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Agenda Day 2 - Wednesday 5 February 2020

08:00 Morning refreshments and delegate registration
08:50 Chair’s opening address

Emma Sergeant, President Europe DAS, Group of Companies, Omnicom

09:05 From illness to wellness: how a shift in focus within the NHS will affect the future of pharmaceuticals

Opening keynote presentation

  • The increase of awareness campaigns with prevention becoming the focus rather than treatment
  • Honest, but positive stories for communications, rather than stories of illness
  • The communication shift towards all people, not just current patients

Simon Enright, Director of Communications, NHS England and NHS Improvement

09:25 What does patient-centricity mean for communications?

Panel discussion

  • Producing disease awareness campaigns that drive public education and engagement with a condition
  • Using patient feedback to improve the convenience and ease of treatment
  • Communicating with healthcare organisations to ensure that patients are fully aware of the treatment process before they begin using medication
  • Encouraging public trust through transparency and proactive brand communications

Philippa Cahill, Director, M&F Health
Rachel Royall, Communications Director UK Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM
James Fitzpatrick, Director of Patient Engagement & Government Affairs, Janssen
Alex Davies, Director, Hanover Communications

09:50 Unless we innovate, we risk losing our voice - the HCA discuss their findings on how you can innovate in your communications
  • How Pharma can draw on other regulated industries to learn how to innovate within the bounds of strict regulation
  • Understanding what your stakeholder audience really wants, to shift the emphasis of your communication
  • Equipping your teams with the environment and ability to innovate, for maximised audience engagement

Mike Dixon, CEO, Healthcare Communications Association
Bhavin Vaid, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Lilianna Husseini, Senior Leader, Global Communications
Peter Impey, Managing Director, 90TEN Communications
Edel McCaffrey, Independent Communications Consultant
Paul Dixey, Multichannel Lead, Novartis UK
Sander Siezen, Chief Product Officer, Say It Now

10:30 Innovations in pharmacology: the future of pharmaceuticals and how communications will need to adapt


Kristine Kelly, Head of Communications and Patient Advocacy, UK, Novartis

11:00 Morning refreshments
11:35 How Napp Pharmaceuticals’ purpose is driving employee engagement and brand unity

Case study presentation

  • Embedding a company purpose: the importance of culture for employee engagement
  • How using purpose enables a deeper public engagement with the story of disease prevention and treatment
  • Aligning international brand messages to grow your organisation's reputation through a united brand purpose
  • How purpose can power brand perception

Diana Evans, Head of Communications, Napp Pharmaceuticals

11:55 How putting purpose front and centre has maximised corporate reputation for Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Case study presentation

  • Learn how focussing on purpose and people can elevate corporate awareness and reputation
  • Identifying and authentically communicating about purpose to stakeholders on the channels they value
  • How purpose can elevate the role of communications

Peter Impey, Managing Director of Communications, 90TEN
Bhavin Vaid, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

12:15 Learning from communications failures in patient experience - a patient’s story

Chatham House Rules Discussion

  • Learn from a patient’s first-hand account about their experience to recognise communications successes and failures
  • Hear from senior figures from across the sector as they respond to highlight key learnings from wider patient experience
  • How communication with patients and clinicians leads to the development of better treatment

Paul Carless, Patient Ambassador, Bloodwise
Jo Spadaccino, Director of Client Partnerships, Pegasus

12:45 Networking lunch
Breakout Sessions
13:45 Informing and equipping employees to become brand ambassadors
  • Equipping employees for digital communications for internal and external use 
  • Providing them with an awareness of inadvertent promotion to the public
  • Fostering pride in the industry and company through brand purpose and exciting new developments

Avril Fudge, Communications and PR Lead EMENA, Accord Healthcare

13:45 What journalists want to hear: engaging with the media effectively
  • Key learnings from a journalist about their experiences with pharmaceuticals in the media
  • How to engage journalists and communicate in a way that will get greater coverage
  • Controlling the story and communicating with journalists in a way that gets your message across

Elisa Agate, External Communications Lead, AstraZeneca
Tejinder Virk, President, Europe, Khiron Life Science
Jane Symons, Communications Consultant, Journalist and Author

Breakout Sessions
14:25 Effective creativity in public affairs - communicating successfully to decision-makers
  • Ensuring that you are speaking to the most relevant stakeholders for your message to have the greatest effect
  • Tailoring your message to policy makers and payers’ priorities to improve return on activity
  • The role of communications in affecting policy change - how to target and affect policy

Richard Maughan, UK Director of Healthcare Policy and Public Affairs, Pfizer

14:25 Ensuring staff wellbeing: why you should be talking about mental health
  • Normalising conversations about mental health to create an inclusive environment that staff want to work in
  • Building mental health literacy across your organisation to promote understanding and create change
  • Ways of working to support wellbeing and manage pressure in fast-paced communications roles

Emma Mamo, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, Mind

15:05 Afternoon refreshments

15:35 Tech-enabled evaluation: evolving your approach to PR measurement in pharma


Ketchum has been on a journey to understand the role of data analytics in how they evaluate PR strategy and communicate success internally. Hear from Health MD Con Franklin as Ketchum discuss their learnings, insights and opportunities for pharma communicators in how we can evolve our measurement approach.

  • Using insights to drive interaction and engagement in future PR activity
  • How automated analytics prove the value of your work
  • Communicating to internal audiences effectively with clear and meaningful reporting

Con Franklin, Managing Director, Health, Ketchum

15:55 The affordability of future treatments


  • Rising treatment costs and the need for more effective communication than ever with key healthcare and regulator stakeholders
  • Changing payment models for healthcare with more expensive treatments

Keith Jordan, Policy, Access and Communications Director, Roche
Jeremy Durrant, Communications Director, British Generic Manufacturers Association
Sabina Syed, Founder and Managing Director, Visions4health

16:25 Chair's closing remarks

Emma Sergeant, President Europe DAS, Group of Companies, Omnicom

16:30 End of conference Day 2

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