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Amanda Powell-Smith

Amanda Powell-Smith

Chief executive

Forster Communications

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Describe your 2022 in no more than five words.

Busy, recruitment, international, sustainability, brave.

What has been your professional highlight of 2022?

Achieving our growth goals with clients that share our ambition for sustainable development.

What has been your favourite proactive PR campaign of the past 12 months? (Not one that you or your organisation has been involved in.)

The People's Plan for Nature – brilliant to see WWF, National Trust and RSPB collaborating and going beyond the expected to speak out about government action with clear red lines. An important and inspiring reminder of people power, now being reiterated through union action.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most poorly in the past 12 months?


Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most adeptly and proactively in the past 12 months? (Not one that you or your organisation has been involved in.)

Mia Mottley, PM of Barbados, followed up her speech against climate change at COP26 with the creation of the Bridgetown Agenda - practical ways to reform the international finance system and make funding available for sustainable development solutions. Action always inspires.

Has the ‘great resignation’ ended in PR?

We will see increasing polarisation between well run agencies that put people and planet alongside profit and have high recruitment and retention rates – and those that don't. The rise of B Corp certified agencies reiterates the choice that is available to people working in PR.

Other than finding and retaining talent, what is your biggest challenge professionally going into 2023?

Ensuring climate change and cost of living are not set against each other but seen as challenges that can and must be tackled together.

What are your biggest ambitions for 2023 – professional and personal?

Its all about people – greater inclusion, growing our talented team, building our global network and using our PR skills to protect and improve lives in partnership with our clients. Only seven years to the Sustainable Development Goals deadline and there is a lot to do.