Why we want your feedback

First, thanks for taking the time to read further on why we are asking for your feedback. 

We realise that people visit PRWeek for a number of reasons, whether it's to keep up with contracts won, or people moves, because of course that's what we offer you in terms of content. 

But we also appreciate you may be here for reasons that aren't accurately described by a label we can apply to our content. Yet those reasons may be equally or more important than simply keeping up to date. Perhaps you're using our content for a different purpose - for example researching a competitor, or an acquisition target. 

You might also be here looking for something that we don't provide. 

It's hugely beneficial for us to understand why you're here, and it gives us a chance to make sure we develop PRWeek to be hugely beneficial to you.

What we do with your feedback

Once you have responded to the poll question, we can associate that response with the data for your visit to PRWeek and understand how you used our site to get to your end goal.

There are two things we can then focus on once we've understood your key motive for visiting us:

Where you are looking for something that we know we can provide you with, we can look to make that experience quicker and more efficient.

The second thing is where we don't provide what you are looking for, we can investigate potential solutions to those needs and validate whether building something to meet them adds real value to our users. 

Then what happens?

Well if you want to contribute further, perhaps take part in some user testing of new features then why not join our Slack channel?!

If you want further information on how we handle your data, you will find full details in our Privay Notice.