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Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Managing partner


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Describe your 2021 in no more than five words.

Another record year for Madano.

What has been your favourite creative PR campaign of the past 12 months?

'Free Cuthbert' by Aldi – simple, funny and they've kept it going.

What do you think you'll do more of in 2022 than ever before?

See more of our people and our clients in person (third time's the charm, right?) and run a few more marathons overseas.

What are you determined to do less of, professionally, than you did in 2021?

There are many things, whether it's unmute myself on Teams or run a virtual quiz, but most likely, it's having to reintroduce office restrictions. Remote working is great and offers flexibility, but nothing sparks creativity more than bouncing ideas off each other in our office space.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most poorly in the past 12 months?

There's no shortage of suggestions here but the usual suspects are not learning from 2020. Really there are a number of public organisations that need to do much better in 2022.

Which organisation or individual has managed reputation most adeptly and proactively in the past 12 months?

Sir Lewis Hamilton. His passion for sustainability is recognised but how he is using his platform to create greater diversity in motorsport should be admired. Also, his silence since his racing heartbreak also shows what message not communicating can send to your audience.

What's the most important thing the PR industry can do to support efforts against climate change?

Work with companies that have a clear purpose in shaping the future for the better.

Which real-life PR professional would you choose to handle your personal PR? (No fictional characters and they must be a comms professional)

@kelvmorgan for my digital needs and Tom Reynolds for general counsel.