09:30 Chair’s opening remarks
09:45 How 2020 brought change and collaboration to the world of Pharma and Healthcare

Keynote presentation

  • How has the industry responded to the pandemic, and how has this translated to policy change?
  • Will the newly forged relationships between Public Health, Public affairs and Pharma affect the way drug messaging is created in 2021?
  • What have communications professionals learned about working together and breaking down silos during the pandemic?

Simon Enright, Director of Communications, NHS England
Masimiliano Di Domenico, Vice President Government Affairs, GSK
Danny Buckland, Freelance Healthcare Journalist

10:30 Session break
10:40 Rising to the challenge: examining how the industry led the quest for a vaccine

Keynote presentation

  • How Oxford University and Astrazeneca built a research team in record breaking time
  • What to say, and what not to say when the whole world is watching
  • How to communicate progress without over promising

Katie Banks, Senior Comms Manager, Pfizer

11:00 Session break
11:40 What will Brexit mean for European pharmaceutical companies?
  • What are the new rules for drug distribution and how will this affect global pharma companies?
  • Will Britain have the negotiating power to secure and stockpile covid drugs without european support?
  • Does the unique nature of the NHS mean that not much will change? 
Masimiliano Di Domenico, Vice President Government Affairs, GSK
Julie Delin Fosdal, Manager, Corporate Communications, Tillots Pharma AG
12:00 Session break
12:10 The evolution of the NHS
  • Why the pandemic has allowed for more innovation in the NHS in one year than has happened over the past decade
  • Adapting to delivering healthcare virtually and the rise of in-home medication
  • How collaboration with pharma companies has set a new precedent that will fundamentally improve the future of healthcare
Simon Enright, Director of Communications, NHS England
12:30 Networking Lunch
13:30 How can Pharma companies deliver a more personalised, tailored message?
  • Addressing the challenges of patient confidentiality and data protection that prohibit targeting specific groups
  • Getting to grips with taking geography, age and gender into account when sending out a message
  • Why most pharma companies are still doing it wrong

David Flynn, Head of Public Relations, Roche

13:55 Session break
14:05 Will internal comms take center stage at pharma companies in 2021?
  • How have internal comms teams within pharma and healthcare providers changed in the past year?
  • Is it possible to keep your workforce engaged in an atmosphere of constant change and uncertainty?
  • What are the core tenets of good messaging and comms when you have a workforce that are experiencing burnout and isolation?

Avril Fudge, Communications and PR Lead EMEA, Accord Healthcare

14:45 Session break
15:00 Has the pandemic presented the pharmaceutical industry with a unique opportunity to redefine its purpose and role in society?

Panel discussion

  • What are the key principles that pharmacomms professionals must bear in mind when talking about their brand’s purpose?
  • Can some businesses still be in danger of purpose washing?
  • Are pharma companies communicating their Covid response effectively? Could this messaging be better aligned to an overall purpose strategy?

Emma Sergeant, President Europe DAS Group of Companies, Omnicom

15:45 Session break
16:00 Will pharmaceutical companies help to lessen the impact of reduced funding on patient groups and charities?
  • Why certain groups feel left behind
  • What can pharmaceutical companies and the wider healthcare industry do to re-engage with patients who feel that their interests have been overshadowed by the pandemic?
  • Is there a need for pharma companies to assist with patient group funding, and how can this be managed in the right way so that patient groups maintain their independence?
Clara Makay, CEO, World Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Alex Wyke, CEO, Patient View
Helen Rowntree, Director of Research, Services and Engagement, Blood Cancer UK
Anil Ranchod, Deputy Head of Communications, Stroke Association
16:30 Chair’s closing remarks

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