08:30 Breakfast and Networking

09:10 Chair’s Opening Remarks

09:15 Keynote session

09:45 Building on your sustainability story - building on purposeful communication

An opportunity to reflect on how organisations are building a transparent and compelling narrative on sustainability and the progress that organisations are making in support of sustainable development goals

  • Are you creating a compelling and trustworthy sustainability narrative?
  • How, as an industry body, can you continue to push sustainability up the corporate and political agenda?

Joanna De Kong, Just Eat

10:25 Establishing ethics and trust at the heart of your function

The recent data scandals have raised some challenging questions around the ethics of data and public affairs. This panel will explore:

  • What is the regulatory regime within the new populist stage?
  • What does the new code of conduct mean and what is the value of signing up?
  • How can the industry evolve to overcome its ‘old school’ reputation?

Poli Stuart-Lacey, Director of Communications, HMRC

10:55 Morning Refreshments

Breakout Sessions

11:25 Safeguarding reputation and rebuilding trust through effective public affairs

  • Protecting reputation through challenging times
  • How best to use corporate profiling to help rebuild trust with investors and the public
  • Safeguarding reputation in a digital world
11:25 Developing an authentic communications culture across multiple sites

  • Building the value of internal communication in an organisation
  • Successfully communicating with a displaced workforce that does not have access to standard communication channels
  • Losing the jargon: communicating effectively to bring your workforce with you and create employee advocates

Kate McFerran, Director of Communications, LNER (London North Eastern Railway)

Breakout Sessions
12:05 Case study 1: Creating truly brilliant digital campaigns
  • Harnessing insight and data to inform campaign strategy
  • How can public affairs leverage the opportunities and reach of the digital realm
  • Applying digital tools and strategies to change stakeholder and political opinion

Nigel Milton, Director of Communications, Heathrow Airport Ltd

12:05 Quantifying the value of corporate communications to the wider business

  • Creating a measurement framework: How successful is your internal and external proposition?
  • Gauging the power of your narrative: Establishing proof points of value
  • Setting clear objectives and developing meaningful indicators
  • Quantifying commercial risk for the wider business: How can you measure and communicate the impact of poor decision making?

12:40 Lunch

Breakout Sessions
13:45 Case study 2: Creating compelling and creative campaigns
  • Harnessing insight and data to inform campaign strategy
  • How can public sector communications leverage the opportunities and reach of the digital realm
  • Applying digital tools and strategies to influence, support and guide stakeholders into taking action

Laurien Hubbard, BREXIT Campaign Lead, Cabinet Office

13:45 One voice, one message: Managing local communications on a global scale

For global organisations with a disparate workforce and customers across the world it can be difficult to bring clarity and cohesion to message development.  When working across countries and continents facing different cultural, economic and political challenges, how can you develop one clear identity and vision, and speak in one voice?  This session will look at:

  • Creating a communications campaign that reflects cultural as well as corporate values
  • Building a narrative to cut through the noise
  • Balancing local nuance and global consistency

Natalie Deacon, Executive Director fo Corporate Affairs and Sustainability & President, Avon Foundation for Women, Avon

Breakout Sessions
14:25 Showcasing success: Measuring and selling the value of public affairs
  • Mechanisms for measuring the value of your public affairs campaign
  • Selling the value of public affairs up and down your organisation
  • Calculating your return on investment and effect on the bottom line
14:25 Crafting your narrative: Engaging and empowering your stakeholders through storytelling

  • Embedding values and culture through storytelling
  • Optimising your channels: Building on the foundation of digital and content creation

Jenny Caven, Director of External Affairs, Slimming World

15:05 Afternoon refreshments

15:35 What clients want from agencies

The successful delivery of both corporate communication and public affairs campaigns relies clear understanding of purpose, business objectives and core values. We bring together a panel of senior leaders to unpick what clients are looking for in agencies.

David Shriver, Communications Director, Ocado
Mat Sears, Director of Corporate Affairs, Consumer Division, BT & EE

16:15 Driving purpose through the heart of business strategy

  • Differentiating between purpose and vision
  • Aligning business objectives with internal and external purpose
  • Bringing purpose to life: creating a compelling narrative and filtering the through the organisation

Dominic Redfearn, Head of Brand & Communications, Diageo
Brendan O’Grady, Group Communications Director, The Guardian
Oliver Rawlins, VP Communications EMEA, Netflix

17:00 Chair’s Closing Remarks

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