08:30 Morning refreshments and delegate registration
09:20 Chairperson’s opening remarks

John Clare, CEO, LionsDen Communications

Communicating in a complex healthcare system — working together for better patient outcomes

09:30 Life as a Septuagenarian - what is the right medicine to help the NHS celebrate its 70s?

Keynote presentation and Q&A

  • How part one of the campaign to celebrate the NHS at 70 was fought (and won?)
  • How can external partners help the NHS as it changes to meet the needs of an ageing population
  • The Long term plan - what opportunities are there for working with the NHS?

Simon Enright, Director of Communications, NHS England

9:55 Industry meets Institutions - EU success stories from GSK

Presentation and Q&A

Massimiliano Di Domenico, Vice President, Communications, Government Affairs & Market Access for Europe, GSK

10:20 Pressures on EU healthcare systems and the role of communications in navigating through uncertainty

Panel discussion and Q&A

  • How can the pharma industry, payers and trade bodies work together to ease the pressures on healthcare systems across Europe?
  • How are different players managing and future proofing engagement and communications in light of these trends?

Jessica Fine, Executive Director, External Affairs, MSD
Andrew Powrie-Smith, Executive Director of Communications & Partnerships, EFPIA
Susie Hackett, Independent consultant
Simon Enright, Director of Communications, NHS England

11:00 Morning refreshments and networking

Breakout Sessions
11:40 Reaching your target audience through social - where are they and how do I reach them?

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • How to work with medical affairs and legal teams to get social media plans off the ground
  • Defining and reaching your target audiences through digital engagement strategies
  • Segmenting your messaging to suit different channels and audiences - defining who your social output is catering for; HCP, payers, patients, policymakers
11:40 Community building and management

Practical masterclass

  • How to identify and engage patient forums and become a trusted partner
  • How to reach, engage and build good relationships with patient groups
  • How to better engage with patient stories to support clinical data
  • Can we move to a proactive, not reactive, way of working with patient groups?

Jorge Armanet, CEO & Co-Founder, HealthUnlocked

Breakout Sessions
12:30 Using behavioural insights to build patient activation campaigns that improve lives

Practical masterclass

  • Using the right insight to build engagement strategies that activate patients to change
  • Identifying the best channels and approaches to reach those that the disease affects
  • Measuring change and campaign outcomes

Peter Impey, Managing Director PR, 90TEN

12:30 What do patient groups want from their pharma partnerships?

Presentation and Q&A session

  • What makes for a good and effective partnership?
  • How to have a meaningful dialogue with patient groups
  • What NOT to do when approaching and working with patient groups

Sarah Porch, Head of Information and Support Services, Bloodwise

13:10 Networking lunch

Breakout Sessions
14:30 Can social media influencers work in a highly-regulated pharma market?

Presentation & Q&A

  • Identifying and engaging influencers - finding micro-influencers which may have relatively small communities in a particular therapeutic area, but hold significant influence
  • Defining your objectives of an influencer campaign- what outcomes do you want and how do you measure them?
  • How to effectively work with social influencers for mutual benefit

Aleena Hasnain, Digital Health Strategist, Edelman
Lizzie Rabone, Director of Strategy and Analytics , Edelman

14:30 Develop your unique corporate voice or risk getting lost amongst the crowd

Practical masterclass

  • Defining your corporate narrative - How to work effectively with your senior leadership team to develop compelling stories, messaging and statements
  • How to leverage your corporate narrative to gain cut through - differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Developing a communications strategy at brand level that aligns with the corporate strategy

Amelia James, Strategic Communications & Operations Director, MSD

Cross-functional working to deliver better engagement and outcomes for patients

15:20 PR in an age of accelerations

  • Major trends shaping the healthcare landscape
  • Redefining our roles to meet new challenges
  • Mindsets for success - lessons from outside of healthcare
  • Practical approaches to moving at the speed of change

Duncan Arbour, SVP Innovation, Syneos Health Communications Europe

15:40 Legal, medical affairs and regulatory teams - friend or foe?

Panel discussion and Q&A

  • Working effectively with other functions to deliver better communications and outcomes for patients
  • Developing a framework that works for communications, medical affairs, legal and regulatory teams
  • Managing the review process by understanding their language and terminology
  • Embracing social media - working smarter and closer with legal to get social content off the ground

Keith Jordan, Policy, Access and Communications Director, Roche
Dr Felix Jackson, Medical Director & Co-Founder, medDigital
Jill Pearcy, Director, ABPI Code Engagement, ABPI

16:10 Afternoon refreshment break
16:40 “We have a small crisis here…” – How to deliver an effective crisis communications programme in pharma

Presentation and Q&A

A crisis for any company can be damaging; in the world of healthcare it can be devastating. However, with effective preparation, flawless execution and the right kind of measurement, communications professionals can often save the reputation of a business, protect the share price and win the thanks of senior colleagues. Alex will showcase what good crisis communications looks like, talking through real life examples in an engaging and informative session.

Alex Davies, Director, Healthcare Communications, Hanover

17:00 Change4Life - Sharing lessons from Public Health England’s flagship social marketing campaign

Interactive presentation and Q&A

  • Overview of the 10 year Change4Life campaign - achievements and lessons learnt to date
  • How Public Health England found new ways of reaching people through social media and partnerships
  • Metrics, tracking and evaluation - outlining results and metrics used to evaluate behaviour change

Alexia Clifford, Deputy Director - Marketing Activation, Public Health England

17:25 Close of day one
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