08:30 Registration and refreshments
09:20 Chair’s opening remarks
09:30 Adapting to the new world of consumer driven crisis management

Panel discussion

  • Ensuring a proactive approach to consumer driven issues – from customer outrage to the eco-activist
  • Understanding the changing landscape and consumer consciousness: What are the key issues that you need to plan for?
  • Interpreting the issues of the moment, what is driving them and how it could affect your business
  • Knowing your customer: Understanding your core audience and what matters to them

James Melville-Ross, Senior Managing Director - Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting
Aimee Goldsmith, Associate Director, Company Communications, Northern Europe, Procter & Gamble
Joe Rankin, Head of Communications, London City Airport

10:10 Civil Aviation Authority’s Project Matterhorn

Case study

Richard Stephenson OBE, Communication Director, Civil Aviation Authority

10:45 Dynamic crisis response: Managing a breaking story

Keynote presentation

This case study will share a blow-by-blow account of a recent crisis and consider how the team:

  • Determined their priorities in the first few hours
  • Ensured agility: Structure, command structure and mechanisms put in place to deal with the crisis
  • Agreed the decision-making process and judgement calls and why

James Melville-Ross, Senior Managing Director - Strategic Communications, FTI Consulting
Adam Davidson, Senior Director, FTI Consulting

10:55 Morning refreshments
11:25 Safeguarding reputation and addressing workplace issues in the wake of #MeToo

Case Study

  • Neither deflect, nor deny: tackling bullying and harassment issues head on
  • Ensuring board buy in and accountability to evidence actions have consequences
  • Safeguarding reputation and trust through transparency and clear action

Jo Scott, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lloyd’s

11:40 The customer is always right: Building a resilient customer-facing issue management strategy

Digital media provides consumers with a powerful platform to have their voices heard. This session will explore how to:

  • Use social listening tools to identify and manage potential issues
  • Recognise when an issue is going to amplify across social media and become a greater risk to your brand
  • Continually work closely with customer service teams to manage issues and mitigate reputational attrition
  • Effectively manage an escalation when it arises
  • Strategically leverage brand equity and positive PR over the long term
Breakout Sessions
12:30 Delivering an integrated approach to crisis management

Case Study

  • The role and function of external communications within the wider business context during a crisis
  • Defining the role and interplay of different disciplines in a crisis: Working with legal and risk to stymie the impact
  • Building resilience: The value of effective internal communications and what it should look like
12:55 ‘Change is coming whether you like it or not’: How can you ensure a robust response to sustainability issues?

Case Study

  • Exploring the key issues to address – from flight shaming to your carbon footprint
  • Ensuring sustainability is on the board agenda and communicating what it means in terms of reputation and stakeholder and shareholder interest
  • Demonstrating your positive direction of travel and intent

Julian Hunt, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications and Sustainability GB, Coca-Cola European Partners

12:30 Harnessing consumer insight to safeguard your brand 

Interactive workshop

  • Leveraging a data driven approach to brand and crisis management
  • Using consumer focus groups to understand your core audience and what matters to them
  • Extrapolating data to inform your crisis communications strategy and decision making should a crisis occur
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Silencing the echo chamber: Managing a crisis playing out across social media

Panel discussion

  • Assessing the right tools to measure the scale of the crisis
  • Irreverent to apologetic? Choosing the right communications approach for the situation
  • Beyond social: Managing a crisis that dovetails with a PR and media outbreak

Anil Ranchod, Deputy Director PR & Communications, Stroke Association

14:50 Fake News, The Election and Politicalisation

Panel discussion

Damian Collins MP, Chair, Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee
Will Moy, Chief Executive, Full Fact

15:30 Developing integral media relations


  • What do journalists want from reporting a crisis?
  • How can you work with journalists on an equal footing to reduce reputational fall out and leverage positive PR and brand equity?
15:50 Afternoon refreshments
Breakout Sessions
16:20 Taking down the trolls

Lightning Talk

Our new knowledge sharing sessions will provide delegates with compelling and concise insight and expertise on how to handle some of the most challenging aspects of crisis communications and management.

16:30 RNLI case study

Case Study

Alison Levett, Regional Media Engagement Manager, RNLI

16:50 Worth the risk? Working with celebrity ambassadors

Panel discussion

  • Choosing wisely: How do you identify the right ambassadors for your brand?
  • What should you consider in the process and how do you evaluate what could go wrong?
  • How do you manage your association with them in the case of negative PR and behaviour?
  • Exploring lessons from recent celebrity-driven brand crisis management
16:20 Crisis simulation: Putting your crisis management skills to the test in a safe environment
  • Experience how to handle a crisis as it unfolds
  • Assess the key tools you need to evaluate the crisis
  • Understand how to respond to competing priorities
17:30 Chair’s closing remarks

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