Measurement is an ever-present problem in PR for both brands and agencies. In an industry based on creativity and storytelling it can be difficult, and often costly, to provide metrics that accurately portray the value of PR; especially when part of a larger integrated campaign. Digital marketing disciplines have the ability to clearly measure and track leads and sales, which is putting increasing pressure on PRs to develop effective measurement strategies or risk losing out on business.

At this breakfast briefing, you’ll discover how to track and optimise your campaigns using the latest measurement techniques. Starting with how to involve measurement from the planning stage of a campaign, the event will also cover how measurement can be used for optimisation during a campaign, and how post-campaign results can be used to prove the ROI of your work in future pitches.

Join us this November during Measurement Month to hear how others in the industry are tackling the challenge and staying ahead of the game.

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08:30 Welcome breakfast and registration
09:00 Chair’s opening remarks

Barry Leggetter, CEO, AMEC

09:05 How to improve the quality of PR measurement programs - The AMEC M3 – an industry first!

Presentation and Q&A

  • How a measurement program “measures up” to best practice?
  • How to make a measurement program more effective?
  • Where to focus first?
  • How does M3 integrate with AMEC’s Integrated Framework

Paul Hender, Consultant
Colin Wheeler, Board Director, AMEC and Managing Director, Survey Solutions Limited

09:15 Setting up for success by leveraging data

Presentation and Q&A

  • Defining your metrics and target audience before launch to effectively track results during and after a campaign
  • Utilising data sources to tweak and enhance campaigns throughout, in order to maximise results
  • Obtaining the data to prove PR’s worth within an integrated model

Fergus Campbell, Head of Communications, Gumtree

09:40 Brand case study

Case study and Q&A

  • Planning and delivering effective measurement strategies for campaigns on a smaller budget
  • Describing the frameworks that are successful for smaller organisations, and demonstrate how they are applied
  • Alternative measurement models on a budget; providing value to clients without spending on major tools
10:05 Spotlight on attribution: How can PR use measurement to prove its worth against other channels?

Panel debate and Q&A

  • Making the case for ‘smart’ data-driven PR and how it can enhance a campaign
  • Learning lessons from other channels to provide genuine ROI and use data to negotiate on a commercial level with clients
  • What should the PR toolkit look like to effectively measure campaign activity?
  • Discussing the digital and analytical skills that communications professionals will need to make the case for PR

Allison Spray, Head of Data & Insight, Hill & Knowlton Strategies
Fergus Campbell, Head of Communications, Gumtree
Rick Guttridge, Managing Director, Smoking Gun PR
Natalie Luke, Managing Director, Aduro Communications

10:45 Chair's closing remarks
10:50 End of Conference

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Book now to guarantee your place for just £169 +VAT (full rate £199). PRWeek subscribers can book for £149 +VAT.

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