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PR Week Jobs is the leading specialist jobsite for the public relations, communication and CSR sectors. PRWeek Jobs is designed to help job seekers find the right role as quickly and as easily as possible.

From email bulletins to employer branding campaigns and content packages, no-one goes further to put your opportunity in front of thousands of high calibre job candidates across the entire PR sector.  The most iconic brands in the PR industry trust us to help them source the top talent for careers at all stages and across all specialisms

PRWeek Jobs enables clients to reach the best minds in PR and communications with access to a network of thousands of  active candidates.

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Jobsite visitors*


Editorial site visitors*


Jobsite Views*


Job email registrants**



*GA: Jan-Sept 2018
**Magdex insights: Average Jan-Sept18
#Combined followers @prweekjobs & @prweekuknews


Editorial Newsletter*

Total recipients 29K+

Open rates 20%

Candidate Emails*

Average recipients 53K

Open rates 12%

Print Users

Circulation 5K+

Paid Users* 21K+

*Actuals Jan-Sept 2018 || **Actuals Jan-Jul 2018



Selecting your listing 

  • Standard listing = fully branded 4 week listing with additional exposure to the PRCA's membership base
  • Premium listing = alongside a standard listing, your is role placed above standard listings in relevant search results - this is refreshed at the half way mark of your campaign
  • Featured listing = highlighting your vacancy on the PR Week Jobs home page to attract traffic & the maximum number of unique views


Add an inventory to your booking

  • Candidate email
  • Editorial job
  • Job Listing Refresh
  • Tailored advertising packages
  • Multi-buy discounts
  • Annual License Contracts


Work with us to create a bespoke recruitment solution

From on-site articles, targeted PPC , online Q&A sessions and social media marketing to fully engaged live candidate webinars, no-one gives you more opportunity to connect directly with the best PR and Comms talent than we do. Make your brand stand out at PR Week Jobs.

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We received high engagement through our wider recruitment campaign and every other candidate we interviewed said they had seen our content marketing article.

Jason Evans
Senior HR manager, UEFA
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We're changing the face of PR recruitment

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Jason Rosehill
Sales Manager
Jason has a background spanning 10 years within the Creative, Marketing and Advertising industries. He has experience in recruitment from heading up agency-side talent acquisition, to closely working with recruitment consultancies for many years. Jason's broad industry knowledge best places him to provide solution based strategic insight for our recruitment partners across our brands.
Leona Ademi
Senior sales executive
Leona has a 5 year background in recruitment sales and since joining Haymarket at a senior level, she has established and grown relationships with a wide variety of clients. With her excellent knowledge and expertise, she will guide you down the right path to ensure you get the results you need from our known audiences.  
Charlie Lepley
Sales Executive
Charlie offers bespoke, knowledgable and creative advice and solutions to recruitment scenarios. Charlie has secured some incredible results for his clients and is able to use his experience in fine-tuning the recruitment process to match and exceed your requirements. 

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