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Richard Fogg

Richard Fogg



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Describe your 2022 in no more than five words.

Neither as good/bad as hoped/feared.

What has been your professional highlight of 2022?

Doing a ‘My Career’ talk for The Xec. Leadership Scheme. The 22-23 cohort are a seriously impressive group of young PR professionals – our industry’s future is in great hands. And I’ll be honest, the feedback made me feel warm and fuzzy.

What has been your favourite proactive PR campaign of the past 12 months? (Not one that you or your organisation has been involved in.)

Women’s Aid – 'He’s coming home’ was a fantastic PR campaign. It was timed to perfection and delivered an important, harrowing message, raising awareness of an underreported issue.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most poorly in the past 12 months?

You could make a persuasive argument for anyone in the UK Government. For me though, Elon Musk has impressively and utterly trashed his own reputation in hitherto unimaginable, unconceivable ways in 2022. The impact has been to destroy billions of dollars in market value, to no apparent end.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most adeptly and proactively in the past 12 months? (Not one that you or your organisation has been involved in.)

Volodymyr Zelensky and Olena Zelenska – the president and first lady of Ukraine. The way they’ve managed international perception of the war has been inspiring. In particular, their use of personal stories to illustrate the impact of Russian aggression and mobilise support is incredibly impressive.

Has the ‘great resignation’ ended in PR?

Yes. No. Maybe. Ask me next year!

Other than finding and retaining talent, what is your biggest challenge professionally going into 2023?

Looking after our team during a cost-of-living crisis and a challenging economic environment. That’s not about finding and retaining talent; it goes much deeper than that as morale impacts the quality of work we all do and the business we win.

What are your biggest ambitions for 2023 – professional and personal?

Professionally, I’d like to be less frenetic and spend more time developing my network within the PR industry. Personally, I stupidly signed up to run my first ultramarathon, so just finishing that is my big ambition for 2023.