and pharma companies join the conversation in a meaningful and effective way?
  • Addressing the mental health crisis in your internal teams
10:35 Session break
10:45 Which tools can be used to deliver a more personalised message to patient groups?

  • How can technology assist communications professionals with delivering a more targeted message?
  • Are most pharma comms agencies stuck in the dark ages? Do methods need a drastic rehaul?
11:15 Session break
11:30 How does the pharma industry engage with virtual healthcare?

  • How well will the public react to the prospect of virtual healthcare in the long term?
  • Does there need to be more work done to educate people on the benefits of in-home healthcare?
  • How have carers survived this period? Should the industry be doing more to support those who may be forced to administer drugs without formal medical training? 
12:00 Session break
12:15 The new rules for crisis comms

  • What has 2020 taught the industry about how to communicate in a crisis?
  • How can you illustrate authority and calm when there is so much uncertainty?
  • Is it ever better to say nothing?
12:45 Networking Lunch
14:00 What made this pandemic different?

  • Hear from an expert in virology and healthcare about how pandemics have been managed in the past and what makes COVID fundamentally different
14:30 Session break
14:45 The price of good health

  • Running through an overview of the wonder drugs due for release in 2020
  • Why the industry is likely to come under fire for the cost of drugs like Myalept and the cost of gene therapy
  • Will R&D budgets drop as the public calls for more equity in healthcare and expensive drugs become unviable?
15:15 Session break
15:30 Hear from some of the most influential patient groups as they discuss the true impact of COVID on groups with long term illnesses
16:00 Chair’s closing remarks

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