Leaders in Communications

5 November 2015, London

Arthur Leathley, Director of Communications, DECC

  • Some influent people have said that newspapers could die in 5-10 years: what are your views on this and how does it affect “the brand” and your role as a communicator? 

    Newspapers may die in their current form, but desire for news never will. News outlets that recognise how – not whether - the public wants to receive accurate, up-to-date information will survive, but they will never have the same control over news as previously.
    The best news outlets will collate information coming from many sources – including increasingly from their own readers/viewers - and become trusted for melding all that information to create a balanced story. The rest may well die.

  • If you had one recommendation for leveraging reputation management as a corporate asset what would it be?
    Make ‘trust’ an ever-present challenge at board meetings. Every decision should be judged against whether it enhances or reduces public trust in the brand. The reputation will follow.
  • What would your top three tips on driving creativity and innovative communications strategies be?   
    1. Think big first – and then tailor to need/budget
    2. Test with an honest audience – either external or even internal if they are truly honest - before your ideas go too far
    3. Assure the board it will be evaluated – the best way of bringing colleagues alongside the seemingly daftest idea
  • What session, other than your own, are you most looking forward to at Leaders In Communications?
    Driving reputation management to the next level
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