Leaders in Communications

5 November 2015, London

Fiona Thorne, Corporate Affairs Director, Gala Coral Group

  • Some influent people have said that newspapers could die in 5-10 years: what are your views on this and how does it affect “the brand” and your role as a communicator? 
    While it’s true that we’re unlikely to find many newspapers printed on paper in 10 years’ time, if today’s newspaper brands work hard to reinvent, they can continue to play an important role in creating, aggregating and commenting on news in a way which gives them huge influence.  The role of the brand as a trusted intermediary will become ever more important as people navigate through swirling masses of information.
  • If you had one recommendation for leveraging reputation management as a corporate asset what would it be?
    If you work with business leaders to ensure that they recognise that reputation management is driven by how the organisation behaves, rather than just by what is says, then you are on the path towards creating a corporate reputation which delivers a positive halo in the good times, and a powerful source of strength in tough times.
  • What would your top three tips on driving creativity and innovative communications strategies be?   
    Be clear about what success looks like. The only two words which are misused and misunderstood more than “creativity and innovation” are “communications” and “strategies”.
    Start by being fearless and aiming for what success would look like in a perfect world – it’s a whole lot easier to soften a radical strategy than to toughen up a soggy one.
    Abolish hierarchy in your organisation as much as you can. If everyone feels equally able to contribute you will tease out the best thinking from across the team instead of hearing the same old thing from the usual suspects.
  • What session, other than your own, are you most looking forward to at Leaders In Communications?
    I am very much looking forward to hearing from Guto Harri at News UK
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