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The Science Behind Influencer Marketing


The growth of influencer marketing shows no signs of slowing down in 2018. But as brands continue to turn to influencers to drive engagement and sales, consumers are becoming more savvy to sponsored content. There are many challenges when it comes to working with influencers - an increase in regulation, fake followers, and maintaining genuine influence to name just a few. So how are brands, agencies and social listening platforms stepping up to bring authenticity back to a now paid-for channel?

PRWeek’s brand new influencer marketing forum will take a deep look at the tools and platforms available for identifying the right influencers for your organisation, and explore the metrics you should be using to measure the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns. The forum will use recent case studies to show how top brands are taking a data-driven approach to their influencer activities.


09:00 Registration and coffee
09:30 Chair’s opening remarks

John Harrington, Deputy Editor, PRWeek

09:35 The wild west of influencer marketing: Is it really coming to an end due to credible tools helping identify true influence?

Case study and talk

Finding influencers who are the right fit for your brand, and whose audience is the right fit for your brand, is an ongoing challenge. Working with influencers is a costly marketing channel, so you need to be sure that they hold genuine influence among an audience which resonates with your brand, otherwise, what’s the point? Serge and Lisa will talk through a recent campaign using a proprietary Ogilvy tool called A.D.A.M., and how they identified the right influencers for Bacardi. They will also provide their view on what the future might look like for social listening tools and how they see the functionality evolving to keep pace with the influencer marketing landscape.

Lisa Jedan, Global Head of Brand PR & Corporate Communications, Bacardi
Serge Vaezi, Chief Strategy + Creative Officer, Ogilvy PR EMEA & UK

09:55 Business meetings and networking

Meet with suppliers specifically tailored to your organisation's needs in 1-1 settings designed to help you form lucrative relationships.

11:00 Refreshment break
11:25 Business meetings and networking
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Influencer marketing ecosystem - is a data-driven approach the answer to combatting rogue influencers or the cause?

Panel debate & Q&A

    • What information and insights are organisations being asked for internally when getting budget approval for an influencer campaign?
    • Rogue influencers - what are the flaws to relying heavily on data and is this wise?
    • What data and insights are talent agencies using to make recommendations, and how is this adapting as the industry continues to evolve?

Lisa Targett, UK General Manager, TRIBE
Denis Crushell, VP Europe, Tubular Labs
Richard Bassinder, Social Media manager + Content creation and analytics, Yorkshire Building Society
Chris Davis, Head of Brand Partnerships, Gleam Futures
James Erskine, Founder and Director, Social Circle

14:10 Business meetings and networking

Meet with suppliers specifically tailored to your organisation's needs in 1-1 settings designed to help you form lucrative relationships.

14:40 Refreshment break
15:05 Business meetings and networking
15:40 Measurement and evaluation - was it worth the money? How to plan, measure and evaluate to make sure your influencer partnerships deliver value

For many brands, influencer marketing is still experimental, with marketers going on 'feel' instead of using data to plan for and measure success. Using examples from past campaigns, Ross Brown will cover how to:

    • Take a Hollywood-inspired approach to choose the influencers who will have the biggest impact for your brand
    • Brief your talent, negotiate fees and set clear KPIs up front
    • Set up and implement agile and ongoing evaluation, and how to take action when something doesn't go to plan
    • Measure the results of your work and use this information to improve future influencer campaigns

Ross Brown, Senior Vice-President of Brand Strategy and Content, PMK•BNC

16:00 Drinks reception

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