08:30 Registration and coffee
09:20 Chair’s opening remarks

Richard Scott, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs, Virgin Trains

09:30 The role of crisis communications: How have priorities changed in 2019?

Panel discussion

  • As crisis response changes and evolves, what does this mean for those in communications?
  • How does the communications function sit within the company now that people are becoming more aware of its importance?

Philip Allport, Director of Communications and Public Affairs UK & Ireland, Norwegian Airlines
Klare Kennett, Assistant Director, External Affairs Marketing and Communications, RSPCA
James Melville-Ross, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting FTI

10:10 Social media: Dispatches from the digital front line

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • As a crisis unfolds and gathers speed in real time, across multiple geographies, how can it be managed and contained?  
  • How do you react to an entirely unexpected crisis? And how do you rebuild trust and reputation?
  • In this case study Natalie will share a recent example of hands-on crisis management and show where it fits into Avon’s bigger brand and corporate reputation management

Natalie Deacon, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs, CSR and Sustainability, Avon

10:35 Morning refreshments
11:00 The Momo Challenge on YouTube: The anatomy of a fake news crisis

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • Turning the tide amidst a large volume of inaccurate news
  • Dealing with unsubstantiated and unpredictable crises
  • In this case study Zayna will take you through the Momo crisis and how YouTube worked to regain control of the story

Zayna Aston, EMEA Communications & Public Affairs, Google & YouTube

11:25 UKTV through the blackout: The art of authentic communications

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • How to be sincere and create an authentic and human response
  • Managing a public that increasingly expects genuine, honest and transparent communications
  • Balancing legal, compliance and commercial considerations when communicating externally
  • Crafting a public response that doesn’t compromise your company but instead supports its objectives

Zoe Clapp, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, UKTV

11:25 - 12:10
The role of media monitoring in communications

Workshop (optional)

  • How to identify a potential crisis before it unfolds by combining communications instinct with media monitoring
  • What value can data monitoring tools add to crisis preparedness?
11:50 Building resilience: Caring for the communications teams that battle your crisis
  • If a day of crisis management turns into a week, and then into a month, how do you keep your communications team motivated?
  • How to care for the communications team that is managing your crisis
  • How to practice mindfulness to create a better functioning communications team

12:15 Airport shutdown: Planning for the unplannable

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • Is it ever possible for your team to be ready for any potential crisis?
  • How can you respond to a crisis that starts quickly and develops relentlessly?
  • Looking out for your stakeholders and team when a crisis hits

Heather Griffiths, Head of Communications, Gatwick Airport

12:40 From corporate to caring: How being a socially responsible brand can make you more resilient to crisis
  • As communications becomes more integrated into wider business strategy, how can a socially responsible brand image help you in a crisis?
  • How to use your brand values during a crisis to minimise reputational damage

Joanna de Koning, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Just Eat

13:05 The Anatomy of a Crisis: The link between reputation and value in a crisis

  • In this age of round-the-clock company scrutiny, we see almost as much focus given to how a Company handles a crisis as the crisis itself
  • In this session, FTI Consulting's Crisis experts will discuss their research which looks at the historical trends to see whether patterns from the past can be used to inform approaches to crisis responses in the future

Adam Davidson, Senior Director, FTI Consulting
James Melville-Ross, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

13:25 Networking lunch
14:30 Priorities in a crisis and how to consolidate them

Presentation and Q&A

  • The clock is ticking: what are the priorities for your crisis response team during the first 24 hours of a crisis?
  • Discussing the co-operation of the crisis team and creating a plan that includes all of these priorities

Pierre Goad, Group Head of communications, HSBC

14:55 Data breaches: Preparing  against unpredictable cyber threats

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • How to protect yourself against this increasingly prominent threat
  • How best to control the damage caused by a cyber attack
  • Co-operation of IT and communications teams to protect against the threat of data breaches
  • What value can data monitoring tools add to crisis preparedness?
14:30 - 15:15
Interactive social media training - are you prepared?

Crisis simulation (optional)

  • Mastering social media response to improve your brand’s chances of recovering post-crisis
  • Best practice in managing a wide array of social media platforms during a crisis that’s unfolding quickly
15:20 Afternoon refreshment break
16:05 UK network outage: Managing the crisis within

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • How to manage internal communications in a crisis
  • Understanding your role in a communications team
  • Communicating effective and informative messages
  • Key learnings from O2's day-long outage

Nicola Green, Director of communications and reputation, O2

16:25 Rebuilding trust in challenging times

Case study presentation and Q&A

  • The trust landscape – why does it matter and how is it interlinked with your reputation?
  • The shifting operating landscape – know where you are to survive where you’re headed.
  • Pace and momentum – the next steps when crisis management becomes a long term project
  • Putting trust back in place – long-term actions that can be put in place to repair trust and minimise impact of the next challenge

Kirsten Walkom, Global Communications Director, Save The Children

16:50 Chair's closing remarks
17:00 Close of conference

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