09:00 Chair's opening remarks

09:15 Chair's opening remarks

09:30 Panel discussion: Defining success in measurement - where to start for success

  • Building around your brand priorities: should you be focusing on reach, developing your audience or encouraging action?
  • Setting up for success through objectives, measurement points and a plan for post-campaign evaluation
  • Examining the pros and cons of pivoting during your campaign using live data

Roopa Ramaiya, VP of Communications, Feedazi
David Bowles, Head of Public Affairs, RSPCA
Carlie Wittred, Head of Brand Marketing and PR, Gousto
Neil Morrison, Global Head of Measurement, Signal AI

10:10 An industry update with AMEC

Johna Burke, Managing Director, AMEC

10:25 Proving value: why and how PR should face the fear of small numbers

  • Is AVE back in disguise? Why high reach figures are unrealistic and might actually be hurting your budget
  • A how-to on holistically building measurement and outcomes into your campaigns
  • Creating credible audience data and the importance of tracking reputation over time

Craig Noonan, Head of Retail PR, The Co-Operative Group

10:50 Knowing your audience: the secrets to a successful PR strategy

Speaker representative, Cision

11:00 Networking break

11:40 Panel discussion: What do comms directors really want when it comes to measurement, agencies and partnerships?

What do agencies need to know in terms of what comms and PR directors are looking for from a partnership?

How merging your marketing & PR teams could help with measurement methods

The benefit of synergic evaluation: how reviewing campaigns collaboratively across teams and partnerships might better demonstrate how to maximise impact in the future

Ngozi Emeagi, Director, Communications, London Stock Exchange Group

12:20 Have a Word: how to measure mind-changing campaigns

  • Examining the successes and learnings from the ‘Have a Word’ campaign
  • How to approach measurement when your goal isn’t measurable through clicks
  • Using surveys as a method and accounting for bias in your results

Puja Parmer, Senior Advisor to the Mayor - Marketing, Mayor of London

12:40 From Ford to Old Navy: How brands are using real-time media monitoring

Paul Quigley, CEO, Newswhip

13:00 Networking Lunch

14:00 Data literacy in PR: what your PR team skills should look like and building PR’s value

  • The 5 new models of PR measurement teams and which one you should be using
  • Best practice and techniques for training your PR teams for maximum measurement effectiveness
  • Bridging the gap between cause, effect and value: how much credit does PR get for the outcome?

Andrew Smith, Director, Escherman and PRCA Innovation Group member

14:25 Evaluating influencer impact on your PR campaigns

  • A deep dive into influencer impact and the risks and rewards of micro vs macro influencers on your brand
  • Why you should be embedding action into any influencer campaigns for a measurable result
  • Does influencer advocacy work when you’re not selling a product?

14:20 Networking Break

15:15 Panel discussion: Moving measurement from short-term to long term - the value in a broader view

  • The peril of the performance marketing lens: how focusing on short-term ROI for PR can hinder long-term growth
  • Getting comfortable with multiple metrics whilst knowing which are actually valuable for making strategic decisions
  • How to layer big branded metrics with small campaign results to understand true PR impact over time

Laura Bevan, PR & Communications Lead, Elvie
Barney Barron, Head of EMEA Analysis, Cision
Simon Creer, Director of Communications, Royal Town Planning Institute

15:55 Chair’s closing comments

16:00 End of conference

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