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Michael Evans

Michael Evans

Managing partner


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Describe your 2020. (In one sentence or no more than 5 words.)

Exciting. Tough. Fun. Exhausting. Demanding.

How will COVID-19 change the comms industry in 2021?

If anything, it has reinforced how critical communications is. There's been many the armchair pundit picking apart various comms strategies during the pandemic and the impact they have had, for better or worse.

Has 2020 changed your media consumption? If so, how?

Yes – consumed far too much and, certainly in the early days of last spring, was reading more and listening to more than what was good for me. Be selective and don't believe everything you see or read.

Which newspaper, website, TV or social media channel is now most important to you professionally?

The BBC has stood the test of time and continues to be a reliable source of information, despite its critics, and The Times' coverage of the past 12 months has been brilliant. Twitter has offered me pastoral care in the guise of Tim Burgess and his Listening Parties.

What's been your favourite creative PR campaign of the past 12 months?

KFC continues to push the envelope. Its decision to halt its 'Finger lickin' good' strapline in light of the pandemic conveyed a serious message while also building KFC's brand integrity in what has been an incredibly tough year for that sector.

What do you think you'll do more of in 2021 than ever before?

Talk about 2020, but seriously appreciate much more all the things we used to take for granted, such as travelling, seeing colleagues and going to the pub.

What are you determined to do less of, professionally, than you did in 2020?

Meet more people. We all thrive on physical human interaction because it sparks creativity and fresh thinking.

Which destination are you most determined to visit in 2021, and why are you excited to go there?

A field on the low-lying Somerset Levels – last weekend of June. Enough said.