The main conference will be taking place on 20 November, with optional workshops taking place on 19 November.

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09:00 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Workshop A: Measurement fundamentals - setting up an evaluation framework

Why measurement is a central issue for PR

  • How measurement and evaluation provide critical insights for PR activity
  • Measuring outputs vs. measuring impact - is traditional media evaluation still relevant in today’s always-on world?
  • Applying common sense to social media evaluation

How to define your objectives and align it with meaningful measurement

  • Setting objectives that align with the business objectives of your organisation
  • Aligning these objectives with the most suitable and informative metrics
  • Using these results to affect future performance and objectives

Advanced evaluation – measuring outtakes, outcomes and impact

  • Understanding the impact of PR activity and the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Adapting and implementing the AMEC framework to make measurement central to your business’s PR operations

Case study

  • Establishing a measurement framework and adapting established PR practices
  • Using evaluation to adapt PR activities during and after campaigns
  • Comparing performance and objectives to get insight

Resources and roadmap

  • Using the available resources to develop our own framework
  • AMEC’s maturity mapper

Andrew Drinkwater, PR & Media Consultant, PA Training

Andrew has been a PR and media consultant for more than 20 years. In that time he's worked with high profile consumer brands such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee, AXA and Barclays, and corporate clients including EDF Energy, HSBC, Cisco Systems and UK Power Networks.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Workshop B: Influencer insights - measurement as a starting point to establish and monitor influencers

Defining influencer marketing measurement and where to begin

  • Why measurement is fundamental to the success of influencer campaigns
  • Understanding what metrics should be measured to show the impact of your influencers
  • Where influencer measurement differs from PR measurement and why the two are separate disciplines

Budgeting and devising your approach

  • Making sure that influencers are the best fit for your business and your audience
  • Being strategic with your budget to maximise your effectiveness in measurement and evaluation
  • How to define and measure ROI from influencer marketing from a content, brand awareness and sales perspective

Defining your influencer KPI’s and setting the right measurement framework

  • Translating your business objectives into the influencer marketing channel 
  • How to create a strategic measurement framework for influencers to shape your future campaigns 

Optimising your media spend with influencer measurement 

  • Understanding the impact of high performing content and how to optimise activity throughout a campaign 
  • Where influencer marketing feeds into your other marketing channels and identifying the impact
  • Using your evaluation framework to adapt current practices for future influencer activity

Jake Bradley, PA Training

Jake currently sits as the Head of influencer measurement at the influencer marketing specialist, Tailify. Following spending the last few years working across digital & social market research at one of the industry leading research bodies, his work includes working with clients both brand direct & agencies to solve one of the biggest concerns in the influencer industry, understanding how to, and what to measure in influencer marketing to maximise the return on influencer campaigns.

15:00 End of day 1

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