10:30 Chair’s opening remarks
John Harrington, Editor, PRWeek
10:40 Looking beyond the pond – Taking responsibility to grow the talent pool

  • Are you attracting the right talent into your organisation to ensure innovation and growth?
  • What are the key action points that senior leaders in pharmacomms must take in order to tackle these challenges?
Mike Dixon, CEO, HCA
Miranda Dini, Managing Partner, Axon
Jennie Talman, Executive Advisor,  Havas Just
11:00 Session break
11:10 Has the response to COVID-19 been the most expensive healthcare intervention in history?

  • How have decisions been made about the response to the pandemic when the usual approach to assessing clinical and cost-effectiveness isn’t fit-for-purpose?
  • Has the public’s perception of the value of healthcare changed as a result of the current shift towards protection of the masses against a specific threat at huge socio-economic cost?
  • What does this mean for us as communicators and how we speak about the value of health interventions in future?
Emma Gorton, Senior Director, Hanover Health
11:30 Session break
11:45 Conversations beyond COVID What does COVID mean for the reputation of the pharmaceutical sector?

  • Analysing the impact of the COVID pandemic on the pharmaceutical industry
  • What this means from a reputational perspective for pharma companies
  • Discussing how and where companies should focus their communications efforts to achieve long-term gains
Simon Grist, Co-Head of Strategy UK,  Mind+Matter
Lee Wales, Client Partnerships Director, Mind+Matter
12:00 Session break
13:30 How can Pharma professionals effectively use data to develop messaging?

  • Using NPS to shape better internal systems
  • Setting yourself up as a comms team to be able to translate data into action
  • Should Pharma companies be adopting more of a b2c mindset when developing a comms strategy?
John Harrington, Editor, PRWeek
Stephan Israel,  Head of Customer Excellence, Access Intelligence PLC
13:50 Session break
14:00 What made this pandemic different?

  • Hear from an expert in virology and healthcare about how pandemics have been managed in the past and what makes COVID fundamentally different
David Humphreys, Global Head of Policy, Economist Intelligence Unit
14:30 Chair’s closing remarks
John Harrington, Editor, PRWeek

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