Leaders in Communications

5 November 2015, London

Oliver Rawlins, Group Director of Communications, Guardian Media Group

  • Some influent people have said that newspapers could die in 5-10 years: what are your views on this and how does it affect “the brand” and your role as a communicator?
    This statement is about newspapers as a distribution mechanism - relative to their online reach - and not newspaper journalism. The most successful newspaper franchises will survive; how you access their journalism will continue to change.
  • If you had one recommendation for leveraging reputation management as a corporate asset what would it be?
    A corporation's reputation is arguably its most important intangible asset. Companies with a strong reputation have a licence to tell their stories proactively; those without must repair their reputations before telling any story at all.
  • What would your top three tips on driving creativity and innovative communications strategies be? 
    Hire smart people; monitor best practice among your peers; consider new distribution platforms with care.
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