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Agenda Day 1 - Tuesday 4 February 2020

08:30 Registration
09:00 Breakfast Briefing Session

Comms at the Top Table: How can we Elevate our Discipline?

Pharma communicators aim high – but our contributions to both commercial success and the industry’s standing can be easily over-looked at the C-Suite level. Join Ketchum Health MD Con Franklin for a lively, provocative breakfast session to kick off PharmaComms 2020, which will pose the question: How can we elevate our reputation at the highest levels of our business?

Con Franklin, Managing Director, Ketchum

09:45 Welcome from PRWeek

John Harrington, Editor, UK, PRWeek

09:50 Chair’s opening address

Emma Sergeant, President Europe DAS, Group of Companies, Omnicom

09:55 Innovation and regulation: how to master the balancing act of communications in Pharma

Opening keynote presentation

  • Encouraging a culture of creativity to produce engaging content to cut through with your communications
  • Establishing an awareness of firm boundaries to remain compliant while allowing for innovative communications
  • Bringing external agencies on board with campaigns as early as possible to facilitate the most engaging content for your message

David Flynn, Head of Public Relations, Roche
Kristine Kelly, Head of Communications and Patient Advocacy, UK, Novartis
Charlotte Davies, Head of Communications, Healthcare, Merck
Con Franklin, Managing Director, Health, Ketchum

10:25 The planned digital guidance from the ABPI outlined and explained
  • A preview of the new digital guidance from the ABPI
  • Best practice and implications are for communications on social media and digital channels
  • A chance to ask questions to the ABPI directly

Jill Pearcy, Director, ABPI Code Engagement, ABPI

10:45 New data from the Brands in Motion study shows the health sector has a bad case of apathy

WE Communications reveal insights from the new data from their Brands in Motion study, and give their recommendations on updating your communications to better engage an apathetic audience.

  • What can we learn from other sectors which have faced similar challenges?
  • How can we best engage audiences with the industry?
  • The vital role that communications will play in tackling payor, HCP and consumer perceptions and apathy of the health and wellness sector

Catherine Devaney, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Health, UK, WE Communications

11:05 Morning Refreshments

11:30 Breakout streams
Breakout Sessions
11:30 Responding to a crisis in real time - what makes a good crisis response in 2020?
  • Hear from Hanover as they take you through a fictional crisis response to develop and improve your crisis communications practices
  • Learn how to best employ honesty, humility and humanity in your crisis communications to encourage understanding from the public and key stakeholders
  • Hanover provide their key recommendations for your crisis response plan, and explain how to prepare and protect yourself against future crises

Alex Davies, Director, Hanover Communications

11:30 AI and data: maximising engagement and trust with healthcare
  • How is engagement changing with the rise of AI? OKRA explore how AI has lead to increased engagement with HCP's
  • How we can drive the trust of these new systems and as they become more valuable for use in healthcare

Eric Ssewagudde, EMEA Account Manager OKRA Technologies

Breakout Sessions
12:10 Producing quality content and optimising for increased engagement on digital and social channels
  • Responding to consumer online engagement trends and optimising your content for different audiences on different platforms, captivating audiences with short-form content and maximising the impact of your long-form content
  • Producing multimedia and video content that promotes your brand and is engaging for your audience
  • Integrating brand values and purpose in high quality content to drive public engagement with a condition

Cecilia Dominici, Digital Strategy and Content Director, WE Communications

12:10 The agency talent crisis: how should agencies recruit and retain talent?
  • How to create an environment and workplace culture that attracts top talent
  • Addressing the motivations of agency health staff so to retain experience and talent
  • The challenges of retraining communications staff with experience from other industries and the benefits of outside experience

Richa Bhardwaj, Global Communications and Government Affairs, GSK
Mike Dixon, CEO, Healthcare Communications Association
Annalise Coady, President, W2O Group

12:50 Networking lunch

Breakout Sessions
13:50 Engaging with survivorship conversations: quality patient relations
  • Partnering closely with patient groups to be a part of the conversation in a therapeutic area
  • Using first-hand experience of patients to feed back into medical development and address concerns

James Read, Director, Policy and Communications, MSD

13:50 From gaining senior-level buy in, through to better cross-sector learning, what does Pharma need to do in order to unleash its creative potential?

This interactive session will explore what’s really holding Pharma back when it comes to developing creative cultures and delivering more creative communications

  • Is compliance really the barrier we think it is or is the reality more complex?
  • Could a more ‘health first, sector second’ attitude transform your approach to creative campaigns?
  • What tools and models can help you better understand the barriers within your own organisation and formulate an action plan for change?

Stuart Hehir, Creative Director, Pegasus
Kesha Tansey, Associate Director, Pegasus

Breakout Sessions
14:30 Creating a unified digital strategy to present a clear message
  • Targeted branding on digital and social to reach your audience
  • The most effective ways of using each channel to communicate

Roeland Van Der Heiden, Digital Director, Astra Zeneca

14:30 Corporate Relevance - why relevance is the new reputation

While reputation looks back, relevance looks at the now and is based on actual digital behaviour, perceptions and content analysis. We will ask:

  • Is your organisation relevant on the topics that matter to key stakeholders?
  • Are stakeholders searching for your organisation and sharing your content?
  • How frequently are your key audiences engaging with your organisation on social media?

Annalise Coady, President, W2O Group
Kate Hawker, Practice Leader, Communications, W2O Group
Christian Marcoux, Senior Vice President, Global Communications, Ipsen

15:10 Afternoon refreshments

15:40 Learnings from the EFPIA and the ABPI campaigns Valuing Medicines and We Won't Rest

Case study presentation

  • Using purpose to demonstrate the value of the industry to the public
  • Effective measurement in PR campaigns to demonstrate engagement and audience response
  • How industry collaboration can combat the negative public perception of the sector

Andrew Powrie-Smith, Executive Director of Communications and Partnerships, EFPIA
Elaine Towell, Head of Media and Communications, ABPI

16:00 Patient group partnerships: what should pharma’s relationship with patient groups look like?

Panel discussion

  • The importance of patient feedback and continued dialogue in true patient centricity
  • The increase scope for cooperation with the added security of a definite, long-term relationship between a pharmaceutical company and a patient group
  • Aligning your brand with a societal purpose and increasing your share of voice through a meaningful partnership with the group that leads the conversation on a therapeutic area
  • Transparency in disclosing patient group funding: the shift into a public relationship and the benefits for PR and brand image

Alex Wyke, CEO, PatientView
Maria Caporaso, Pharma and Med Tech Lead, Prostate Cancer UK
Clara Bentham, Global Director of Corporate Communications, Norgine

16:30 Changing patients needs, technology developments and a global workforce - The unique WBA communications challenge

Keynote presentation

  • Global scale brings global communications challenges – and opportunities
  • The ‘invisible’ supply and distribution chain, and the importance of workforce engagement as demands keep growing
  • Technology and digitalisation in pharmacy - Boots getting closer to patients in innovative ways
  • The art, power and responsibility of communications in a patient-centric business

Laura Vergani, Vice President, International and Divisional Communications, Walgreens Boots Alliance

16:55 Chair’s Closing Remarks

Emma Sergeant, President Europe DAS, Group of Companies, Omnicom

17:00 End of conference Day 1 - Sponsored drinks session

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