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PR Week Jobs is the leading specialist jobsite for the public relations, communication and CSR sectors. PRWeek Jobs is designed to help job seekers find the right role as quickly and as easily as possible. From email bulletins to employer branding campaigns and content packages, no-one goes further to put your opportunity in front of thousands of high calibre job candidates across the entire PR sector.

The most iconic brands in the PR industry trust us to help them source the top talent for careers at all stages and across all specialisms

PRWeek Jobs enables clients to reach the best minds in PR and communications with access to a network of thousands of  active candidates.

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How many pr and comms professionals will your job advert reach?


Unique visitors - job site*


Unique visitors - editorial site*


Print circulation**


Job email registrants***



*GA Monthly Average (15/03/2017-15/06/2017)
**Average issue print run (as on 16/06/2017)
***Silverpop registration data (as on 16/06/2017)
#Combined followers @prweekjobs & @prweekuknews (as on 15/06/2017)


Job Sector (APV)*

Government (Public Sector) 24


Charities/Voluntary Organisation 17

Job Title (APV)*

Director 28

Manager (In-house) 20

Account Executive 20

Job Disciplines (APV)*

Press/Media Relations 18

Research 15

Business 12

*Applications per vacancy

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From on-site articles, targeted PPC , online Q&A sessions and social media marketing to fully engaged live candidate webinars, no-one gives you more opportunity to connect directly with the best PR and Comms talent than we do. Make your brand stand out at PR Week Jobs.

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We received high engagement through our wider recruitment campaign and every other candidate we interviewed said they had seen our content marketing article.

Jason Evans
Senior HR manager, UEFA
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We're changing the face of planning recruitment

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Key Account Director
Ben is our PRWeek recruitment specialist and works with our PRWeek TOP 150 agencies. With over 12 years experience in recruitment Ben understands the candidate marketplace in the PR and communications industry like no-one else on the team. He is therefore best placed to advise you on how to influence our audience, to get the best results for your vacancy and deliver successful recruitment campaigns.
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Sales Executive
Gemma is our sales executive working with our recruitment consultancy clients across Haymarket's Marcomms portfolio.As a former recruitment consultant herself, Gemma advises consultancies on how they can get the best response and application rates possible from their advertising campaigns so they can really drive their business forward.
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Careers Content Editor
With 12 years of PR and editorial experience, Jennifer Jackson is our in house careers content marketing specialist. She works across the full complement of 13 specialist recruitment platforms here at Haymarket and can draw on a wealth of experience from the built environment, energy, marketing and communications sectors.

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