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Social360 provides accurate and comprehensive social media monitoring and analysis. Developed by communications experts, we filter online content to deliver clients with bespoke, curated and easy-to-digest information, proven by successful relationships with some of the world biggest corporate brands. We are critical partners in times of crisis communications planning and delivery, providing filtered and timely insight which allows clients to act nimbly in the most demanding situations. Our coverage of over 40 million social media sources worldwide coupled with our proprietary search technology identifies data relevant to client parameters. Skilled and experienced communications professionals edit and prioritise this intelligence, spotting trends and identifying influencers taking the pressure off clients handling crisis in the fast-paced age of digital media.


Polpeo is a crisis simulation platform. Its simulates how a crisis unfolds and spreads over social and digital media, but in a closed private environment. Proprietary simulation technology mimics the behaviour and interaction of social networks, microblogs, news sites, forums, blogs and video channels, while a live team of specialists role-play the public response. This powerful combination makes the experience interactive and realistic, so that brand communications teams can practise how they would respond, stress-test their crisis processes, and refine their crisis plans.

Polpeo works with some of the biggest brands, organisations and communications agencies all over the world to help them prepare for a crisis. Because of the work it does, its client names are confidential, but they include organisations across FMCG, food and drink, public sector, financial services, retail banking, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, health and beauty, retail and consumer brands.

Polpeo was founded in 2013 by The Social Element, owned by Tamara Littleton, and PR specialist Kate Hartley.


Cision aligns the art of communication with the science of data. The Cision Communications Cloud™ delivers a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform for communicators to reach relevant media influencers and craft compelling campaigns that impact customer behaviour. With rich monitoring and analytics, Cision arms brands with the insights they need to tie their communications programs to strategic business objectives.


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